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Fly with us over the

Who has never dreamed to fly like a bird, without the noise of an engine, just with the sound of the nature? Try this unique experience!

here you find all informations you need to know!

In this section you will find everything you need to know before booking a flight with your friends!

The flight consists in gliding down 5550ft (1.69 km) of height difference which takes at least 20-25 minutes, if the weather condition allows it we will try to fly longer playing with the thermals. The flights in the morning are normally very calm with a slightly better view than in the afternoon in the afternoon it sometimes gets a bit foggy but this doesn’t affect the flight experience at all, in average we have in the afternoon better chances to fly for a little longer (25-35 minutes).

The takeoff-area is very big and has a smooth inclination which allows us to make an easy and safe takeoff. The landing area is located 1.5 km direction north from malcesine (15-20 minutes walk along the river) You can also take the bus to go back, the bus passes by every hour.

Google Maps Location Landing Area:

There is also a big parking place between malcesine and the landing area where you can park the car, so if you have somebody coming with you that won’t fly I will suggest them to park there and to walk 5 minutes further to the landing area where you would meet them later when we land. There is also an underground parking below the cable car station. The pilots can bypass the queue at the cable car station only with their passengers (only one passenger for each pilot).


Consider that there is lots of traffic on the main road around the Lake Garda during the summer and that it’s not always easy to find a parking place in Malcesine. You should also consider taking the boat to reach us!

This year the paragliders can take only one cablecar every hour therefore a delay from your side that exceeds 10 minutes might lead to the cancellation of the flight(s).

The Tandem flight costs €190 and those prices include :

  • Cable-car ticket;
  • Movie of the whole flight in Full-HD;
  • Micro-SD-Memory Card;
  • Insurance;
  • Landing and lots of fun!

You don’t have to pay anything in advance, the payment should be done in cash right after the landing. Unfortunately there is no ATM close to the landing area.

Bring your wallet with you there is space for a small handbag in your harness. If we don’t land you don’t pay 🙂

NEWS – upon request you can get for additional 20e on an extra Sd card the “360 degrees” movie OR the “follow-me cam” movie.

Currently, only possible for my passenger as I am currently the only pilot offering that.

See examples 360 degrees videos :

See example “follow-me cam” video :


Meeting Times are : 10.00 / 12.00 / 14.00 and 16.00

VERY IMPORTANT: Please be at the Meeting point ONTIME !

Meeting point is in front of the Cafe’ Xtreme wich in located next to the underground-garage entrance of the cablecar station.

Address: Via Navene Vecchia 10, 37018 Malcesine

Google Maps location:

Please consider that there is lots of traffic on the main road around the Gardalake during the summer and that it’s not always easy to find a parking place in Malcesine. You should also consider taking the boat to reach us!


Just choose a day and the time and if it is already booked I will suggest you an alternative slot.
With stable waether conditions all flights are nice at each time of the day. In case there will be more than one passenger I will organize the additional pilots ( max 4 pilots/passengers each round ).

Due to the fact that this wonderful sport is sensible to the weather
conditions I suggest you to book the flight(s) in the first possible day of your stay, so we can try to postpone the activity in case of need.

In high season you should book at least one week in advance…but you can obviously also book now if you want.

To request the booking please contact us with sending the following information:

  • Names
  • NR of passengers
  • Day and Time you choose
  • Passenger’s weight (Male max 95 kg / Female max 75 kg ‘no exception sorry’);
  • Passenger’s height and age
  • Mobile phone NR;
  • City or Town you will be coming from to get to the meeting point on the flying-day

Preferable contact me on WhatsApp: 

But if you wish you can also use Telegram:

Email adresses: or

Please consider that your booking is valid only after you got the confirmation from my side. No confirmation means no registered booking yet ! If you didn’t get a confirmation or reply within the next 6 hours write me please back!!

An early cancellation from your side (at least 3-4 days in advance) is not a big problem for us.

In case you won’t come to the meeting point, for whatever reason, please let us know, so we know what to do and don’t waste our time waiting for you. If you come to the Meeting point and you decide not to fly anymore we would appreciate a reimbursement for the inconvenience as we don’t ask for a deposit.

At the takeoff is at 5774 ft (1.76 km) of height, and we usually have up there 10 to 15 degrees Celsius less than downtown at the Gardalake.
Bring warm clothes (according to the season), good shoes, sunglasses and good mood! 🙂

If needed we normally have an extra Jacket / Sweatshirt for you with us.
You can also bring your own camera if you want and make pictures while we record the movie, your hands are free during the flight.
Bring your wallet with you there is space for a small handbag in your harness.

  • The passenger participates responsibly in this activity by walking fast of even running with the pilot, depending on the actual wind conditions at the takeoff, that’s the reason why the passenger shouldn’t have mental disability and should be physically relatively fit. If you are not sure, just ask us, and we will be glad to help you;
  • If you know that you suffer a lot from motion sickness you might reconsider this activity or take the necessary precautions beforehand. You could per example get some pills against motion sickness at the pharmacy;
  • Please consider also that we fly also when the weather is cloudy a/o foggy;
  • Please consider that there is lots of traffic on the main road and that it’s not always easy to find a parking place here in Malcesine;
  • We obviously fly only in absolutely safe weather conditions in order to avoid any kind of danger. This restriction can sometimes lead also to a ‘last minute’ cancellation of the flight but on the other side we always land safely and enjoy the flights;

Hope to see you soon!




For information or to book a flight, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to show you how we operate and provide you with all the necessary information!


Malcesine - Lago di Garda

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