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The torture test graduates to a setup where the Pencil extends into the air while the iPad sits on a table. I won't spoil the exact results, but the high-tech writing implement ends up sporting an unintentional angle. This just means that you'll want to take some care when charging your Pencil. There is an illustrious history of torture tests for tech objects. The Apple Watch was subjected to drowning, boiling and dropping earlier this year. That makes the Apple Pencil's trials seem a bit tame, but there's still time for someone to try sharpening it in one of the those crank-handle pencil sharpeners.

(Via 9to5Mac), The Apple Pencil sticks out from the iPad Pro when it's charging, Can it handle the rigors of bumps, bends and twists?, The Apple Pencil has gotten a fair amount of ribbing for its retro name, but it has also sparked some concern based on the awkward position it has to be in to charge, The Pencil is placed into the power port on the iPad Pro, and it just sticks out from there, open to the world and any passing person or pet that might bump into it, YouTube user Zach Straley popped down to his local Apple Store and bought the last Apple Pencil on the shelf, He took it home, hooked it into the edge of his iPad and proceeded to put it through a gradual torture test, ramping up the y-3 iphone 8 case stress as he went along..

Visit manufacturer site for details. Sony's Xperia Z5 premium is the flagship phone Sony has owed us for a long time. While the standard Z5 was a fairly uninspiring reissue of the brilliant Z3, the Z5 Premium packs a bigger screen with a whopping 4K resolution, which is 3,840x2,160 pixels. It's the first phone to have a 4K resolution and it's the highest resolution I've ever seen on a phone. Cue wild applause. But wait: Don't get too excited about seeing your photos with revolutionary levels of resolution. I personally could tell no difference in clarity on a high-resolution image between the Z5 Premium's display and that of the iPhone 6S Plus -- even though the iPhone display has half the resolution of the Sony.

We've debated before whether the step up from full HD to ultra HD displays is worth bothering with on small devices like phones, and that argument is even more pertinent having spent serious time with this phone, The major selling point of the Z5 Premium is its 4K display -- that's also how Sony tries to justify its whopping asking price -- but when you can't see any real difference, y-3 iphone 8 case it's more of an empty marketing boast than a real benefit, Fortunately, the Z5 Premium has other bragging rights, such as a meaty processor, a waterproof design and a 23-megapixel camera that puts it on par with any of today's top-end flagships, Yet it's all let down by a design so dull it could send a hyperactive toddler to sleep and a price tag somewhere north of ridiculous, Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge costs less and looks far more stylish, It's where I'd spend my money, over the Z5 Premium..

In the UK, the Z5 Premium can be yours for an eye-watering £630, SIM-free, directly from Sony. In Australia, it'll set you back AU$1,199 but comes bundled with a digital noise-cancelling headset worth AU$79. Sony has yet to announce whether it'll be available in the US, but that UK price converts to around $960. Better start saving now. The Z5 Premium's resolution equates to a massive 801 pixels per inch. That's the highest resolution I've seen on a phone, beating both iPhone 6S Plus (401ppi) and the Samsung Galaxy S6 (577ppi). On paper, that's an impressive feat, but the reality isn't quite as groundbreaking.

While you might think that cramming a truckload more pixels into a screen will make everything look sharper, I couldn't see any real difference in clarity between high-resolution images seen on the iPhone 6S Plus and the Galaxy S6 and the Z5 Premium -- even when I looked very close up at the displays to try and pick out individual pixels, The same goes for video, I showed comparison photos to y-3 iphone 8 case several people and they agreed that the difference was so marginal, you'd never notice it was there, More importantly, does it make your everyday tasks of emailing, calling and tweeting any crisper? No, absolutely not, Does it even give your mobile photography an extra level of clarity? Nope, Given the significant premium placed on it, I'd really want to notice it more..

While 4K might be worth having on a massive TV in your living room, cramming that many pixels into a small phone screen doesn't achieve anything except a higher selling price. That's not to say this display is bad though. Far from it. It's unquestionably pin-sharp, and the colours are rich and vibrant, with great contrast too. I sometimes found it a little too vivid, with colours looking unnaturally oversaturated, so I tweaked the colour balance in the settings to find a more realistic look. It's bright too, once you go into the settings to disable the auto brightness. Oddly, you can't do this from the pull-down quick settings panel, and I found the auto mode to heavily restrict the brightness.

I'm disappointed with the Z5 Premium's design, Sony has stuck rigidly to its usual Xperia look, which is beginning to look a little tired, The minimalist style, with its buttonless front, is as stark and monolithic as ever, but the squared-off sides make the phone look too blocky, The back panel is extremely glossy, and easily picks up fingerprints, I much prefer y-3 iphone 8 case the frosted glass back of the standard Z5, I once applauded the older Z phones for their slick, minimalist style, but Sony has done nothing to give its flagship phones a fresh look, Now, they're just boring, a worse fate, That's dangerous when its main rival Samsung has overhauled its top-end Galaxy S6 Edge with a gorgeous, curving design, Even LG is doing more to tickle the senses with its leather-clad G4 and textured, baby blue V10..

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