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Eminem, for instance, featured a guest performance from Beyoncé, so it’s not a stretch to imagine them teaming up. Beyoncé was also featured on her husband Jay-Z’s most recent album “4:44” so could the mister show up to perform with the missus? Not inconceivable. David Byrne and St. Vincent did an entire album and tour together a few years ago. And Tyler, the Creator, comes out of the whole Odd Future rap collective, so you never know who’ll show up with him, though it’s always the one you don’t see coming that thrills the most.

5, The random delights, There are no flat-out hotly anticipated reunions on the bill this year, though for some the appearance of the British funk-rock band Jamiroquai, which hasn’t toured in the U.S, in years, will be treated as such, Beyond that, though, are potential delights from a host of performers and genres, The French electronic composer Jean-Michel Jarre is known for incorporating lasers and all manner of visuals into his performances, and wrap star dance shoes his set could be this year’s version of movie maestro Hans Zimmer’s performances in 2017, Chic featuring Nile Rodgers will be a disco-funk dance party, The Japanese metal band X Japan isn’t that well known outside of J-rock circles but they’ve got potential to surprise a lot of folks who give them a chance in the desert..

The past is foreign country, and music sounds different there. The further back in time you go, the less is known about how instruments of the period sounded, how words were phrased or rhythms rendered, which means performing early music often requires educated guess work. Rejecting stultifying notions of “authenticity,” the Bay Area vocal ensemble Vajra Voices has thrived by combining rigorous scholarship with creative license, breathing new life into some of the earliest polyphonic compositions recoverable from the Western canon.

Founded and directed by Karen wrap star dance shoes R, Clark, the seven-women ensemble presents three concerts around the Bay Area this weekend, performing Jan, 5 at Palo Alto’s First Presbyterian Church, Jan, 6 at St, John’s Presbyterian Church in Berkeley, and a matinee concert Jan, 7 Sunday afternoon at St, Mark’s Lutheran Church in San Francisco, The concert’s theme, “Annus Novus: One Yeare Begins — Medieval Poetry, Music & Magic to Ring in the New Year,” covers a luscious program of pieces gleaned largely from a collection of manuscripts from the Abbey of St, Martial in Limoges, France, Startlingly sensual, the music features an array of forms and traditions, including the mesmerizing cadences of Gregorian chant, French motets, rondeaux, ballads and praise poems for the Virgin Mary..

For Clark, an expert in the music of the pioneering 12th-century composer and mystic Hildegard von Bingen, the medieval devotional texts sung by Vajra Voices evoke a world in which spirit and flesh “comingle with such sensuality. I don’t know how Hildegard von Bingen gets away with it. Her ‘Antiphon to the Virgin’ is a very graphic text about how God chose to enter the docile female. You see that throughout her poetry.”. In addition to Petaluma-based contralto Clark, Vajra Voices features Allison Lloyd, Amy Stuart Hunn, Cheryl Moore, Phoebe Jevtovic Rosquist, and founding members Lindsey McLennan Burdick and Celeste Winant. The vocalists will be joined on vielle, medieval harp, recorder and psaltery by Kit Higginson, a founding member of Ensemble Alcatraz, and Shira Kammen, who’s recorded extensively in an array of early music, Sephardic and Celtic music settings, including Camerata Mediterranea, Ensemble P.A.N. and Ensemble Alcatraz.

Clark first assembled Vajra Voices in 2010 for the San Francisco Early Music Society’s Berkeley Festival Fringe series in 2010, A vehicle for her ongoing exploration of Hildegard’s music, the ensemble earned international acclaim with its 2016 debut album, “O Eterne Deus: Music of Hildegard von Bingen” (Music and Arts Programs of America) with Kammen on vielle and medieval harp, For Indiana University-trained early music aficionado Allison Lloyd, who attended the first Vajra Voices performance and wrap star dance shoes went on to join the ensemble in 2012, “Choosing how to perform a medieval piece is an act of craftsmanship, high art, If done well it’s quite scholarly, in fact.”..

But the point of the scholarship is to break down barriers with the audience, so that rather than hearing a museum piece, listeners experience an enthralling sonic journey “that’s moving and interactive and surprising,” says Lloyd, a Walnut Creek resident. “We want to make it relevant and alive.”. A highly respected vocal teacher, Clark drew on her students for the first incarnation of Vajra Voices. Most of the current members have also studied with her, which “isn’t required, but I work in a different way,” she says, mentioning the deep influence of the celebrated early music ensemble Sequentia and her operatic training at Indiana University. “I prefer a more full-bodied sound from my group. I want the singers to really embody their voices rather than blend in.”.

Part of what makes Vajra Voices such an invaluable component of the Bay Area arts scene is the ensemble’s commitment to collaboration, including performances with Oakland Ballet and the modern dance company Garrett+Moulton Productions, No project better captures the adventurous spirit of Vajra Voices than “To Burst To Bloom” a song cycle by Berkeley cellist/vocalist Theresa Wong based on the poems of Sun Bu’er, a 12th-century female Taoist master, The commission-in-progress wrap star dance shoes stretches the vocalists into uncharted territory, exploring the interplay of abstract vocal utterances with language and metaphor..

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