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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Reuters) - Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans said on Friday that two further interest-rate hikes this year by the U.S. central bank would not be surprising, given the strength of the economy. “I still think that certainly three to four total increases for this year are reasonable and the data have been strong,” Evans told reporters after a speech here. “I will not be surprised if it’s four increases this year. I do still believe that a gradual increase in interest rates is appropriate.”.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States on Friday imposed sanctions against a Thai aviation company wholesale cufflinks that it said was acting on behalf of Iran’s Mahan Air, which it accused of ferrying troops and supplies into Syria in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, The fresh actions target My Aviation Company Ltd in Bangkok and modifies sanctions against Malaysia-based Mahan Travel and Tourism, a U.S, Treasury statement said, Mahan Air is already under U.S, sanctions, “Mahan Air continues to fly into Syria every week, even as millions of innocent civilians in Idlib province are under threat of imminent attack from the murderous Assad regime and its backers in Iran and Russia,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement..

LONDON (Reuters) - Ryanair faced growing criticism from unions and investors on Friday about how it has handled an industrial relations revolt ahead of its annual shareholder meeting next week when its veteran chairman’s position will be challenged. Britain’s Local Authority Pension Fund Forum (LAPFF) recommended members vote against Ryanair’s financial report at the Sept. 20 meeting and also oppose the re-election of Chairman David Bonderman. The group, whose members schemes run around 230 billion pounds ($300 billion) on behalf of teachers, cleaning staff and other public workers, said its recommendations reflected “significant concerns” about Ryanair’s treatment of workers.

Ryanair has struggled with labor relations in recent months and endured its worst one-day strike last month, disrupting the wholesale cufflinks plans of an estimated 55,000 travelers, Another one-day strike by cabin crew is planned across five countries on Sept, 28, “Ryanair has failed to adequately address concerns about the company’s troubled relationship with its employees and the potential impact on its business,” LAPFF Chair Ian Greenwood said in a statement, “The company faces more strikes and allegations of poor working conditions continue to emerge, Questions about the company’s business model and governance now pose a threat to shareholder value.”..

Ryanair praised Bonderman in a statement as an “outstanding” chairman and predicted that “shareholders will pass all AGM resolutions by a large majority this year.”. A day after Ryanair’s received a boost by signing collective labor agreements with three unions in Italy, one of its major markets, it faced the prospect of the industrial strife spreading to Poland, one of its fastest growing markets. Ryanair refused to accept the registration papers of a newly formed Polish union and threatened workers with redundancy if they did not accept self-employment contracts with its Polish subsidiary, Ryanair Sun, by September 30, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) said in a statement.

A spokesman for Ryanair said that the ITF claims wholesale cufflinks were false but declined to specifically respond to each one when asked to do so, Britain’s LAPFF said that Bonderman had been in the role too long and there were “significant doubts” about his independence, Bonderman has been in the job since 1996, It could not immediately confirm how large a stake its members hold in the airline, Bonderman also faces opposition to his reappointment from proxy-advisory firm Glass Lewis & Co and the ITF..

DUBLIN (Reuters) - Brexit talks are set to intensify over the coming week, with the first of three summits that European Union leaders hope will settle a divorce deal for departing Britain within the next two months. EU leaders will get an update on negotiations in Austria on Thursday and also decide whether to hold a special summit on Brexit in November, now that they no longer expect to clinch a deal at their regular gathering scheduled for Oct. 18-19. The timing of the meetings tallies with EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier’s suggestion that an exit deal could be struck in six to eight weeks if negotiators are realistic in their demands.

Either way, the Brexit endgame is approaching, and the next two months of EU diplomacy will go a long way to determining how orderly Britain’s March 2019 withdrawal will be and what kind of economic impact it and its neighbors may face, While comments from Brussels have buoyed hopes that it and London can reach a divorce deal in time, there are still serious concerns over whether they can agree on a way to prevent any return to a hard border on the island of Ireland, wholesale cufflinks The tone from the European side will be closely watched in Austria where, according to a senior EU diplomat, Barnier may seek further guidance from leaders regarding the terms of Britain’s future trade relationship with the Union..

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