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Second, my handyman finally got around to my to-do list, which included hanging pegboard and rails in the garage for storage. Third, I received an e-newsletter from a professional organizer featuring her garage makeover. She’d recruited a team of friends to make light work of a heavy project. “Garages need to be addressed at least once a year,” says Susan Gardner, owner of Clearing the Way Home, in Nashville, and author of the motivating newsletter. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting the garage you want.

Get ready, Have a good ladder, a sturdy broom, some lively tunes, lots of large trash bags, a rainless day — and no excuses, Invite friends, “Some organizing jobs are best done alone, but garage organizing is a prime example of work that is enough to keep several people busy,” said Gardner, Plus, afterward, you can return the favor at their place, (My friends were nowhere to be found, so that left DC, me and the dogs.), Move it out, Take everything out of your garage and arrange it on the driveway by category: gardening supplies, tools, sports gear, holiday décor, paints and combustibles, garbage and recycling white ballet slippers for flower girl bins, and so on..

Take stock. As you categorize, separate out items to donate and toss. Be ruthless.Clean. Garages get filthy. While it’s empty, sweep, wipe, dust. Plan. Now that you can size up what you want to keep, think through and sketch out a storage plan. Give everything a home, starting with your car or cars. Consider frequency of access. For instance, holiday decorations can go in overhead space, while garbage bins should be close to the door. Outfit. For very little cost, you can get systems that make garage storage practical, accessible, and neat. Because you want to maximize floor space for parking, think up, up and away. Pegboard, hanging rails, magnetic strips, shelves that attach to either walls or ceiling joists, cabinets and plastic bins (avoid cardboard) can help you make the most of every inch of wall and ceiling. Last week, my handyman installed pegboard ($25) on one garage wall. I spent another $18 on a variety of pegboard hook systems on which I hung everything from long-handled garden tools and pruning shears to saws, brooms, and bungie cords. On another wall, he mounted a track to hang our bikes ($40). And on the back wall, we put metal shelves ($40), where we store ice chests, outdoor seat cushions, the picnic basket, and cleaning supplies. When everything was off the ground and on the wall, I did a little happy dance.

Take it away, Last step, dump and donate, For potentially toxic items that you can’t simply discard like oil-based paint, toxic chemicals and old computers, call your local waste management center to find out where you can take them, Gardner said, For large items you plan to donate, like white ballet slippers for flower girl furniture or construction materials, call the donation center for a pickup, Load smaller items in your car and drive to your favorite sharing, reuse, or homeless support center, Then come home and park with pride..

San Francisco has a thriving gay bar scene. Here are seven hot spots in the City by the Bay. Twin Peaks Tavern: Located at the corner of Market and Castro streets, this tavern is sometimes referred to as “the gay Cheers.” 401 Castro St.; twinpeakstavern.com. The Stud: The Weather Girls, Sylvester, Etta James, Bjork, Lady Gaga, Ana Matronic, Justin Vivian Bond,  Michael Stipe, Lady Miss Kier, RuPaul and Charo are among the celebrities who have reportedly visited this nightclub. 399 Ninth St.; studsf.com.

The EndUp: This late-night dance club is where many folks happily “end up” after the other venues have closed, 401 Harrison St.; facebook.com/theendup, AsiaSF: The establishment offers Cal-Asian cuisine, dinner shows featuring trans women performers (known as The Ladies of AsiaSF) and more, 201 Ninth St.; asiasf.com, Lone Star Saloon: This “bear bar” has been a popular hang out since the late ‘80s, 1354 Harrison St.; lonestarsf.com, The white ballet slippers for flower girl SF Eagle: The biker/leather bar hosts many regular events, including open mic nights, 398 12th St.; sf-eagle.com..

You can see inside the glass spa. It’s set behind the bar in the disco. A woman in a mermaid fin floated around in the water as a group of real estate agents toured the house. The homeowner’s electric red Ferrari also has quite a view. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean – through windows in the garage. And the 5,560-square-foot Laguna Beach house comes with something likely more coveted. A private part of a public beach. Dr. Jason Liu, who is selling the home, says he doesn’t make it down to Laguna often enough from his other house. That one is on Linda Isle in Newport Beach.

So recently, the radiologist put the modern, multi-level Laguna house on the market, Price tag: $20 million, Liu was on hand for the broker preview, happily boogeying to the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive” as laser pyrotechnics lit up the dance floor, He built the house five years ago, he said, designing the interiors himself, The right buyer, Liu figured, probably will be a celebrity or athlete, “Someone who appreciates party time,” he added, white ballet slippers for flower girl With five bedrooms and six bathrooms, the house includes an elevator, wine cellar and chef’s kitchen with Gaggenau and Thermador appliances..

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