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The German government, which owns a 15 percent stake in Commerzbank, has recently voiced the need for a strong German banking industry to support companies in the nation’s export-led economy. That has stoked speculation it could engineer a merger. Executives at both banks have privately talked down the chances of a merger anytime soon, saying the banks would need to overhaul their operations and restore profitability first. While the holding structure could simplify potential mergers and acquisitions, giving flexibility in integrating a rival business, it has other benefits.

One of the people said it could shore up confidence in the investment bank by possibly making it cheaper when to wear cufflinks to obtain finance if the holding company were to relieve it of some of the financial burden, Regulators in the United States, UK and Switzerland also tend to favor the bank holding company structure, in part because it can help with the winding up of a troubled bank, There has been a push since the financial crash to make banks easier to break up, lowering the risk that the problems of a troubled investment bank, for instance, could spill over onto ordinary savers..

SEATTLE (Reuters) - Boeing Co expects to deliver roughly as many 737 narrowbody jetliners in September as the company delivered in August as it works to bounce back from a manufacturing logjam triggered by supplier delays, its CEO said on Wednesday. Boeing’s August delivery of 48 narrowbody aircraft, announced on Tuesday, was an improvement over the 29 delivered in July, which was one of its lowest monthly tallies in years. “Our recovery actions are taking hold,” Boeing Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg told a conference in California. “You’ll probably see September deliveries will be roughly where August was, maybe a little bit better.”.

“As we get into the fourth quarter, you will see deliveries getting above the 52 per month production rate,” Muilenburg added, Boeing shares were up 2.6 percent to $354.43 in mid-day trading, Boeing’s hot-selling 737 and the Airbus when to wear cufflinks A320 family of single-aisle jetliners are the cash cows of the two aircraft makers, the world’s largest, The snarl at Boeing’s Seattle-area narrowbody plant, fueled by shortages of engines and fuselages as Boeing sped production to record levels in June, is likely to hurt third-quarter results and threatens to hinder its efforts to boost build-rates again in 2019, some analysts said..

Boeing is committed to boosting production even further in 2019 to 57 planes per month despite parts shortages and delays, Muilenburg said, adding that “every step of the way .. we are going to be bringing our supply chain along.”. Muilenburg’s comments come as Boeing’s 787 widebody assembly plant in North Charleston, South Carolina remained shuttered for a second day due to the threat of Hurricane Florence. A Boeing spokeswoman said operations remained suspended on Wednesday with no guidance on when production would resume.

“We’ve seen a few normal supply chain pressures on 787,” Muilenburg said, citing seats, “We are very firm on our year-end guidance on 787.”, Boeing’s CEO also said the company was on track to bring the 777X widebody into service in 2020 despite engine snags, and the when to wear cufflinks company was making good progress building the business case for a possible new mid-market jet, one of its most significant decisions in years, Muilenburg said rising global trade tensions have not yet had a material impact on Boeing’s business..

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Six major Web companies and internet-service providers, including AT&T Inc, Twitter Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google, will detail their consumer data privacy practices to a U.S. Senate panel on Sept. 26, according to a congressional statement on Wednesday. The Senate hearing will give the six technology-related companies, which also include Amazon.com Inc, Apple Inc and Charter Communications Inc, “an opportunity to explain their approaches to privacy,” said U.S. Senator John Thune, the Republican chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee.

They will also testify on “how they plan to address new requirements from the European Union and California, and what Congress can do to promote clear privacy expectations without hurting innovation,” Thune said, Data privacy has become an increasingly important issue, fueled by massive breaches that have compromised the personal information of millions of U.S, internet and social media users, as well as breaches involving large retailers and credit reporting agency Equifax Inc, Separately, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a tweet late on Tuesday that Google “claims to be fair, but gave a ‘silent donation’ to a left-wing group to stop Trump” and “works when to wear cufflinks w/ China/Russia to censor the internet, but canceled a contract with our military.”..

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