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“If they have radio transmitters, they’re good engineers. And if you’re a good engineer, you’ve got to know that 2 + 2 = 4,” said Vakoch. “That’s true on Earth and it’s true on Proxima Centauri.”. So what do we want to say? Like a cocktail party, first impressions matter. To show off our love of math, pulsing out a simple number sequence — say, 1 through 10 — seems a good place to start. We could also tell them what we’re made of, by pulsing the atomic numbers of elements in the Periodic Table. We could message the Fibonacci sequence, revealing our world to be a place of elegantly patterned aesthetics.

Homeless shelters operated by Santa Clara County and faith-based organizations prepare for frigid weather by having beds, training for pointe shoes hot meals, showers and other amenities on stand-by for the local homeless community, With her right hand cloaked in fleece fingerless gloves, McCartney Giannoni pulled up the sleeve on her left wrist, revealing a tattoo of a bluebird, She’s been chasing a dream, she said, She has followed Paul McCartney around the world for well over a decade now, All she wants now is for him to sign her tattoo..

She came pretty close once. Three years ago she was in the audience at the legendary former Beatle’s concert in Vienna, and by chance he noticed her and had her pulled up on stage. This was it, she thought, her chance to finally get that long-sought-after autograph. But, McCartney had other plans. Buddy Holly’s “It’s So Easy” came on the speakers and McCartney grabbed her wrists and leaned in. “First, we dance.”. “It was, like, a surreal experience, right? Like winning the lottery,” the 53-year-old Giannoni recalled, her eyes wistful and her round, bespectacled face framed by salt-and-pepper shoulder-length hair.

Outside, the wind howled and the trees shook as people around her started preparing for the evening, Some helped themselves to a cup of hot coffee, while others visited with friends, A number of them collapsed on their sleeping cots and snuggled with their dogs, Those with more training for pointe shoes energy started preparing their laundry loads, This mid-December evening was no different than most others at the North County Winter Shelter in Sunnyvale, Soon, a hot meal would be served to the shelter’s visitors followed by a relaxing activity of each person’s choice, Giannoni uses the few hours before bedtime to surf the web on her laptop, Lights are off at 10 p.m..

“Our mission is basically to bring someone out of the cold and keep them safe,” said Stephanie Demos, chief development officer with HomeFirst, an organization that provides services, shelter and housing opportunities to the homeless and those at risk of homelessness in Santa Clara County. “Being homeless is a very precarious, dangerous existence, and we really don’t exaggerate when we say these shelters save lives.”. HomeFirst held a memorial service recently for the more than 70 homeless men and women who died in Santa Clara County this year. Nine of them were murdered, according to Demos.

For many, the North County Winter Shelter serves as a respite from danger and the elements, Formerly a warehouse, the new 125-bed shelter offers families and individuals hot meals, showers, sleeping mats, laundry facilities and a to-go pack of snacks to get them by training for pointe shoes during the day, Dennis Fortner, 69, prefers the new space to the former old National Guard Armory building, Though he typically gets by camping underneath freeway ramps on warmer days, the winter months can be unforgiving on his skinny frame, And, it hasn’t exactly been a mild season so far, When temperatures dropped into the 30s a few times this month, the county’s supportive housing office responded by expanding its shelter capacity and opening shelters earlier..

Fortner said he wished the shelter was open year-round. “What I’d like to see,” he said, “(is) to see it turn into transitional housing. Because once this goes down, everybody is going to scatter. We’re going to go back to camping out. Added Fortner, “now I’m not saying keep it open for three or four years. I need affordable housing that I can afford. I need to just survive.”. Survival mode for Fortner means living on the $908 he gets every month from Social Security. It means stashing some of that money away for some kind of affordable housing arrangement in the future. After the North County Winter Shelter closes on March 31, he plans on applying for Section 8 housing. He reminds himself to be patient. A lot of people complain about the system, he said, but he gets it. “The system takes a long, long time. Hopefully I’ll be around when it works my way.”.

Originally from Quincy, Ill., Fortner moved to California in his training for pointe shoes early 30s after both of his parents died, He worked odd jobs throughout his life, at one point owning his own cab company and most recently as a caregiver to a man with cerebral palsy, After suffering a bout of hernia followed by two heart attacks six years ago, he decided it was time to retire, The problem was his housing was tied to his job, So when the job went, he no longer had a place to stay, With all its knocks and setbacks, life hasn’t succeeded in kicking the humor and joy out of Fortner, He admits that once in awhile, he treats himself to steaks from Outback Steakhouse and cigarettes, His doctor isn’t too happy about his smoking habit, but it’s his one and only vice, he said..

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