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Bigford and the band also play Mavericks Country Lounge in Pleasanton frequently, as well as Little Lou’s BBQ in Campbell. They perform at private parties and have a lot of one-nighters coming up this summer. They’re putting together material for a new album. Bigford says, “We want to take this to the next level, playing festivals and rodeos and county fairs. I love doing that kind of stuff. Maybe being an opening act on some big shows would be a nice bonus, too. “We just like to make music that makes people happy. I get emotional, when I sing, whether it’s a ballad or a happy song. And I love being able to share that with people. They connect with it. ….

“My dad passed away 30 years ago, And every time I play, I think about him, When I was growing up, we would sit up for hours and listen to the Grand Ole Opry, He’d sing songs and I would play guitar, He was my greatest inspiration, And he’s still a part of me, “It’s been a long road, but I’m going to keep playing music until I can no longer play, This is what I’ve always loved to do.”, Email Paul Freeman at, the best pointe shoes Who: The Chris Bigford Band, Country Music Night..

Percussionist David Dieni is a professional musician who has played with all kinds of symphonies and orchestras in Northern California, but some of the most fun, and intense, work he’s done is with the Palo Alto-based California Pops. “It’s very different from what most people think,” Dieni said in an interview. “Lots of people remember the Boston Pops. … California Pops is a little different. Our model is like a movie pit orchestra, or a radio/TV orchestra. We prepare music for that week, then it’s gone.

“For me, as a percussionist, I do things the best pointe shoes for the Pops I often wouldn’t do in a traditional, European-music-based symphony, Xylophone and bells, going back and forth between them — a lot more jazz, a different feel than classical, “I could be doing anything — soft shoe on a wood block for old vaudeville dance routines, often seen in musicals from the ’20s through the ’40s, Use a wood block to recreate the tap-dance sound, which comes up so often in our charts, Or playing a slide whistle, Or dumping junk on the ground, or breaking cardboard boxes..

“It’s fun.”. And intense, because while other groups, such as Napa Symphony or Sacramento Philharmonic — both of which Dieni has served — might have four or five rehearsals before a performance, Cal Pops usually just has one. And such music, in concerts Cal Pops Music Director Kim Venaas programs from audience requests, and also from fascinating old charts he has saved from forgotten warehouses. “Kim is actually preserving all kinds of music,” Dieni said. “There’s just tons of stuff in warehouses that is just going to get dumped. We save some of it.”.

That’s how, for instance, Cal Pops ended up playing the original music from “Singing in the Rain,” with the music cues from the movie studio, “The original conductor’s notes from when Gene Kelly got to this lamp or the other,” said Dieni, “When we the best pointe shoes play something from back in that period, it feels like it really is the 1940s.”, While some of the Cal Pops musicians have other-than-music day jobs, Dieni is a fulltime musician and music teacher who instructs at a drum school in San Francisco and out of his home..

“I used to play in a rock band,” he said. “It was fun, but we made, like, $5.”. He grew up in Massachusetts, the son of a drummer, and got to see the Boston Pops on more than one occasion. “My first drum teacher was in the Boston Pops,” said Dieni, “so even from a young age  I had that sensibility. “Sometimes you get a gift, and don’t realize it till later,” he said of that first drum teacher, Warren Myers, who also “conducted my youth symphony, just like the Boston Pops was under Arthur Fiedler.”.

Oakland rapper Mistah FAB isn’t the only one “still feelin’ it.” Related ArticlesWarriors shifting plans for Andrew Bogut’s returnDraymond Green on DeMarcus Cousins: “No one can stop him”How Warriors’ Klay Thompson brought out the worst in Russell WestbrookThree big lessons from the Warriors’ wins over Houston, Oklahoma CityWarriors’ DeMarcus Cousins suffers sore right ankle vs, Oklahoma CityLast year, Redwood City resident Robin Schreiber, otherwise known as ‘Dance Cam Mom,’ became an overnight sensation after video of her busting a move on the Warriors’ dance cam went viral, Schreiber, a 30-year Warriors season ticket holder, is known for her signature blue and gold sweater and quirky the best pointe shoes dancing style, Even Golden State’s players are sometimes caught staring up at the jumbotron during timeouts to see which move Schreiber is going to put on display for the Oracle crowd, Bay Area News Group correspondent Mistah FAB and ‘Dance Cam Mom’ joined forces before a recent Warriors playoff game for an impromptu dance off, You won’t want to miss this one, Want Warriors news in your inbox? Sign up for the free DubsDaily newsletter, Report an errorPolicies and StandardsContact UsTags:Golden State WarriorsCourtney CroninCourtney Cronin is a former multimedia sports reporter for the Bay Area News Group.Subscribe Today!All Access Digital offer for just 99 cents!blog comments powered by DisqusGet Morning Report and other email newsletters..

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