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This subject can be nightmarish to navigate, legitimately so, in part because the cultural messages have been so consistently unhealthy, but also in part because simply the level of awareness is problematic — meaning, it’s not just a matter of what a person eats or doesn’t eat or how one does or doesn’t exercise, but also a matter of how much one thinks about eating and exercising. So, not talking about it is a legitimate path to consider, and that, honestly, sometimes makes me want to throw my hands up and just say to my kids, “Just play hard and you’re fine.” Which is kinda right, now that I think of it.

I’m not suggesting this is what you have done, just spelling it out as a common trap, Anyway, your modeling good behavior and emotional housekeeping is huge, and so I suggest, where possible, you get moving, Hike, bike, paddle, swim, dance, ski, skate, etc., as a family, It’s easier to feel good about a body that’s doing good things for you, And respond to your daughter’s complaints by saying her frustrations with her changing body are normal, Everybody goes through it, And do a lot of listening before you respond, because she may still find it useful to hear that feeling good takes precedence over looks, but the way you say it needs to target ballet flats toddler be tailored to what she’s asking of you, versus coming off as boilerplate mompreach, Being heard can do more for a kid’s mental, and therefore physical, health than a kale and quinoa surprise..

It was Week 9 and the semifinals of Season 25 on “Dancing With the Stars.” The five remaining celebs and their pro partners gave it their all, despite a number of injuries to the contestants. Each couple performed two dances — the “Dancer’s Pick” was a routine to music selected by the pro partners, and the second performance was a reinterpretation of an iconic dance from a previous season that garnered a 10 from the judges. After all of the couples had performed, the names of those competing in the two-night finals next week were announced. Continuing on to the finals will be Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas, Drew Scott and Emma Slater, and Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold. Finally, only Victoria Arlen and Val Chmerkovskiy, and Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson remained. Only four couples go on to compete in the finals next week, and unfortunately, after the judges’ and viewers’ scores from last week were combined, Victoria and Val were eliminated.

Throughout the competition, Victoria’s story has been astonishing, After beginning to recover from two rare conditions that put her into a four-year vegetative state at 11, she was confined to a wheelchair, She won gold and silver medals at the 2012 target ballet flats toddler London Paralympics, became an ESPN sportscaster in 2015 and learned to walk one year later, That she was dancing, and dancing well, in the semifinals was incredible, and her joy was evident in the rehearsal package with Val, She was in tears as the pair came toward the side of the dance floor following the announcement..

As Val embraced her, he said to Victoria, “You were incredible. I’m so proud of you. Be proud of yourself. There’s nothing to be upset about. Seriously.”. Then host Tom Bergeron stepped in to say, “I can tell obviously this is upsetting. You are amazing. You are one of the most inspiring people I’ve met in 25 seasons. And more than a Mirrorball (Trophy), think of what you’ve given to thousands of people who might have given up hope. That’s a greater gift than we could ever have given.”.

Val added, “Thank you to Victoria, Thank you to the show for trusting me with such an amazing young woman, The future’s bright for you!” With only a slight smile and not a single word from Victoria, Tom and co-host Erin Andrews called for Victoria’s parents to come down to the dance floor, and she was surrounded in a cloud of hugs, target ballet flats toddler My favorite three, 1, When Jordan and Lindsay were given the jive by Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas in Season 22 to reinterpret, it was like waving a red flag at a bull, Despite Lindsay’s hurt knee and the cut to Jordan’s cornea (by Lindsay’s fingernail), they didn’t miss a step and performed a super-fast jive that put the judges in awe, Head judge Len Goodman said, “Over the years, there have been good jives and great jives, and now we’ve got Jordan’s Jive, the yardstick (by which all are measured).” Judge Bruno Tonioli added, “That was a triumph!” Scores (as if you haven’t guessed), three 10s for a perfect 30..

2. Mark selected a song for Lindsey that was about being resilient and coming back no matter how many times she was told “No.” Their contemporary routine was a far cry from the sweet “pastel” dances Lindsey was doing at the beginning of the season. Len thought it was a “fabulous performance,” and judge Carrie Ann Inaba said that it showed Lindsey could be “primal, beautiful and powerful.” Scores: one 9 and two 10s for a total of 29. 3. As it often happens, a celeb dances a great dance and then is eliminated. That is what happened tonight when Victoria and Val reinterpreted a Charleston performed by Amber Riley and Derek Hough in Season 17. The dancing was great, fast and snappy, and Victoria really looked like she was having a terrific time, instead of being a bit scared. Bruno thought it was “incredible,” and Len said it “put a smile on my face.” Scores: one 9 and two 10s for a total of 29.

I know that Emma said she picked the song, “500,” to show Drew’s Scottish roots, but the tango is just not the dance to perform to that music, Tangos are sexy and mysterious, but this tango was a bit clunky, While it seemed fun to do and was entertaining, it just didn’t match the music, no matter how hard Emma and Drew tried to make it work, Next week is the two-night finals Monday and Tuesday, with the Mirrorball target ballet flats toddler Trophy being awarded to the champion couple in the final seconds of Tuesday night’s show at The Grove near the Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles, If you are trying to avoid Christmas craziness before Thanksgiving, prepare yourself, There will be Christmas trees, fake snow and all kinds of holiday decorations, plus crowds of people and probably some special performances..

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