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“It appears as if the male was trying to protect the female, and had her in a fetal position, and they were trapped on one of the motor homes in the facility,” Ahern said, adding, “How touching it is to see a man trying to save a girl who he was in love with.”. According to the parents of Michela Gregory, 20, and Alex Vega, 22, the longtime couple went to the Friday night event at the Ghost Ship to dance together. Authorities released Gregory’s name late Monday. Vega’s name was released Tuesday night.

There were some folks that were found hugging each other,’’ David Gregory said through tears when talking about his daughter and her boyfriend, “I believe my daughter and Alex were hugging each other, They were trying to help each other, I’m sure.’’, On Tuesday, there were calls for the city to hire more building and fire inspectors in light of the fact that repeated complaints about supadance shoes clearance safety and health conditions at the warehouse had gone unheeded, “We have a shortage of staff at the enforcement level and in the fire level,” said Councilman Noel Gallo, who represents the Fruitvale district where the fire happened, “We’ve been trying to merge the building inspectors with the fire inspectors.”..

Jennifer Morris, 21, was a UC Berkeley student who went to the Oakland warehouse with her roommate, Vanessa Plotkin. Late Tuesday, authorities confirmed that Plotkin, too, had died in the blaze. Morris, whose friends called her “Jenny,” grew up in Foster City and graduated from San Mateo High School. According to her Facebook page, Morris also attended UC Santa Cruz until 2014, and was planning on graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018. Friends said Morris played piano, guitar and ukulele, a normally quiet woman who had a dazzling voice when she sang. She also enjoyed painting and photography.

The university released a statement that said Jenny was a “wonderfully bright and thoughtful” student who enrolled in the media studies program supadance shoes clearance out of a desire to better understand the world, “She was driven by a deep sense of justice and the belief that combating stereotypes and correcting some of the negativity found in media representations could help create positive change that might lead to greater understanding and acceptance of one another.”, When news of the fire spread, friends reported Morris, Plotkin and two other members of the UC Berkeley community missing, One of those two, Berkeley alumnus David T, Cline of Oakland, was identified as one of the fire’s victims on Sunday..

OAKLAND — Matthew Hettich knows that many people assume that his friends and the dozens of others who died in the calamitous Ghost Ship warehouse fire were slackers and misfits, and that the dance party they were attending was a free-wheeling drug-fueled bacchanalia. That assumption, he said, is wrong. The performers and guests at the doomed underground party where at least 36 people died were anything but slackers, said Hettich, an Oakland-based electronic musician. Among them were dedicated, top-of-the-line DJs, musicians and vocalists, who also held down regular day jobs to support their passion and to feed and house themselves in the ever-more-expensive Bay Area.

The Dec, 2 party was typical of the sort of off-the-grid gathering of like-minded souls and supadance shoes clearance their supporters that has become an integral and necessary component of Oakland’s vibrant arts and music scene over the past decade, Taking place in warehouses, galleries, bars, even homes in industrial and low-income areas, these parties -– usually promoted via text, social media or old-fashioned word of mouth –- could in some ways be thought of as high-energy, music-infused, 21st-century versions of the classic artists’ salon..

Featuring all genres of music — electronic, hip hop, even folk and classical -– the parties bring together people who share ideas, as well as their music, painting and other art. “We’re looking for like-minded people to collaborate with, have talks with, fall in love with,” said Hettich. “Community is one of the most important parts of being a human animal. Also, performers and artists need a venue to motivate the work.”. Those interviewed for the story took exception to occasional media reports that had compared their get-togethers to the drug-fueled “raves” of the ’90s. Getting high on any substance is never the point, Hettich said, and a warehouse party can just as easily include an art show, a film screening or a pot luck.

And he and others are now concerned about the heavy scrutiny such parties now face following the Friday supadance shoes clearance night fire where those who died included some of the scene’s most prominent musicians, Artists worry that the fire, which is under criminal investigation for the cluttered, unsafe conditions in the 10,000-square-foot Fruitvale district warehouse, will lead to a crackdown on other unregulated places where artists live, work and perform, Even before the fire, the steamroll of gentrification had already caused the city to lose some of its most popular venues for “budget rock” performances, “They still take place regularly but are taking place less and less,” says Hettich, “Housing costs are a big factor because we all have a hard time staying in such an expensive city.”..

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