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Artistic director Michael Butler’s animated Center Rep production is a treat from start to finish, with a superb cast. Even the stage itself seems determined to keep us off-balance, as Erik Flatmo’s steeply slanted and floridly wallpapered set makes the whole world look askew. As the compulsively dishonest Dorante, Jeremy Kahn combines the impish enthusiasm of feeling he can get away with anything with a hint off desperation when he’s in the middle of a tall tale that’s growing exponentially more implausible with every sentence. Joseph Patrick O’Malley provides Dorante’s perfect audience as his blunt servant Cliton, reacting with priceless gaping wonderment to the stream of lies that he somehow always buys. Howard Swain is charmingly hearty and gullible as the liar’s doting father who’s trying to arrange a marriage for his pride and joy.

Sharon Rietkerk is marvelously sunny and wry as Clarice, the young woman Dorante adores but whose name he didn’t catch, and Lyndsy Kail is much more reserved and amusingly anxious as her constant companion Lucrece, Monique Hafen does comedic double duty as identical twin servants, the flagrantly flirtatious Isabelle and the dour sansha pointe shoes size chart and ornery Sabine, Craig Marker is hilariously volatile as Clarice’s fiance Alcippe, a frequently flummoxed lummox as sputteringly short-tempered as Yosemite Sam, usually accompanied by entertaining haughty Teddy Spencer as his refined friend Philiste..

They’re all attired in extravagant period costumes designed by Victoria Livingston-Hall, often combined with fancy wigs by Linda Nye. Butler even enlivens the scene changes with goofy dance numbers choreographed by Cassie Nordgren, often performed while lip-syncing French pop versions of familiar hits. The cast even becomes a rock band for one number at the start of the second act, apropos of nothing (along with an impressive operatic aria by Rietkirk), then goes back about its business. It’s all terribly silly, but in a thoroughly enjoyable way. Much like Dorante’s rascally deceptions, this show’s shenanigans aren’t something to be forgiven so much as reveled in.

BERKELEY sansha pointe shoes size chart — A month after announcing its plans to greenlight $98,000 in federal funds for a project by a UC Berkeley professor documenting the Black Panther Party’s legacy, the National Park Service has pulled the plug amid a fierce backlash by conservatives who decried the history of what they labeled “a violent extremist group.”, At the time, the park service said the project would “memorialize a history that brought meaning to lives far beyond the San Francisco Bay Area.”..

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Amid the criticism, the National Park Service has sansha pointe shoes size chart changed course, “At present, I can confirm that the project in question will not receive funding from the National Park Service,” spokesman Craig Dalby said, He said the agreement had not been finalized and after further review the NPS decided not to move forward, The quiet reversal, with no further details offered, in contrast to the initial public announcement, came after harsh criticism from conservative groups and websites, Ula Taylor, the incoming chair of Cal’s African-American studies department, and the lead investigator for the project, could not be reached for comment, UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof said he could not provide any further information..

“The researchers put forth a project that was selected by the National Park Service,” Mogulof said. “In terms of why they were selected, the park service has the answer, not the campus. And in terms of why they rescinded it, they have the answer, not the campus.”. The National Park Service had announced its intentions to award the grant for the “Black Panther Party Research, Interpretation & Memory Project” without seeking other proposals. “The project will discover new links between the historical events concerning race that occurred in Richmond during World War II and the subsequent emergence of the BPP in the San Francisco Bay Area two decades later through research, oral history and interpretation,” the park service wrote in the public notice. “Bay Area sites that shaped the BPP will be identified in an effort to memorialize a history that brought meaning to lives far beyond the San Francisco Bay Area.”.

In response, Chuck Canterbury, national president of the Fraternal Order of Police, wrote to Trump, calling for a halt to the funding, He wrote that U.S, Park Ranger Kenneth Patrick was killed by Veronza Leon Curtis Bowers Jr., who was affiliated with the Black Panther Party, Patrick was on patrol in the Point Reyes National Seashore when he was fatally shot in August 1973, according to news accounts, “It is appalling that sansha pointe shoes size chart Ranger Patrick’s own agency now proposes to partner with UC Berkeley and two active members of this violent and repugnant organization,” Canterbury wrote, “As far as we are concerned, the only meaning they brought to any lives was grief to the families of their victims.”..

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