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Ojo is a former fifth round pick of the New Orleans Saints, and took an odd path to the NFL: He never played in high school, choosing to study dance instead, but decided to try out for UC Davis’ football team his junior year there. As a senior, he finished third on the team with 33 catches and second among Aggies receivers with 865 yards and 11 touchdowns, according to a 2008 Vallejo Times-Herald article. Media reports say Ojo moved to Vallejo after a brief NFL career cut short by recurring knee injuries. He was a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when the team beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl in 2003, but he was injured and did not play. It is unknown when he decided to become an officer, but public records list him on the payroll at least as early as 2014.

BRENTWOOD — A 16-year-old student at Liberty High School has died following a short illness, leaving the school community reeling after three other students have died since the start of the school year, On Monday, Caitlyn Grace Gonzales, 16, died in the intensive care unit of John Muir Medical Center after a struggle with pneumonia complicated by asthma, The tight-knit high school in the heart of Brentwood’s downtown has reacted with shock and tears after word of Gonzales’ death spread this week, Some students haven’t returned to classes, and others have walked among the classrooms to just talk and support one another, Flowers adorn a sansha lyrica pointe shoes desk where Caitlyn used to sit..

“Everyone is so impacted by this. She was absolutely amazing,” said Sarah Carlson, 15, Gonzales’ friend. “She was just so unique, different from anyone I’ve ever met. She never had a bad bone in her body, never thought anything bad about anyone.”. When Gonzales moved to Brentwood from Peoria, Ariz., in 2016, she quickly distinguished herself with straight A’s and an affinity for math, her father David Gonzales said. She dove into theater and dance and continued classes at the East County Performing Arts Center and wanted to travel to use the French she learned at school.

She found Liberty High School was more of a cohesive community than she’d previously known, her father said on Thursday, She went to school football games, loved going to the movies and eating fries at Mel’s diner afterward and volunteered every year to clean up National Parks, including the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, Her death has hit the sansha lyrica pointe shoes school community hard, Three of the four student deaths have occurred in the past two months alone, They are unrelated, “It’s been a year filled with adversity,” LHS principal Heather Harper said. Despite the loss, Harper said, “it’s been amazing watching how this community within Brentwood has wrapped their arms around the school — around the staff and families.”..

Although rumors have spread about possible connections to the particularly aggressive flu season, that does not appear to have been a factor in Gonzales’ death. Since October, there have been seven deaths of flu patients younger than 65 in the county, with the youngest patient being 28 years old. “There have been no influenza deaths in children in our county,” said Dr. Louise McNitt, communicable disease medical director at Contra Costa Health Services. In early January, a 14-year-old student at Liberty High school committed suicide. Since then, his family has begun work on establishing a website to help other parents whose children may be considering suicide.

The school has set up a crisis center within its counseling department, where school guidance counselors, as well as representatives from the Contra Costa Crisis Center and Seneca, a nonprofit mental health agency, have been on hand this week to help students process their grief, That includes one-on-one counseling, group discussions or simply providing space to do quiet activities, sansha lyrica pointe shoes Harper said, “Students have so many feelings, they may not know what to feel, and depending on who they have, as far as a support system, they may be feeling kind of lost,” said Tom Tamura, executive director of the Contra Costa Crisis Center..

The center staffs a crisis hotline around the clock for people in the county who are grieving or feeling suicidal so they can call and speak with a live person. Call 800-833-2900. The center also operates a text line seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. and is working to extend it to 24 hours a day in the coming week. Text HOPE to 20121 to chat with someone who may understand what you are going through. A Celebration of Life for Caitlyn Gonzales will be held at 6 p.m. on Feb. 9 at the Brentwood Funeral Home at 839 First St. Anyone wishing to send flowers can direct them toward the Brentwood Funeral Home’s Celebration of Life for Caitlyn.

One of the naughtiest musicals sansha lyrica pointe shoes ever written and a pair of glorious jazz singers top my Top 10 list of cool stuff to do in Bay Area Feb, 1-4 (and beyond), 1 “Book of Mormon”: A great deal has happened since this musical by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (“South Park”) in collaboration with Robert Lopez (“Avenue Q”) premiered in 2011 and shocked theatergoers to the their core, There is so much that is wrong and weird in the world now that a musical about Mormons trying to convert rural Africans can’t possibly still be shocking, can it? Ahem, let me remind you that “Mormon” contains jokes about AIDS, female genital mutilation, African and American culture, poverty, famine, and, of course, religion, as well some of the filthiest dialogue you can imagine, So, yeah, there is still an edge to this musical, along with Parker and Stone’s trademark inherent sweetness, And it’s that mix, along with some terrifically amusing song-and-dance routines, that make “Book of Mormon” a first-rate musical, though not recommended for the squeamish, It lands back in the Bay Area beginning Feb, 6..

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