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Biden isn’t the first leading Democratic figure with possible designs on 2020 to apparently slight Clinton. Clinton’s 2016 primary foe, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has repeatedly offered some version of this quote: “It wasn’t that Donald Trump won the election; it was that the Democratic Party that lost the election.”. Those comments have definitely rubbed some Clinton supporters the wrong way, and Biden’s are likely to even more so, given how direct they were.

Of course, Biden isn’t saying anything that most every election analyst already hasn’t, You can make sansha ballroom dance shoes a pretty objective case that Clinton wasn’t a great candidate, given she lost an election she was expected to win to an opponent who became the most unpopular president-elect in modern history, And even Clinton herself has acknowledged her shortcomings in appealing to voters, “I am not a natural politician, in case you haven’t noticed, like my husband or President Obama,” she said at a Democratic debate in March 2016..

That’s not a far cry from what Biden said on Thursday night. And in most situations, a party that lost a presidential campaign wouldn’t so fiercely guard the good name of the candidate who lost – much less one who had just lost a second presidential campaign in eight years. Republicans, for instance, were only so happy to place the blame for their 2012 loss squarely on the shoulders of Mitt Romney and his failure to connect with real people. The same goes for Democrats and John Kerry in 2004.

So why not Democrats in 2017? Part of the reason is that they simply don’t feel Clinton really lost, Russia’s hacking, FBI Director James Comey’s late announcement about her emails (and the media’s coverage of that issue) and her popular vote win have combined to create a genuine sense that she was robbed – almost literally so, And Clinton has only fed that beast with her repeated comments dissecting the unfair reasons why she lost, It’s a delicate dance for the likes of Biden and Sanders right now, They want to emphasize that the party can do better, but in doing so, they risk alienating sansha ballroom dance shoes some very passionate and outspoken Clinton supporters with an almost religious sense of righteousness about 2016..

On Tuesday night, from a not very handsome former home on Lambert Avenue in Palo Alto, came the sounds of beautiful, magnificent voices, singing Richard Strauss’s “Salome.”. The old building, right next to Gryphon Stringed Instruments, is the home of West Bay Opera, which has time and again proven to be a powerhouse, staging operas that are magnificent in every way. This “Salome” is a co-production with Escenia Ensamble of Mexico City, and is directed by that company’s artistic director, Ragnar Conde, and conducted by West Bay Opera General Director José Luis Moscovich.

Conde and Moscovich have teamed before, including with the stunning staging of “Faust” in 2015, and this production promises to be, again, musically and visually sansha ballroom dance shoes stunning, “The setting is a post-Trumpian dystopia,” reads a press release from the company, “The scorched and irradiated planet Earth, or whatever is left of it, as a consequence of the wanton blurring of moral and ethical limits of an irresponsible generation, Salome is the personification of the kind of self-entitled excess that can only spring forth from such decadence.”..

It is the story of Herod Antipas, Tetrarch of Judea, who has the hots for his stepdaughter, Salome. Narraboth, captain of the guards, also has, uh, romantic yearnings for Salome. Salome, though, is only interested in Iokanaan the prophet, who will have nothing to do with her, and finds fault with pretty much everybody. The opera is based on the French play “Salomé” by Oscar Wilde, which was translated into German by Hedwig Lachmann, then put into music and libretto by Strauss. It is a tale of lust, corruption, suicide and murder and includes a soprano stripping naked on stage and doing something perverted before being crushed to death by guards.

It was banned in some nations, including the United Kingdom, for many years because of all that, although these days it’s part of operatic repertoire worldwide, Why stage it?, “I love the music,” said Moscovich during a break from rehearsal on Tuesday, “I love the opera, And I love a challenge.”, And, Moscovich said, it is completely “current story of corruption and the excess of power,” citing particularly President Donald Trump’s words about his daughter Ivanka: “If Ivanka weren’t my sansha ballroom dance shoes daughter, perhaps I would be dating her.”..

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