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“We are just a few days into a nightmare that is still unfolding,” the letter said. “But already people outside of this community are calling for a crackdown on art spaces.”. “It is indescribably painful to see the death of our friends being used to attack the form of safety we have built in each other.”. NIHAR BHATT, a San Francisco-based DJ is among many artists who have said warehouse spaces must be made safer in a way that does not to take away what makes them special. Playing shows at the Ghost Ship was unique, he said.

“The atmosphere, the lighting, the spaciousness of that upstairs area, it felt like we were in a dream,” he said, If a city crackdown pushes artists out of converted warehouses, they risk going deeper underground to do their art, “The reality is that people will make their art happen and will make these events happen, whether it’s a safe space or not,” Bhatt said about the city’s popular electronic music and dance events, “Now we know, it’s a matter of life and death, Funding the arts, red ballet shoes amazon is a matter of life or death.”..

EMILY MOORE, 25, moved to the Bell Foundry in Baltimore a year ago from Washington, D.C. “where my life had collapsed,” she said. “I lost my job, I lost a relationship, I lost my father, all in a four-month span. The Bell Foundry saved my life.”. She got an affordable place to live and a support system until she was evicted this week. “Coming to a place where you have fifteen friends who can associate with my experience of trauma was incredibly valuable,” she said. “Being in a space where there is consistently creative encouragement, political fodder, literature at your disposal, wrapped me up in a world that I couldn’t have imagined.

“Having this space uplift creative projects, fantastic minds, gave value to a world that had been devalued throughout my childhood.”, PERSON ABIDE, 29, was also among the dozen people evicted from The Bell Foundry, Abide had lived in the warehouse for about a year, moving in after fleeing a red ballet shoes amazon violent and discriminatory situation at a previous house, Abide, who is transgender, said the experience has been devastating, “I’m not unfamiliar with the hostile world that we live in,” he said, “That space became, for me, a sanctuary, ”..

PALO ALTO – Conjoined California twins Eva and Erika Sandoval have become two separate toddlers following a 17-hour marathon surgery and are recovering “quite well,” officials said Thursday. The Sacramento Bee reported ( ) the 2-year-old Sacramento area girls were born conjoined from the chest down and shared a bladder, liver, parts of their digestive system and a third leg. Their parents said each girl has retained portions of the organs they shared. Each girl still has one leg and surgeons told the newspaper both would likely need a prosthetic leg. The third limb was used for skin grafts to cover surgical wounds.

Their parents were overjoyed with the success of the separation, which has been in the planning stages since before the girls were born, “They look amazing, They’re amazing, They have their hair done, and they’re resting,” said mother Aida Sandoval, “We’re just going to take it one day at a time and let them catch up on their rest.”, At a news conference Thursday afternoon, she red ballet shoes amazon said she has seen the twins separated and awake, “The first time I saw the girls it was very surreal,” she said, “And it’s still very surreal.”..

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The twins are in stable condition and are expected to remain in intensive care for up to two weeks, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford officials said, Lead surgeon Dr, Gary Hartman said a team of 50 worked red ballet shoes amazon on the procedure, “(It’s) the same goal we have for all of our children: that we end up with two, happy healthy girls,” Hartman said, “Anyone who saw the girls before surgery can testify to the happy part,” which he credited entirely to their parents, Hartman said, “We think that this week we made a big step toward the healthy part, The girls are recovering quite well.”..

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