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— THE BLACK MADONNA (@blackmadonnachi) December 3, 2016. Just before dawn, after an exhausting night, Robertson and his fire crew finally returned to Station 4. After filling out paperwork, he gathered his firefighters. They still didn’t know how many had perished inside. But they knew they hadn’t saved a single soul. “Take care of your mental health. Don’t do something self-destructive. I know this is hard to deal with,” Robertson told them. His shift over, Robertson — father of a 21-year-old daughter and a school-age son — showered and drove home. His wife greeted him when he walked in the door about 6 a.m. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. They embraced, and Robertson started sobbing. She had never seen him break down like that before.

Wan, who had spent the night monitoring his cellphone, a police scanner and social media, pointe shoes similar to bloch heritage drove past the warehouse on his way, Holding a cup of coffee, Wan put out his cigarette and walked through the eerily quiet sheriff’s lobby, then gathered in a back room with the family and friends who had heard the news overnight, Survivors were there, too, wrapped in blankets, staring off in a daze, He hugged his friends and cried, Hope was fading, he said, “They would have reached out by now.”, Already a list of the missing was growing on the wall, including his friends, A police note asked for intimate descriptions of loved ones — identifiable markings, tattoos, piercings. Mayor Libby Schaaf would arrive to console the families waiting for word, She promised answers..

The second shift of firefighters at the warehouse were rolling up the door and pulling out charred debris — a piano, a sculpture, a sign that read “Come Drink” — to make a path inside. The graffiti art and block lettered “Ghost Ship” painted on the lavender-and-grey building facade was faded by blackened soot. Crews stood on the roof of a building next door and peered through the collapsed roof. Light smoke wafted into the chilly morning air, and the enormity of the tragedy came into focus.

At about 7:20 a.m., Oakland Fire Chief Teresa Deloach Reed stood before a handful of reporters gathered on the curb, “We have nine confirmed pointe shoes similar to bloch heritage bodies,” she said, “and we’re unable to locate about 25 people.”The reporters looked up from their notepads, A radio reporter frantically called his newsroom, Soon, the Bay Area was waking up to the news, In South San Francisco, Kim and David Gregory were watching the reports on TV, “I was just thinking to myself, ‘Oh my God, another fire, Why is this always happening around Christmas?’ ’’ David Gregory said..

He had little reason to be concerned. His 20-year-old daughter, Michela, lived with them, but when she stayed out at night, he knew she was safe with her dependable boyfriend, Alex Vega. But Michela’s good friend, Shannon Luppino, was frantic. She knew that the young couple had planned to attend the show at Ghost Ship, and since early Saturday morning, she and her friends had been trying to reach them. But each call rolled straight to voicemail. Luppino knew she had to call Michela’s parents, but she could barely bring herself to tap in the number. She took a deep breath and thought, please God, let Michela be home.

Michela’s mother answered, with no hint of concern, But, no, she said Michela wasn’t there, pointe shoes similar to bloch heritage Luppino didn’t know quite what to say, “On the news right now … there’s a big fire at a warehouse where they had a rave,” she said, “and I just hope that Michela came back from that.’’, Kim Gregory gasped and called for her husband, The parade passed Garcia’s appliance shop, where he and Gallo had met earlier that morning, Together, they watched their neighborhood — already infamous for the shooting of Oscar Grant at the Fruitvale BART station a few blocks away — become the scene of the deadliest fire in the country in 13 years..

In the days that followed, as the list of the dead grew from 9 to 24 and finally 36, the inevitable reactions set in: grief, guilt — and blame. All but one of the dead were visitors to the Ghost Ship. Gallo feels responsible and powerless at the same time. He knew that place was a disaster waiting to happen, but what more should he have done? Complaints were logged. A city code enforcement inspector was sent. Gallo once even confronted Almena, telling him to stop throwing junk on the curb, “blocking the sidewalk like it was his.”.

Even though Gallo said he was not the one causing the trouble, “I’m just as guilty for allowing it to happen,” he said, “I get that.”, Ryan Zaddy O’Keefe reassured his friend, the party promoter Jon Hrabko, that they had done everything they could when the fire broke out, “I love you man,” O’Keefe wrote in a Facebook post Saturday morning to Hrabko, “I had to stop you from going pointe shoes similar to bloch heritage back into the building.”, They saved a lot of people at the front door, he wrote, “Don’t ever let me hear you saying what u were saying about fault ever (expletive) again.”..

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