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The day after the tweet, Tesla’s shares fell 7 percent when billionaire investor David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital hedge fund criticized the electric carmaker, saying Musk had been deceptive and the carmaker’s woes resembled those of Lehman Brothers before its collapse. Musk has gained legions of fans for his bold approach to business and technology, using his 23 million Twitter followers to promote Tesla, his rocket company SpaceX, and tunnel venture Boring Co. But the Aug. 7 claim that he had the funding to take Tesla private, and a subsequent U-turn, stunned Wall Street and came as Musk was filmed briefly smoking marijuana during a live Web show and when he called a British diver in the Thai cave rescue a “pedo.”.

The Financial Times reported last week that outgoing Twenty-First Century Fox Inc CEO James Murdoch, a son of Fox mogul Rupert Murdoch, was the lead candidate to replace Musk as chairman, Musk called the report “incorrect.” Tesla has until Nov, 13 to personalised cufflinks for daddy appoint an independent chairman, Thanks to Musk’s vision and showmanship, Tesla’s valuation has at times eclipsed that of traditional, established U.S, automakers that make millions of vehicles and billions of dollars in profits annually, and the company has garnered legions of fans despite repeated production issues..

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU antitrust regulators reviewing Sony Corp’s $2.3 billion bid for EMI are asking rivals and users whether they think the Japanese group would use its greater market power to win better terms in digital media deals. Announced in May, the move would make Sony the world’s largest music publisher, with rights to 2.1 million songs from artists such as Drake, Sam Smith, Pharrell Williams and Sia. The explosion of fixed-price music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, SoundCloud and YouTube has rejuvenated the music industry.

In a questionnaire sent to rivals and customers personalised cufflinks for daddy and seen by Reuters, the European Commission asks them if they think Sony would use its merged power in its publishing and recording catalogs to get better deals, The EU competition enforcer also asks whether Sony will favor publishing over recording in its quest for revenues, and how it would negotiate with societies which collect royalties for artists and musicians, The Commission also asks about the impact on online music streaming services, It is scheduled to decide on the deal by Oct, 26..

(Reuters) - Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) co-founder Paul Allen, the man who persuaded school-friend Bill Gates to drop out of Harvard to start what became the world’s biggest software company, died on Monday at the age of 65, his family said. Allen left Microsoft in 1983, before the company became a corporate juggernaut, following a dispute with Gates, but his share of their original partnership allowed him to spend the rest of his life and billions of dollars on yachts, art, rock music, sports teams, brain research and real estate.

Allen died from complications of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer, the Allen family said in a statement, In early October, Allen had revealed he was being treated personalised cufflinks for daddy for the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which he also was treated for in 2009, He had an earlier brush with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, another cancer, in the early 1980s before leaving Microsoft, Music-lover Allen had a list of high-profile friends in the entertainment business, including U2 singer Bono, but preferred to avoid the limelight at his compound on Mercer Island, across Lake Washington from Seattle, where he grew up..

Allen remained loyal to the Pacific Northwest region, directing more than $2 billion to mostly local philanthropic projects, developing Seattle’s South Lake Union tech hub that Inc (AMZN.O) calls home and building the headquarters of his Allen Institute for Brain Science there. Gates described Allen as following the Microsoft partnership with a “second act” focused on strengthening communities and in a statement said, “I am heartbroken by the passing of one of my oldest and dearest friends.”.

Current Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella on Monday called him a “quiet and persistent” man who changed the world, “He is under-appreciated in Seattle,” said David Brewster, founder of local news website and the Seattle Weekly newspaper, “He’s remote and reclusive, There’s too much Howard Hughes in the way he behaves for Seattle truly to appreciate a lot of the good that he does.”, Paul Gardner Allen was born in Seattle on Jan, 21, 1953, the personalised cufflinks for daddy son of a librarian father and teacher mother, He was two years older than Gates but when they met in the computer room at the exclusive Lakeside School in Seattle in 1968, they discovered a shared passion..

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