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Alex’s mother took over his Facebook page Saturday to share the following message: “hi everyone this is alex’s mom i want everyone to know that alex and michela are missing, they went to the rave last night in oakland and have not come home please if you know something.”. Johnny Igaz, 34, is a record buyer at Green Apple Books and Music, and the resident DJ at Outpost who goes by the name of “Nackt.” Friends went on Facebook Sunday to play some of his mixes. Amanda Allen, 34, lives in San Francisco. On her Facebook page, she recently posted a photo of herself drinking white wine in Mendocino.

Griffin Madden, Jenny Morris and Vanessa Plotkin are all students at UC Berkeley, David T, Cline, who was identified by the Daily Cal as a UC Berkeley alumnus, was among those who died in the blaze, authorities said, open toe dance shoes Jennifer Tanouye, 31, had set up a nail salon on the second floor of the Ghost Ship warehouse, Her best friend, Oakland resident Ronnie Casey, described her as a vibrant, fashionable and beautiful woman, She worked for Shazam, a digital music service, “She was a light,” he said, “To know her was to love her.”..

Nicholas Walrath, a promising young lawyer was among those who have not been heard from since attending Friday’s party. Walrath spent the past two months working as an associate for Durie Tangri, a small civil litigation firm in San Francisco. Shown in his online profiles with brown hair falling down to his shoulders, he is from Pittsburgh and now lives in Oakland, according to his Facebook profile. Founder Ragesh Tangri, in a statement emailed to this newspaper on Sunday, wrote, “In the short time he had been at our firm, Nick already had shown himself to be a fine lawyer as well as a good and caring person.” He added that the firm’s thoughts were with Walrath’s family.

SAN JOSE — Ask Marolyn O’Neill what draws people to a popular San Jose lunch and dance program for seniors where she’s worked or volunteered for more than 25 years, and you’ll get a lesson in a philosophy of life itself, “One of the main things people need is food,” she says, “and the other is companionship.”, Music, too, she open toe dance shoes quickly adds to illustrate her point that all three are important cultural elements around the globe and a natural way for people to connect to each other, especially in the diverse Bay Area..

Mercury News readers have been dedicated to helping people in need through Wish Book for 34 years. Click here to find out more and how to donate. Lunch and music are easy to find most afternoons at the Roosevelt Community Center. The companionship and friendships just grow from there, she says, noting that language and other social boundaries instantly break down when people sit down to share a meal. “Once you trust someone with your story,” O’Neill says, “you want to continue that relationship.”.

Stella Gutierrez,  a gerontology specialist for the city of San Jose, says the lunch and dance programs are held at the center six days a week and have become a natural gathering time for people of all backgrounds, many of whom have been coming for years, and from all over the South Bay, One of the highlights open toe dance shoes of the year for many of the regulars is the dinner and dance on Christmas Day, Unlike the daily programs, the holiday dinner depends on a host of volunteers and community support for funding..

O’Neill was laid off in 2011 after 24 years of serving as the center’s director, but her commitment to the program — now as a volunteer — never waned. It’s a commitment she shares with her twin sister, Carolyn Mosby,  who also was employed for years by the city of San Jose as a recreation supervisor before retiring, and now volunteers for the dances. Mosby says she’s seen some of the same people for more than 20 years. One thing she loves about still being a part of the center is that her background puts her in a position to direct people to resources — or she can contact the program director — if she sees someone in distress or in need of help.

“You talk to people through the years so you hear their story, and they don’t talk to just anybody,” she says, The programs were moved from the original location at  St, James Community Center, where Mosby and O’Neill were also involved, to the Roosevelt center in the Alum Rock area in 2010, Anyone 60 or older can attend, with a suggested donation of $3 and another $1 to dance, Volunteer DJs are on site to play all kinds of music reflecting the diversity of the South Bay, Gutierrez says, Depending on the day and DJ, the mix includes Chinese, Vietnamese, open toe dance shoes Latin, Filipino, Country, big band and modern music, all of it designed to get participants up and moving..

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