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5) The repercussions of Donald Trump. In more ways than one, Donald Trump haunted the Bay Area this year. His election was the story that liberals in the thriving tech economy did not see coming. It proved how different we are than the rest of the country. While Trump was winning the crucial Iron Belt states of Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania with his message of nativism and economic rebirth, 73 percent of the voters in Santa Clara County went for Hillary Clinton. Few events exposed the fissures more forcefully than the candidate’s appearance at the San Jose Convention Center in June, which was followed by a melee between Trump’s foes and supporters. The raw feelings erupted anew when Mayor Sam Liccardo issued a statement that seemed to blame Trump for the violence. It became a national story of tolerance and intolerance. Now the city is a defendant in a class-action lawsuit brought by 20 Trump supporters injured in the brawl.

6)  The Loma fire, The fire that savaged a remote area of the Santa Cruz mountains in late September and early October destroyed 12 homes, blackened 4,474 acres and left another three dozen houses in mens latin dance shoes jeopardy from mudslides this winter, But what was most notable about the Loma fire, which could be seen vividly from the valley, was what didn’t happen: No lives were lost, A heroic effort by firefighters stopped the blaze from doing more extensive damage in the Summit Road area, Meanwhile, officials with the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority say they expect to spend more than $1 million on emergency erosion control..

7)  The Titchener killing. It was the chilling anti-Valentine, a defiant riposte to anyone who trusts that marriage means happily-ever-after. Last Valentine’s Day, Paul Titchener of Brisbane, the owner of a small tech company, chopped up the body of his wife, Shelly, stuffed the pieces into duffel bags, and tossed them into the bay. For several days, he played the role of the worried husband. Then a piece of her torso washed ashore in Fremont and was identified by a red-and-blue tattoo of a bat on her lower back. Paul Titchener gave one last eerie interview to a television reporter and then jumped to his death from the Bay Bridge.

Despite his attempt to cover up the killing, police do not believe it was premeditated — the Titcheners’ 24-year marriage was rocky, And police intercepted a Google Voice call that showed the couple had argued over Paul’s refusal to stay at their San Bruno Avenue home when Shelly was drinking, 8)  Sharks make the Stanley Cup Final. Only two years after a soul-crushing playoff loss to the Los Angeles Kings, a mens latin dance shoes remade Sharks team under Coach Pete DeBoer took the Pittsburgh Penguins to six games before losing in the Stanley Cup Final, While the Sharks couldn’t match the Penguins’ speed and technical virtuosity, they went deep into the series with an enviable blend of young players like Logan Couture and and veterans like Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau, Maybe more important, it was a significant moment for San Jose, which celebrated vigorously, After 23 years in San Jose — and 25 years as a franchise — the Sharks could boast of having reached hockey’s most hallowed stage..

9) The emergence of Peter Thiel.  In shaping the course of media and the nation, no one in Silicon Valley had more impact in 2016 than Peter Thiel, the billionaire venture capitalist and PayPal co-founder. After Hulk Hogan won a $140 million verdict last March against Gawker for an invasion of privacy, it was revealed that Thiel had bankrolled the lawsuit, effectively silencing one of the snarkiest voices online. And when the tech world was running away from Donald Trump last spring, Thiel signed on and later donated $1.25 million to Trump’s campaign.

The 49-year-old German-born investor now has become Trump’s go-to guy on tech, Only two months ago, people were clamoring for Facebook and Y Combinator to drop their Thiel affiliations after a controversial tape about Trump’s treatment of women surfaced, Today, top Silicon Valley leaders are arriving at Trump Tower to meet with Thiel and the president-elect, 10) Khanna beats Honda, Unseating a congressional incumbent is never easy, But in the end, it was a runaway 60-40 November victory for Democratic challenger Ro Khanna over eight-term incumbent Mike Honda for the 17th Congressional District, which takes in the heart of Silicon Valley, Several factors played a role: Honda was the subject of a House ethics investigation; he fell asleep on the House floor; and mens latin dance shoes a tawdry attack on Khanna as a pawn of Wall Street undermined the congressman’s reputation as a nice guy..

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