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Pressure for mainstream manufacturers to accelerate development of zero-emission vehicles has spawned new alliances between tech companies and traditional carmakers. The new electric van is based on a Ford chassis built in Turkey and equipped with a battery-electric drivetrain and body designed with the help of StreetScooter. Annual production capacity of the new transit van will reach 3,500 vehicles which will be built at Ford Europe’s headquarters in Cologne, Deutsche Post said, adding they will initially be supplied to its DHL Group but will also be offered to third-party customers.

LONDON (Reuters) - Energy companies are betting demand for natural gas will rise at break-neck pace for decades, undermining warnings that tackling climate change would require a rapid switch to renewable energy, Top oil companies including Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.AS), BP (BP.L) and Total (TOTF.PA) are adapting with growing urgency to the need to develop cleaner energy sources, investing mens initial cufflinks more and more in solar and wind power, electric vehicle technology and even forestation, Still, they see oil, and especially natural gas, the least polluting fossil fuel, playing a major role throughout the decades of transition and beyond as demand for electricity and plastics grows..

“Shell’s core business is, and will be for the foreseeable future, very much in oil and gas… and particularly in natural gas,” Shell Chief Executive Officer Ben van Beurden said in a speech at the Oil & Money conference. By 2035, Shell expects global gas demand to grow annually by 2 percent, twice the pace of worldwide energy demand, van Beurden said. The United Nations said in a report earlier this week that limiting the Earth’s temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius means making rapid, unprecedented changes in the way people use energy.

That will include the tripling of renewable energy to supply 70-85 percent of electricity by 2050, Technology to capture and store carbon emissions would further reduce mens initial cufflinks the share of gas-fired power to 8 percent, the report said, while making no mention of oil in this context, It is unclear how the global economy will reach such goals, Natural gas is today around 22 percent in the global energy mix, But many energy company executives prefer to see it as part of the shift to low-carbon economies, Qatar, one of the world’s largest gas suppliers, is set to grow its liquefied natural gas (LNG) capacity by over 40 percent by the next decade to around 110 million tonnes per year, as demand for the super-chilled fuel is set to soar, particularly in fast-growing economies such as China and India..

“We believe that natural gas will continue to play a key role, not as a so-called transition fuel but rather as a destination fuel,” Qatar Petroleum CEO Saad Al Kaabi said. Shell is investing more than any other of its peers in clean energy, spending $1 billion to $2 billion a year on renewables and low-carbon energy. That compares with a total annual spending budget of $25 billion-$30 billion. The investments “might even make people think we have gone soft on the future of oil and gas. If they did think that… they would be wrong,” van Beurden said.

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - China has choked back on imports of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from the United States, traders and analysts said, turning to the Middle East for extra supplies amid mens initial cufflinks the two countries’ trade dispute, China bought nearly 3.6 million tonnes of U.S, LPG in 2017, making the United States the country’s second-largest supplier of the fuel used in petrochemicals, as well as for cooking, transport and heating, However, U.S, imports have come off dramatically over the course of 2018, before stalling completely in late August when China imposed an additional 25 percent tariff on over 300 U.S, goods, including LPG, in retaliation for U.S, tariffs..

Consultancy IHS Markit estimates U.S. imports fell to barely 1 million tonnes during the first eight months of 2018, down from about 2.1 million tonnes for the same period last year, said He Yanyu, Executive Director for Natural Gas Liquids. (GRAPHIC: China LPG imports from top suppliers - The fall came as Chinese buyers wound back U.S. purchases of LPG amid uncertainty about the impact of buying product from the United States, said a trader who tracks the fuel. No U.S. LPG cargoes have landed in China since tariffs were imposed in late August, said Ong Han Wee at consultancy FGE.

“China has stopped shipping in U.S, LPG cargoes as they are now too expensive,” added a second trader who tracks LPG cargoes, The United States last year accounted for about 20 percent of China’s total LPG imports, which are currently running at about $1 billion a month, mens initial cufflinks based on Thomson Reuters calculation, The U.S, gap is being filled largely by Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, analysts said, The change comes as prices for the fuel, often a mix of propane and butane, spike in line with higher oil prices..

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