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Google and LG did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment. The process for updating Android remains a slow and frustrating one for users who want the latest version. It's taken a while, but the Lollipop version of Google's Android mobile software has reached one-quarter of all Android devices. Lollipop's exact share now stands at 25.6 percent, according to an update to Google's Android Developers Dashboard page on Wednesday, up marginally from early October. The number includes all devices recorded at the Google Play store over the seven-day period ended November 2.

If you've ever wished for small TV that doubled as a big Android tablet, Samsung is here to make your dreams a reality -- but it'll cost you, Click through the slideshow for a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy View tablet and read the full review for all the details, The Samsung Galaxy View sports a unique look, It has an additional back panel that doubles as a kickstand and handle, In one m&s iphone case configuration, the tablet can be set at an upright position, The only other option you have is to lay the tablet down at a propped up angle..

The reclined position makes it easy to type on the big screen. Connected by stiff plastic hinges, you have to really press hard on the stand to switch its position. There's a pair of stereo speakers on the back, but audio quality is pretty bad. Pack some headphones. Instead of a homescreen full of widgets and app shortcuts, the Galaxy View has a Roku like menu full of streaming video options. The kickstand allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies. The 18.4-inch tablet features a 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution screen. That's full HD, but I was hoping to see a sharper, more vivid screen, like on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

Don't get it twisted; m&s iphone case the Galaxy View is no smart TV, It doesn't have HDMI or Ethernet ports, Its simple offerings consist of a headphone jack, a DC power adapter port and a micro-USB port, Since the kickstand is curved, you can't lay the tablet flat -- unless its screen is faced down, The handle makes it portable, but its big size doesn't exactly beg to be taken on vacation, It's not the best for gaming, considering its awkward design, but gameplay was fairly smooth on the Galaxy View, The small power button and volume rocker are located on the top left edge, They're so tiny they're barely noticeable..

While visiting a friend in her charmingly cozy studio apartment full of beautiful worldly art and bountiful bookshelves, another friend lamented her lack of TV, because he wanted to watch a live basketball game. She said she usually watches TV on her laptop. At that moment, for the first time since I got my hands on one, I could confidently say, "The Galaxy View would be a great alternative for you."Bigger than a laptop, but smaller than a TV, the Samsung Galaxy View is a new type of tablet hybrid -- part TV, part tablet -- that suits anyone who watches a lot of video and either lives in a small place, or would like a supplementary screen for using around the house. This huge 18.4-incher teeters into TV territory with a main screen dedicated to popular streaming sites such as Netflix. It's not exactly a mini-smart TV, since there's no Ethernet or HDMI ports, and it doesn't come with a remote or a keyboard, but it has full Android capabilities and access to all of the apps in the Google Play Store.

Why use a tablet instead of a TV? For the same reason one would choose a tablet over a laptop; it's simply a conveniently portable option, Yes, it's very big for a tablet -- it's even bigger than the soon to be released 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro, which has a higher resolution yet costs a bit more, But the Samsung behemoth's design features a useful built-in kickstand with a handle, m&s iphone case to easily move it from room to room, a micro-SD card slot and a SIM card slot for Internet on the go, The downside is the flimsy and cheap plastic construction of its built-in kickstand, the lack of an HDMI port and disappointingly weak speakers, Oh, did I mention that it costs a whopping $599? (UK and Australia availability and pricing are not yet confirmed, but that converts to around £390 or AU$830.)..

If you're low on space, but not on cash, the Samsung Galaxy View is a unique option that might fit your needs. Considering you can buy two 40-inch Roku TVs for less than one Galaxy View, its lofty price is a tough pill to swallow. There isn't anything else quite like it, however, if you like the idea of a giant Android tablet that could almost double as your coffee table. The Galaxy View is a slick tablet that works well as a TV alternative. Just be prepared to pay a lot for the privilege of portability.

When I first saw the Samsung Galaxy View, it reminded me of a plastic binder clip, There's an additional separate panel on the back that's flat until you get to the top quarter of the tablet, At that point it curls back about 45 degrees, The part of the panel that's slightly curved also houses an oval handle in the middle, It's attached via plastic hinges and it can shift into two m&s iphone case positions: one allows the tablet to stand upright, the other lets it lay down at an angle, The second position also frees up the handle to easily transport the tablet..

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