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The new duties will start to hit consumer products directly, including furniture, lighting products, tires, bicycles and car seats for babies. Trump said he was not prepared to make a deal with China “that they’d like to make.”. “We’ll continue to talk to China,” he said at the White House on Wednesday. “But right now we just can’t make that deal. In the meantime, we’re taking in billions of dollars of taxes coming in from China, with the potential of billions and billions of dollars more taxes coming in.”.

Given the smaller amount of goods China imports from the United States on which it could slap duties, Beijing has vowed to hit back with unspecified “qualitative” and “quantitative” measures, actions perceived within the U.S, business community as likely louis vuitton champs elysees cufflinks to be increased customs and regulatory scrutiny, Beijing appears to be bracing for a long fight, Official Chinese media is asserting that Trump’s trade war is aimed at containing China’s rise, a perception solidifying Beijing’s resolve not to buckle under U.S, demands..

In light of such a U.S. agenda, China should “maintain strategic determination” and “take care of our own matters”, Long Guoqiang, vice president of the State Council’s Development Research Center, wrote in the People’s Daily. “The Soviet Union was pulled into an arms race in the Cold War. Japan’s economy became a bubble in a trade war. These profound lessons are close at hand,” Long said. While U.S. businesses in China do not yet appear to face widespread retaliation, some company officials have told Reuters they are bracing for blowback. Some are shifting supply chains to avoid tariffs.

Wu Baiyi, Director of the Institute of American Studies at the state-run China Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), downplayed any impact of a new NAFTA deal on U.S.-China negotiations, saying Trump wants to push structural reform on China, not louis vuitton champs elysees cufflinks simply divert the flow of goods in bilateral trade, “We have the patience to wait and we also have the flexibility to open talks any time.”, He said November’s import fair, one of President Xi Jinping’s key diplomatic events of the year, had long been planned to coincide with his “Belt and Road” global infrastructure plan, and to help transition China’s economy more toward domestic consumption..

Instead of any grand gestures that would placate Washington but present domestic challenges for quick implementation, Wu said he expects Xi to reaffirm “that he has no intention to reverse” on China’s path of reform and opening. Trump faces potentially difficult mid-term elections in November as his Republican party fights to retain control of Congress. Some in Beijing appear to be hoping damage to his stature at home, including an ongoing investigation into Russian election meddling, could undermine his China agenda.

“Free trade will suffer louis vuitton champs elysees cufflinks a great setback, but it may be temporary,” Yu Yongding, a commissioner and senior researcher at CASS, told Reuters, “Who knows for how long Mr, Trump will still be in the Oval Office?”, But U.S, analysts cautioned it would be a mistake to assume Democratic Party gains in November’s congressional elections would change Trump’s calculus on China, given widespread business support for Trump’s goals of protecting American intellectual property and shifting China’s economy onto a more market-driven path..

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Facebook (FB.O) said on Thursday it will invest more than $1 billion to build its first data center in Asia in Singapore, slated to open in 2022. Facebook’s facility will be located in the west of the island, near where Google (GOOGL.O) is expanding its Singapore data centers in an $850 million investment as mobile growth, e-commerce and cloud computing demand rise across the region. “This will be our first data center in Asia,” Thomas Furlong, Facebook’s vice president of infrastructure data centers, said at a press conference with local authorities in Singapore.

He said the facility was expected to open in 2022 depending on the speed of construction, Facebook said in a statement the 170,000 square meter facility represented an investment louis vuitton champs elysees cufflinks of more than S$1.4 billion ($1 billion) and would support hundreds of jobs, Facebook has a number of data centers in the United States as well as Ireland and Sweden, and it is building a facility in Denmark, “The data center isn’t country specific to where users are located..it’s a dynamic process,” said Furlong..

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