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Exxon and other LNG producers also are adapting to changing buyer behavior. In the past, LNG was dominated by long-term supply contracts - especially with Japanese and South Korean buyers - that could span several decades and in which buyer and seller agree to a fixed monthly volume at a set price formula, usually priced off crude oil. That is changing, in part because China’s importers either demand more contract flexibility or simply buy LNG at short-notice in the spot market whenever they need it.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - When Peggy and Marco Lachmann-Anke learned in January that hackers cracked a 40-character password and cleaned out their cryptocurrency louis philippe cufflinks wallet, they did not go to the police or alert the tokens’ issuer, the Berlin-based technology group IOTA, They bought more coins, The Cyprus-based German couple, who describe themselves as financial educators, figured they had no chance of recovering the coins and it was not even clear who might take up their case, Yet they took the roughly $14,000 loss in stride - something that comes with the territory when one bets on a new, exciting technology in a yet unregulated market..

“We really believe in cryptocurrencies. We have studied this for about a year before investing, so we are aware of the risks,” Peggy Lachmann-Anke said. “There was nothing we could do.”. Far from unusual, the episode is emblematic for a market where few rules apply and where investors’ faith in the blockchain technology goes hand in hand with the belief that it also helps criminals cover their tracks so well that trying to catch them is a fool’s errand. Patrick Wyman, FBI supervisory special agent at the financial crimes section of the agency’s anti-money laundering unit acknowledges cryptocurrencies pose some unique challenges.

“A decentralized currency system like bitcoin, or another form of virtual currency is not governed by any entity, suspicious reporting activity, and any anti-money laundering compliance,” Wyman told Reuters, Various estimates show cryptocurrency crime is on the rise, keeping pace with the market’s rapid growth, That forces investigators to focus on high-profile cases, security professionals and officials say, effectively leaving small investors to their louis philippe cufflinks own devices, “We do not pretend that every law enforcement agency is devoting resources to every single crime, That would not be possible,” said Jaroslav Jakubcek, an analyst at Europol, which serves as a center for the European Union’s law enforcement cooperation, expertise and intelligence..

Officials still encourage people to report cryptocurrency theft to local police like any other crime, saying failing to do so only emboldens criminals. Yet because many victims simply do not see the point, cryptocurrency theft is far more common than any published estimates suggest, security professionals say. According to financial research firm Autonomous NEXT and Crypto Aware, which works with investors affected by crypto scams, about 15 percent of cryptocurrencies have been stolen between 2012 and the first half of 2018, representing a cumulative $1.7 billion in value at the time of the theft and with a rising tendency. In the first half of this year alone, more than $800 million has already been stolen, according to the data. (Graphic: tmsnrt.rs/2Nq3ngy).

Yet Lex Sokolin, a partner and global director of fintech strategy at the firm, estimates louis philippe cufflinks that as much as 85 percent of crimes go unreported and says the published statistics only represent publicly reported heists, Reuters interviews with half a dozen victims paint a similar picture, Out of that group only two reported their losses to the authorities and one soured on cryptocurrency investments, Armin Fischer, a Vienna-based IT specialist said he lost about $5,300 in ether coins in a phishing scam in the summer of 2017 and immediately alerted the local police just to find out that the duty officer had no idea what he was talking about..

He said it took many months of knocking on doors to get his case ultimately taken up by Vienna prosecutors’ office, but it is still pending. Fisher says by now he has had enough. “I have seen firsthand how big the security leaks are.”. Others are more philosophical. Dave Appleton, a blockchain developer for HelloGold, a gold trading app company in Kuala Lumpur, said he lost about $3,000 of ether coins when scammed by a fake site touting a startup’s token pre-sale. He said he just moved on, glad he did not lose more.

“The point is there’s no one to report the crime to,” Appleton said, “I am not sure louis philippe cufflinks what country or jurisdiction it would come under.”, According ICO tracker Coinschedule a record $21.3 billion flowed into new tokens so far this year as investors keep snapping up “initial coin offerings,” undeterred by high-profile heists, bitcoin’s and other currencies’ slide from late 2017 peaks, and government warnings of widespread fraud and theft, David Jevans, chief executive of cybersecurity firm CipherTrace in Menlo Park, California, estimates that even when exchanges or trading platforms get hacked, perhaps only a fifth of stolen coins is recovered because of the ease with which digital tokens can move across several borders..

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