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“I thought the film was from the soldier’s point of view,” says Coppola, “and I wanted to tell the story from the females’ viewpoint.” In fact, the novel unfolds with each woman at the school recounting their part in the story. While Siegel’s film had a hothouse, sexualized atmosphere, Coppola avoids such over-the-top elements. She sticks to a reality-based story, but she did add a scene to her film in which Farrell’s soldier receives an intimate, drawn-out sponge bath from Kidman’s Martha, who is both embarrassed and turned on.

“It seemed funny to me because she is so torn, and he’s the object,” says Coppola, who admits being embarrassed to ask Kidman and Farrell to do the scene but adds, “They were pros.”, The director, who had never worked with Kidman, imagined her in the role of Martha when writing the script, For two other key roles in the film, Coppola turned to actresses she was familiar little girl ballet shoes with ribbons with, She cast Dunst in her first film, 1999’s “The Virgin Suicides,” and later in the title role in 2006’s “Marie Antoinette” and thought of her for Edwina, the vulnerable, repressed schoolteacher..

“The character is the heart of the story because she’s the most vulnerable,” says Coppola. “She’s kind of fragile, and Kirsten isn’t. I like casting against type.”. The director adds she also did that with Fanning, who was 11 when she was in Coppola’s 2010 film “Somewhere.” She calls the now 19-year-old actress “sweet,” but her character – Alicia, the oldest of the girls at the school – is the wildest and most sexually provocative of the bunch.

Finding the right man for “The Beguiled” was the hardest thing, says Coppola, For the role of Corporal McBurney, she wanted an actor who was darkly masculine that could relate to each of these sheltered women in a different way, In the novel, she found that the soldier was an Irish immigrant little girl ballet shoes with ribbons who was paid to take another man’s place as a Union soldier, (Eastwood’s character wasn’t.), With Farrell, the director found someone who could be charismatic but with a sinister edge..

“I felt Colin could convey enough complexity that people wouldn’t know what his intentions were,” says Coppola. The director liked how Farrell’s “dark and hairy” look contrasted with “the pale ladies,” and since Farrell is Irish he could keep his accent. “That added another layer to the exoticism,” she says. “The Beguiled” was shot in 26 days on the plantation where Beyonce’s “Lemonade” filmed. On a tight budget, everyone stayed at a local hotel. Coppola found some days difficult because the younger actors in the cast had restricted hours and couldn’t shoot as long.

“We just had to do it as cheaply as we could,” she says little girl ballet shoes with ribbons with a laugh, “But there’s also an energy in that to be creative and come up with solutions.”, The film doesn’t look low-budget in any sense, however, Besides a first-rate cast, Coppola’s director of photography, Philippe Le Sourd, used vintage lenses to give the movie an eerie, out-of-time feel, “We worked a lot to make it look like it’s a natural lighting, what would be believable for the time,” says Coppola, adding that she wanted the location to seem stifling and filled with sexual repression..

To prepare, Coppola had a sort of camp for the female actors – sewing, dance and etiquette lessons. “We were throwing ourselves into it to make the actresses feel natural living together.”. Though they took pains to bring an authenticity to the film, the director says she tried to use costumes and hairstyles that had a more modern feel. “Hopefully, audiences can relate.”. Of course, the real question in the film is: Who is the beguiled? When the corporal arrives, he upsets the delicate balance of the school.

“I imagined what it was like for these women during the Civil War,” says Coppola, “Cut off, isolated, and to suddenly encounter a man.”, At first, the appearance of McBurney – an enemy combatant – has some of the women on guard, but he’s polite, civil, But almost as school little girl ballet shoes with ribbons maids begin to relax and begin pulling out their finest dresses, the story quickly starts taking twists and turns, “The original movie is more black-and-white,” says Coppola, “This one is much more ambiguous, and you’re seeing it through the women’s eyes as you’re trying to figure it out.”..

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