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Concept cars and autos kitted out with the latest (and sometimes most bizarre) tech, audio and infotainment systems are a CES staple, and this year was no different. An interesting audio concept comes from Bose, whose prototype NEAR system projects sounds such as notifications into the most spatially logical place you'd expect to hear them. And the Rinspeed Σtos combines two CES favorites, a tricked-out-car with a drone that rises omniously from the back. CES isn't the biggest showing of autos in January, though; that would be the Detroit Auto Show, which kicks off on January 11.

Smart homes iphone x screen protectors aren't quite that smart yet; devices can talk, but for all the shouting at CES, the information they broadcast mostly falls on deaf ears because of continuing chaos in standards, And, in fact, there were a lot of announcements for support for the myriad different existing platforms, such as Amazon Alexa voice support, Still, there was no lack of connectivity enabled new products, including Samsung's Family Hub refrigerator, with a huge touchscreen, that wants to be the center of your home life -- not just the kitchen, And LG's Signature fridge opens with a wave of your foot..

But they're nothing without mullions. And there was a not-unexpected deluge of the smart home products, from security devices, to voice-controlled speaker bulbs to intelligent vents. One of the big trends in home security is professional monitoring of your connected security devices; one of the biggest names in home security, ADT, announced a host of new partnerships with smart home device providers, including Samsung's SmartThings platform. Fitness bands were the main event in wearables this year, though there weren't any whizzy new announcements, just upgrades to existing systems that seem to be working and attempts to make them look a little less..functional. Plus, there was no shortage of sports-oriented wearables -- smart sneakers, helmets, clothing and so on -- to further micromanage your performance.

Samsung's C-Lab debuted some of its projects, including a full-fledged (and snappy) smart suit that's already available in Korea, as well as the poorly named WELT, or wellness belt, With its proximity to Mobile World Congress in February, CES generally isn't a big iphone x screen protectors show for revealing the hottest phones of the year, Instead we see a lot of budget models -- and the big news this year is that the budget models look pretty good, Surprisingly, the biggest topic of conversation wasn't even about a phone: It was Lenovo kicking the Motorola brand to the curb in favor of the faster-to-say "Moto"..

Given that they're still a relatively niche market, the number of drone models at CES was astounding: at least 25, not counting the toy versions. One of the most notable new ones is the Onagofly, because as silly as a drone following you around shooting selfies sounds, it's reasonably priced and has some serious, useful applications for more commercial videos (think tours, how-tos, and House Hunters), provided the video quality is good enough. Many new drones are being advertised as lightweight (so they don't require registration) and this year we saw a lot more featuring obstacle avoidance.

While misnamed hoverboards are exploding into flame across the world, CES provided us with tons of less volatile forms of personal mobility, We saw scads of scooters -- folding, electric, and folding electric -- but the most newsworthy commuter was the Ehang octocopter, for your solo above-the-jams mobility pleasure, It has tons of hurdles to face (only a few of which have iphone x screen protectors to do with technology) before it can be a reality, though, There weren't quite as many pet products as we expected this year -- a health-tracking bow tie collar and a couple of treat dispensers (the CleverPet, for one) -- were the high points, There was, however, a whole corral devoted to baby gear, much of which (not surprisingly) seems superfluous, But the data will flow, It sounds like only one product made the cut for CNET News reporter and prospective father Roger Cheng and his wife: Owlet, a smart sock that dates back to 2013..

HTC Vive Pre: competing with Oculus Rift. The vibe I got through the halls at this year's CES was one of quiet positioning, and eager evangelizing. And even, believe it or not, patience. Oculus has dominated the VR conversation for years, and with good reason -- its hardware and software solutions have routinely been the best. I remember putting a rickety pair of VR ski goggles on my head in a hotel room back in 2013, and it blew me away. Now, the first consumer-ready version is on its way for $600 (£499 or AU$649) in March.

Well, $600 plus a gaming PC that can handle it, The price and pre-order announcement of Rift cast a shadow over the whole show, by design, Is VR iphone x screen protectors not for the common person anymore? Is it a tech toy only? My answer: of course it's not for everyone, How many people have hardcore gaming PCs?, What you'll get if you order Oculus Rift this year, That doesn't make Oculus Rift or its rival, HTC Vive, any less amazing, They're astounding experiences, and push the boundaries of virtual reality more than anything else, But I bet most people won't even have tried Oculus Rift or HTC Vive by the end of 2016, much less bought one, I say that because Samsung Gear VR, an amazing mobile virtual reality platform that debuted a year ago, still hasn't been tried by many people I know..even those who work in tech..

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