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Launched initially on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, the Blocks smartwatch can connect to an iPhone or Android phone, providing notifications, calendar updates and a whole bunch of other features, much like an Android Wear device. Blocks has a trick up its sleeve though. Its band is made up of swappable, interconnected modules, like links on a chain, and each individual module adds an extra function to the watch. It allows you to build the smartwatch with only the features you want. It's available to preorder now for For $295 (around £195 and AU$410, based on a direct conversion). For that money you'll get the watch face in red, white or black, plus a choice of four interchangeable modules, each delivering a single feature (more on that in a minute).

Here's the first prototype, It's made from 3D-printed plastic and is way too big to ever be comfortably worn, On this early version, the modules connect using 3.5mm headphone jacks, This method was abandoned iphone x screen protector q0010 as it wasn't stable or secure enough, The early Blocks were so big as the internal components used in testing were much larger than the tiny chips used in the newer models, Here's a handful of early Blocks prototypes, Later revisions were much smaller, but still too big to be able to comfortably wear around the wrist..

Here's the most recent version. It's smaller, lighter and it doesn't use the 3.5mm headphone jack to connect the modules. The components beneath the display are much smaller. The modules connect to each other -- and to the watch face -- using these flexible circuit board "tongues". Here are the modules. Each one has a different set of components inside which bring features such as GPS, heart-rate monitoring, NFC for contactless payments or even an extra battery. You can swap them in and out to add the features you need without even needing to restart the watch.

The chips inside the modules are tiny, allowing the plastic casing to shrink down to much more comfortable sizes, It has a round display iphone x screen protector q0010 -- this one is still in the prototype stage and will be greatly improved before going on sale, the company says, The watch runs Android at its core, but it's a heavily skinned version that's different from Google's own Android Wear for smartwatches, It offers many of the same features though and seemed to be fairly easy to navigate in my hands-on time, Here's the grid of apps..

The idea is that you can pick and choose exactly the features that you want and simply clip them together to form the perfect smartwatch for your needs. I find Blocks an intriguing concept -- being able to pick and choose only the features you want means you're not paying for additional hardware (such as heart-rate scanners) that you may never use. Blocks made its debut on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, where 5,000 backers pledged $1.6 million to bring it to life. The Kickstarter campaign has come to an end, but you can preorder the watch with worldwide delivery expected sometime in June 2016.

The Blocks smartwatch has a modular concept with interchangeable sections, For $295 (around £195 and AU$410, based on a direct conversion) you'll get the watch face in red, white or black colours, plus a choice of four interchangeable modules, each delivering a single feature (more on that in a minute), Blocks has iphone x screen protector q0010 also said it will partner with mobile phone network EE in the UK and AT&T in the US to bring data service through a SIM card, as well as providing physical retail space for the watches to be on display, Expect to be able to get an in-person look of your own in EE and AT&T stores from July 2016..

I went hands-on with the early prototypes of the watch, as well as taking a closer look at the finished version that will ship next year. The watch itself is pretty similar to Android Wear watches you might have seen. It's actually running a custom version of Android and will work with both iOS and Android phones. The round watch face will show a variety of different digital watch face styles, plus your incoming notifications, emails, calendar appointments and so on. You also can reply to messages using voice dictation. So far, it's pretty much the same as Android Wear on watches such as the Huawei Watch or Moto 360.

The modules in their most recent form, The modules are of course what separate this watch from the competition, Right now, there are five different modules available: a heart-rate monitor, extra battery, NFC, GPS and one called "Adventure" which iphone x screen protector q0010 includes an atmospheric barometer along with an external temperature sensor, Swap a module in, and the watch will be able to immediately make use of the additional technology, without even needing to restart, The modules allow you to tailor the watch specifically to your needs, explained Blocks founder Serge Didenko..

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