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The Apple Watch Series 3 offers built-in cellular for data and even phone calls. It works.. After a month with the Fitbit Versa, we're looking past its limitations and finding there's.. Weeks-long battery, always-on screen, and yeah, $80. This slim "smart" activity tracker features GPS, a heart-rate monitor, color touch-screen.. It’s got everything you’d expect from a smartwatch, including cellular connectivity --.. The Good The Gear VR's relatively low price belies a compelling VR experience, and the games are quickly catching up to the hype. The headset is fairly light, and offers a completely cordless experience.

The Bad It only works with some recent Samsung phones, The mobile VR experience still pales in comparison to more robust upcoming PC- and console-based options, The Bottom Line The Gear VR is the best virtual-reality gadget you can buy right now, and a iphone x screen protector is it necessary great way to jump into the world of VR gaming and entertainment -- just make sure you own a compatible Samsung phone first, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

We've already written quite a bit about how HoloLens works, how amazing it is to wear a transparent visor that seamlessly blends CG objects with the real world, and the current limitations of the technology like a narrow field of view. None of that has changed. The HoloLens headset I wore felt practically identical to the one I used to play holographic Minecraft back in June or the one at Microsoft's Build developer conference in April. But today, Microsoft is showing that HoloLens isn't just about games or niche tools that let NASA scientists walk on the surface of Mars without ever leaving their desks. It also points at a future where retailers can show you products (like cars) in an incredibly immersive way, without needing to put you behind the wheel.

Put another way: the next time you walk into a car dealership, you might do it with a high-tech visor on your head, Which brings me back to what I saw when I donned the HoloLens at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, The wood-paneled showroom, There were actually two of us in the room: myself and my Volvo iphone x screen protector is it necessary tour guide, each wearing a HoloLens headset and participating in the same experience, She beckoned me to a small circular table, and told me she was about to give me insight into the design process behind the Volvo S90, a vehicle whose final design has never been shown to the world, Suddenly, a foot or two above the surface, a small model car appeared -- or more accurately -- a series of shimmering blue beams of light that formed an abstract representation of the Volvo S90 automobile..

My guide pointed out how the low, elongated car was inspired by the shape of a surfboard, and I could vividly see what she meant: As she spoke, those blue beams formed a surfboard shape near the edges of the abstract automobile. When she pressed an invisible button in the air in front of her face, other details started to fill in such as Volvo's hammer-shaped headlights and its brand-new taillight design. One more tap of her finger in the air, and the beams of light flew across the room, leaving glowing trails like a starship traveling at warp speed. It's a clever technique which helps guide you where to look, something that's been lacking in some previous HoloLens experiences.

The beams converged in the center of the raised stage on the other side of the room -- and then the smooth, glowing outline of the Volvo S90 exploded in size and transformed into a sleek, life-size 3D automobile, It wasn't completely convincing, not even as photo-realistic as the latest Forza video game for Microsoft's Xbox, but it was still impressive to see a car that doesn't actually exist iphone x screen protector is it necessary appear out of thin air, The floating Volvo S90 drivetrain looked just like this, Another tap, and the car was stripped down to its drivetrain, as if I had X-ray specs to let me see inside the car, The animated experience showed me how the Volvo S90 actually has two motors (one combustion engine, and one electric engine) that can power the car's wheels, It's actually the same modular drivetrain you'll find in Volvo's XC90 SUV..

Next, the car teleported back to one of the small circular tables to show off its safety features in a delightfully interactive way: My guide bid me to walk around the miniature holographic Volvo S90 and watch as its cameras along with its radar detectors tracked me in 360 degrees. As I walked in front of the vehicle, the tiny car beeped to let me know it had detected a pedestrian. But Microsoft and Volvo had an even better way to explain how these safety features would work in practice. I looked up, and all of a sudden a virtual road appeared, extending deep into the blackness of one of the room's walls as if the wall was just the darkness of a dark night. A computer-generated Volvo S90 drove down that road, slowly passing by a glowing abstract cityscape, with snowflakes falling all around and skyscrapers twinkling in the distance.

This virtual road doesn't look exactly like the one I saw, but it's close, My guide explained how the real S90 could practically drive itself on highways as long you leave one hand on the wheel, by automatically staying within lane markings and automatically keeping distance from cars ahead of it, It can even come to a full stop by itself before a collision can occur, While she spoke, I saw a 3D representation of those exact scenarios occurring right in front of me, like a iphone x screen protector is it necessary video game brought to life..

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