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"Any back door is a back door for everyone," Cook said. "Opening a back door can have very dire consequences."With the new tablet going on sale this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook touts it as a replacement for desktop and laptop computers. But what about iMacs and MacBooks?. Tim Cook thinks the iPad Pro could spell the end of the personal computer. "Why would you buy a PC anymore?" the Apple boss said in an interview with The Telegraph. "No really, why would you buy one?"Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

To customize the shortcuts, you only need to open the Settings app and tap on Swipe shortcuts, You can change the two outside shortcuts, leaving Google Now always present in the middle, Tap on either shortcut iphone screen protectors with warranty you want to edit, then select a new shortcut from the list, You can set an app, or a specific action for select apps provided by BlackBerry, Once you're done editing, you can access your swipe shortcuts at any time with a long-press on the home button, You're not locked into launching BlackBerry Search or the Hub from the swipe-up launcher, Here's how to change it..

When you long-press the home button on most Android devices, Google Now is normally triggered. On the BlackBerry Priv, however, you're given the option to launch one of three different apps. Out of the box, BlackBerry Search, Google Now and BlackBerry Hub are present. The predefined options are OK, but not something everyone will want to use. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

As useful as the feature may sound, Pop-Up Widgets aren't enabled by default, Luckily, turning them on only takes a few seconds and just a few taps, With the feature enabled, you'll notice some app icons now have three small dots just below them, These dots serve as an indicator, iphone screen protectors with warranty letting you know the app has a widget, Opening a widget is done by placing your finger on the app's icon, the swiping up in one quick gesture, For apps with more than one widget, you'll have to select the widget you want to display the first time you use the feature..

Pop-up widgets provide a quick and easy method for glancing at info inside an app without actually launching the app. Additionally, you're no longer forced into creating extra home screens just to take advantage of widgets thanks to the feature. BlackBerry has provided several small enhancements throughout its first Android smartphone; this is one of them. The BlackBerry Priv's Android-powered software is full of small tweaks and customizations BlackBerry has implemented, all with the goal of providing a better user experience.

EasyJet cabin crew head down the runway in their CuteCircuit-designed tech-laden uniforms, Both sets of uniforms have built-in microphones so engineers, crew and pilots can talk to each other, The cabin crew uniforms are dotted with LEDs on the shoulders that show your flight number and destination, in case you forget where you're going, The LEDs and illuminated hems also provide extra lighting in case of an emergency, The engineer's uniform bristles with reflective panels and LEDs in the hood, intended to light up work areas so workers don't have to juggle a torch and have both hands free to stick panels back on, tighten iphone screen protectors with warranty propellers or whatever they have to do to keep your plane in the sky, Built-in video cameras allow them to beam pictures to other engineers to help diagnose problems..

Meanwhile air quality sensors and a barometer help engineers monitor their work environment and create a map of air quality in different cities. An EasyJet engineer wearing a jacket covered in LEDs so they can keep both hands free. The technology comes from wearable tech fashion mavens CuteCircuit, previously best known for LED-studded flights of fancy worn by celebs such as Katy Perry and Nicole Scherzinger. Wearable technology has so far meant devices you wear about your person, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers. But advanced e-textile fabrics and innovations in flexible circuit boards and displays means tech can be added to the actual clothes you wear, whether it's next-generation military uniforms or high-tech sporting kit.

EasyJet will start a trial of the uniforms early next year, Whether they're adopted across the fleet remains to be seen, Crew at the short-haul airline iphone screen protectors with warranty could soon be sporting wearable tech to help light up your flight, Wearable technology is about to take off, UK airline EasyJet is sending new uniforms down the runway that are covered with LED lights and built-in sensors, Budget flyer EasyJet, founded in 1995 by the colourful entrepreneur Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, is the UK's biggest airline by number of passengers carried, The airline is celebrating its 20th anniversary by trying out new cabin crew and engineer uniforms that incorporate a variety of wearable tech features..

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