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In the app, you can search for your own booked flights and create complete trips with your itinerary. Then, you'll get up-to-the-minute information about your flights' departure times, gate assignments, delays and weather conditions for the airport you're flying out of as well as your destination. You can even see your plane in the sky, moving in real time on a map, and check out its speed and altitude. The app is also helpful for anyone picking someone up at the airport because they can see the plane's location on a map and get current arrival times.

What's great: You can see constantly updated arrival times and delays for any flight, and even track a plane's progress in the sky, What's not: The $5 price tag is too high for infrequent flyers, and the app no longer syncs with TripIt, iOS-only, $1.99, Just Landed is not exactly an app for the traveler, but instead uses GPS location and current flight schedules to help someone choose the exact time to pick you up at the airport, So rather than for yourself, you might suggest this app to a friend or family member iphone screen protector top 10 at the destination..

Just Landed sports a well-designed, minimalist interface with only the tools you need for picking up a person at the airport. The way the app works is, once you have your friend's flight information, you can enter the flight number into the app to get the latest info about the flight on travel day, including whether the flight was delayed or will arrive early. From there, you can simply go about your day until the app notifies you when it's time to leave for the airport in time to pick your friend up.

Just Landed uses your GPS location and traffic data to show you the best route to the airport and figures out how long it will take iphone screen protector top 10 you to get there, The app takes these factors into account when determining when to notify you, so all you need to do is hit the road and pick up your friend, What's great: The app tracks local traffic and notifies you of the best time to leave along with the fastest route to the airport, What's not: You can only track one flight at a time, so if you're in charge of picking several people up, it's not as useful..

You've finally arrived at your destination, now use these three apps to navigate your surroundings. Android and iOS; Free. If you're in a foreign country and are struggling with the language, Google Translate is one of our top picks to help you. The app helps translate 80 languages, and you don't even need to be online to do it. You can type or speak a phrase that you need translated, and the app will say the translated words back to you. The most exciting feature allows you to snap a photo of text you want translated, and then use your finger to highlight text on the screen that you need deciphered.

What's great: You can translate text offline, when you don't have an Internet connection, What's not: You'll need to download large language packs before you go offline, otherwise the offline translate will not work, Android and iOS ; Free, I picked this popular discovery app over Yelp because Foursquare is especially adept at helping you find things you might want to see close to you, such as monuments, museums and parks, as well as helping you find places to eat and shop, You won't find lengthy reviews iphone screen protector top 10 in the app, but the tips that other Foursquare members leave are much easier to peruse on the go..

You can use the app to plan your trip before you go, by entering your location and browsing categories such as Arts & Entertainment and Nightlife. Or, you can fire up the app when you're on the ground at your destination to see what's hot close by. What's great: Foursquare's large databases of places to see means you'll likely find what you're looking for in most corners of the world. What's not: The short tips members leave don't always provide a lot of information. iOS only; $2.99/£1.99. LocalScope is a little different from the rest in this section; it's a social data-powered GPS app that culls info from several popular social networks to bring you information about what is near your current location.

What makes LocalScope a neat way to find stuff around you is the enormous number of social networks and reference sites you can browse through for more info, Say you're visiting Seattle, but don't know where to go, When you search for "seafood" in Localscope, the iphone screen protector top 10 app searches several different social networks -- Yelp, Foursquare, and tons of other sites -- then returns results in a list, Now, you can start with Google results, check out Yelp reviews, and even see pictures of dishes from users on Flickr and Picasa, Even YouTube has a spot on the list, showing you videos that were shot near your location..

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