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Nvidia wants to get its beefy gaming tablet into your hands this holiday season. Nvidia has slashed the price on its powerful gaming-centric 8-inch Android tablet, down to $199 and £149 in the UK, which converts to around AU$320. That's down from $299 (£240 in the UK), which leaves you a bit of extra cash to spend on apps or a controller. A quick refresher: The Nvidia Shield Tablet arrived last August, and it didn't fail to impress. Nvidia crammed its powerful Tegra K1 processor into an 8-inch shell, with a 1,920x1,200-pixel resolution display. Games optimized for the K1 -- such as Half-Life 2 and Portal -- look stunning, but they're few and far between and you'll really want to pick up a Shield controller for the best experience.

What will she decide? What should she decide?, Please decide which you think this is, It's an ad produced by Samsung's French arm, It ran in May, However, as Adweek reports, it's just won a gold EPICA advertising award, in which tipsy journalists, rather than ego-addled creatives, are the judges, The ad has a simple premise, It puts young people -- all owners of a Samsung Galaxy A smartphone -- into strange rooms with one-way mirrors iphone screen protector sprint and a TV screen, Then, on behalf of Samsung, an enticing offer is made, Would the kids like to go on the vacation of their dreams?..

It shall be theirs. Oh, with one little condition. Samsung Galaxy A - The Way You Are from Kinou Conseil on Vimeo. I won't spoil the condition. It's very poignant, almost beautiful in its conception. And the twist is delicious. Samsung representatives did not respond to a request for comment on the ad. The makers told Adweek that there was no subterfuge in the production of these ads. I worked in ad agencies for a long time and I was forced to tell clients about pigs flying past 747s once or twice, so I will always wonder about truth in advertising.

Still, much of the action certainly has a real flavor about it, The kids' reactions when they realize the full ramifications of their decision-making makes for excellent film, However, there's one little aspect I find disturbing, The impression left is that every one iphone screen protector sprint of these kids accepted Samsung's offer, Would you have?, Technically Incorrect: A highly entertaining -- or highly dubious -- ad from the French arm of Samsung tries to bargain with something we all hold precious, Very precious, Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives..

The Pencil uses Bluetooth to work in tandem with the iPad Pro's screen when in use. Sweet! But how do you pair the two? The Apple Pencil lacks any physical buttons to activate a pairing mode, and Apple doesn't have a dedicated app for Pencil as other stylus' makers do to help you complete the pairing process. To pair your Apple Pencil with an iPad Pro, take the Pencil's end cap off to reveal its Lighting connector. The Lightning connector plugs directly into the bottom of your iPad Pro when in need of a quick charge, but it also initiates the pairing process the first time you plug it into your iPad Pro.

Once plugged in, a prompt on the iPad Pro's screen will let you know the Apple Pencil is attempting to pair with your giant tablet, Tap on Pair and the process is complete, Simple, You can now use your Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro without having to take any further action, Launch the Notes app and begin sketching to test it out, There's one small step you'll need to take before the Apple Pencil will work with your iPad Pro, At the iPad Pro's launch, the Apple Pencil is in short supply, Actually, you likely can't find one in stores right now, and shipping estimates currently forecast their arrival around iphone screen protector sprint Christmas..

A clever experiment? Or not very?. It's a compulsion, something that you do unconsciously. It's something that you need to do. Could it actually be a love thing?. I'm talking, of course, about checking your phone and touching it. And one phone manufacturer clearly has sympathy with your plight. Motorola co-opted great investor and occasional actor Ashton Kutcher to show how obsessed people are with their phones. In a new ad, the Lenovo ambassador (Motorola is now a part of Lenovo) asks real human beings to participate in an experiment. He asks them to place their hands in marked areas on a table and keep them there. Their cell phones are placed between their hands, seemingly for no reason.

This is all based on Motorola's theory that people are actually in love with their phones, iphone screen protector sprint The whole shtick here is that the guinea piglets believe there's some sort of fancy experiment going on, In fact, they're all being tested only on how long they can go without touching their phones, You can imagine the results, However, is it much of an experiment? These people are stuck there with nothing to do and then Kutcher and his friend text them and call them, Is it any surprise they end up wanting to see who's calling?..

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