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Amazon, its top competitor at the time, was using a traditional pricing model that allowed the e-retail giant to offer a sales price on e-books. While the revenue was lower per sale, Amazon argued that it followed traditional pricing on regular books, which gave retailers latitude to offer pricing on their own terms to follow demand. Soon after, Apple and major book publishers were rolled into lawsuits across the US, including one from the US Department of Justice, filed in 2012. The European Union also launched an investigation into the matter, arguing that the agency model could be in violation of competition law. But the EU promptly closed its inquiry after the parties settled.

In a series of statements and e-mails revealed during the DOJ case, Apple co-founder and then-CEO Steve Jobs told one publisher in 2010 that the publisher could benefit by joining Apple to "see if we can all make a go of this to create a real mainstream e-books market at $12.99 and $14.99." At the time, Amazon had kept most e-book prices to $9.99, As the lengthy investigation wore on, the major book publishers accused of collusion with Apple in the DOJ case settled out of court for their alleged involvement in the agency model pricing, Apple continued to argue that it was innocent, iphone screen protector shatterproof but last year it agreed to a settlement with the Justice Department after a federal judge ruled, in 2013, that the company had violated antitrust laws..

Under that settlement, Apple said it would pay $400 million to eligible consumers and $50 million in attorneys' fees to plaintiffs' counsel. But the company also appealed the federal judge's ruling, and its deal with the DOJ stipulated that the settlement amount could change based on the outcome of the appeal. If the court of appeals had reversed and remanded the case back to district court, Apple would have been required to pay consumers $50 million -- plus $20 million in attorneys' fees -- to settle their damages claims, while the DOJ and states' attorneys general would have remained free to continue litigating their claims for injunctive relief. If the court of appeals had flat-out reversed the lower court decision, Apple would not have been liable for any damages.

In an odd twist of fate, the very company Apple allegedly colluded against -- Amazon -- is now in its own legal trouble over e-books, Earlier this month, the EU's competition watchdog, the European Commission, launched a formal investigation into Amazon's deals with e-book publishers, The European Commission said it's particularly interested iphone screen protector shatterproof in determining whether Amazon's contracts with the publishers violate competition rules by requiring the e-book publishers to disclose to Amazon more favorable terms in deals they may have signed with competitors, like Apple..

CNET's Shara Tibken contributed to this report. Update, 11:32 a.m. PT: Adds details on the history of the case. The company must now pay $450 million as part of a settlement, but it maintains it did nothing wrong. An appeals court has ruled that Apple did in fact conspire with book publishers to gain a foothold in the e-book space and ultimately hurt competition. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Turns out, I'm completely normal, A Bank of America Trends in Consumer Mobility Report released Monday shows that American adults can't tear themselves away from their mobile devices, even when fast asleep, When it comes to bedtime, 71 percent of iphone screen protector shatterproof survey respondents say they sleep with or next to their smartphones, That breaks down to 55 percent who sleep with it on the nightstand, 13 percent who sleep with it on the bed and 3 percent who say they sleep with it in their hands, unable to resist the physical contact..

While that 3 percent of handsy smartphone sleepers sounds like a small amount, 23 percent of those surveyed admitted to having fallen asleep with a smartphone in hand at least once. That number jumps up to 44 percent when looking at people ages 18 to 24. The attachment doesn't end there. Instead of jonesing for a cup of joe in the morning, 35 percent of respondents say smartphones are the most important things on their minds upon first waking. That leaves just 17 percent with coffee as the top priority. It also means someone should invent a combined bedside smartphone dock and coffee maker.

The survey group consisted of 1,000 US adults age 18 and over with a smartphone and a checking or savings account with a financial institution, Market research company Braun Research conducted the poll by phone, and an additional 300 adults were iphone screen protector shatterproof surveyed in large markets, including California, New York and Texas, The survey also investigated how often respondents check their phones (a lot), how often they use mobile banking apps and whether they could survive a day without a smartphone (44 percent say they couldn't)..

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