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Either way, Oculus will undoubtedly be looking to establish its virtual-reality platform as a de facto standard in light of increasing competition on deck from the likes the HTC Vive , Sony Project Morpheus and Google Project Cardboard . CNET will have complete coverage of the event next month. The Facebook-owned virtual-reality company is teasing new content and announcements at its upcoming event in Los Angeles -- which could include new hardware, too. Apple has its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Google has I/O, Microsoft has Build, Facebook has F8 -- and now Oculus has Connect. That's the developer conference devoted to anyone who's interested in making content or accessories for the fledgling virtual-reality platform, which uses specialized PC- or smartphone-compatible goggles to fully immerse users in an artificial world.

Link Bubble is an app for Android 4.1+ that lets you queue links to read when you're finished catching up on social media or RSS feeds, similar to the Flynx app, The process is similar to when you open tabs in the background on your desktop Web browser -- ones that you intend to read when you're finished with your primary task, Ready to check it out? Let's get started, First you'll need to grab a copy of iphone screen protector rainbow effect Link Bubble for your Android device, Initially, there were free and paid versions of this app, However, the app is now under new ownership and all paid features have become free..

Note: If you purchased Link Bubble after August 4, 2015, the company will grant a refund if you email support@linkbubble.com with your transaction ID. The easiest way to really see how this app works is to open a social media client that doesn't offer in-line content and tap on a link. You'll see a pop-up asking which browser you want to use. Pick Link Bubble and then choose Always. You won't see this window next time. An introduction page will load for Link Bubble, explaining how it works. You can close this by pressing and holding the floating icon at the top of your screen and dragging it to the delete bubble at the bottom. To minimize links, tap on their bubble at the top of the screen.

When reading, you can choose to enable the built-in reader mode by tapping the button next to the share icon on an open link, Themes and incognito mode are also available in the settings, Want to share a link you've read? You can drag bubbles to the right or left to share with other apps, The defaults are set to Facebook and iphone screen protector rainbow effect the share button, but you can choose other app shortcuts for each bubble in the app's settings, There's also a built-in reader mode you can enable by tapping the button next to the share icon on an open link..

Editors' note, August 26, 2015: This How To post was originally published on March 22, 2014, and has been updated to include new information. Load links in the background while you're using another app, keeping you focused and saving time. Some apps can display in-line media (opening links without opening new windows), but this capability isn't omnipresent across Android. When catching up on one of your feeds, like Twitter, you have to click the link and then wait for it to load in Chrome, then head back to the tweet stream.

Visit manufacturer site for details, I touch my thumb to my index finger and the music on my computer stops playing, I bend my wrist outward and the song changes, This concept of controlling interfaces and devices with gestures isn't a new one, Movies like "Minority Report" and "Iron Man" have popularized the idea, but none of the products available today work quite like those in the movies, You may already be familiar with Microsoft's Kinect sensor, which lets gamers use gestures to navigate the interface of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One , There's also the Leap Motion , a iphone screen protector rainbow effect device that offers similar gesture capabilities on Windows and Mac computers, But these products share a common problem, they can't read your hand motions if you move away from the sensor, That's because the Leap Motion and the Kinect both use cameras to identify gestures..

Canadian startup Thalmic Labs came up with a unique approach with its Myo armband. Rather than cameras, the band uses low-energy Bluetooth and a collection of sensors to read the muscle movements within your forearm. The band can recognize pinches, wrist turns and other hand motions that it then translates into specific controls on your computer and smartphone. I've used the Myo for the past month to control Netflix, PowerPoint presentations and Spotify. It's an interesting idea with a ton of potential, but it still has its kinks. There were just some gestures that simply didn't work, and ultimately it's still a niche product that a majority of consumers can get by without. This is especially true when you factor in the price. The Myo will run you $199. That's more than double the price of the Leap Motion and $50 more than the Kinect for the Xbox One. That price is roughly equivalent to £129 in the UK and AU$281 in Australia.

The Myo looks like a futuristic sweatband, It's relatively comfortable to wear, although it tends to leave marks on the arm if worn for an extended period of time, I personally like the look of it, but some of my colleagues felt differently, One joked that it looked like I had a bunch of 9-volt batteries strapped to my arm, That observation wasn't too far off, The armband consists of eight rectangular blocks that are held together with a rubber casing, It's what's behind the blocks that is special, though, Each block contains what the company calls a "medical-grade" stainless-steel electromyography (EMG) sensor, This is used to read the electric impulses in the muscles on your forearm, To aid in iphone screen protector rainbow effect measuring motion, there's also a three-axis gyroscope, a three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis magnetometer..

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