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The latest Android Wear smartwatch among many wearables vying for consumers' attention, the Urbane Second Edition was due to be the followup to LG's earlier Urbane model, which debuted in May. The smartwatch resembles a classic timepiece and was to have 480x480-pixel resolution, the highest of any Android Wear watch to date. A setback for LG, the cancellation is also a setback of sorts for Google. The smartwatch was touted as the first smartwatch on Google's Android Wear software to feature cellular connectivity built in, meaning you could make calls and receive notifications even when your handset wasn't close at hand.

Smartwatches are still limited in that they generally need to be synced to a smartphone to make and receive calls and messages and carry out certain other tasks, That poses a problem if you're out and have left your smartphone at home or somewhere else, "As long as your watch and phone are connected to a cellular network, you'll be able to use your watch to send and receive messages, iphone screen protector or no track fitness, get answers from Google and run your favorite apps," Google said in a blog post earlier this month, "And yes, you'll even be able to make and take calls right from your watch, for when your hands are full, or your phone is elsewhere."Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the smartwatch's cancellation..

Company stops sales of timepiece, touted as first Android Wear smartwatch with cellular connectivity for placing and receiving calls even when users' phones weren't at hand. LG has stopped taking orders for its Urbane Second Edition smartwatch a little more than a week after the Android wearable went on sale. The company canceled the rollout of the device, the first Android Wear smartwatch with 4G LTE connectivity, because of an unspecified hardware issue, LG said Thursday. It couldn't say if sales of the smartwatch might be resurrected at a later date.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone paid you to take photos iphone screen protector or no of your adorable puppy and put them on Instagram? If not in cash, maybe in free toys, treats and other dog necessities?, Well, guess what -- there are tons of brands, both dog-oriented and not, that would love to do just that: Give you free stuff in return for a cute, product-centered Instagram post, And why wouldn't they, points out Ninja's owner Cindy, "For the cost of sending over a few items, the brand is seen and liked by thousands of followers -- and targeted, too!"But there are some things -- aside from thousands of followers -- that make one dog's Instagram more desirable as an advertising platform than another's, Here are 10 types of photos that you might want to think about posting if you're looking for someone to sponsor your dog's account..

(Special thanks to @ninjeeee and @mrbobabear for their pictures and tips.). Brands like to see that their product can be presented in a non-traditional way -- dressing up your dog won't just attract pet clothing brands. If you can get your pup to sit still and "wear" human items (especially on their head/face) like headphones, sunglasses, and hats, advertisers will take notice. This one takes a little training, but if your dog is good at holding things in his mouth, he'll be great at holding promoted products in his mouth! Advertisers don't just want to see that your dog can look cute while standing next to something -- they want to see interaction (the more front-and-center, the better).

Who doesn't like to see iphone screen protector or no a dog balancing something on his nose? (Even though Frenchies' noses are..not all there.) Teach your dog to balance a treat on his head and dog treat brands will come running, If your dog is willing to let you pile things all over his body, that's even better, You don't need to be promoting a product to take a cute picture like this -- "Ninja loves Sprinkles, so we posted them as he ate them, This caught the attention of the Sprinkles VP of Marketing, so she sent us a gift card to get more," says Cindy..

Maybe your dog isn't great at tricks. But he/she can probably sit, right? If you can get your dog to sit and look cute next to an object, you could still have a shot at getting a sponsored post. This picture of Ninja could be an ad for either Nerf or Ezydog harnesses (though it's not an ad at all). If you use any prominently-placed products in a non-sponsored post, add brand hashtags anyway -- you never know when advertisers are looking through their Instagram tags. If you're new to the pet Instagram game, a food photo is one of the easiest ad-friendly pictures you can take, assuming your dog likes to eat. For obvious reasons, you'll mostly snag pet food and treat companies with a photo like this, but free food is free food.

BarkBox, a subscription service that sends a box of toys and treats to your (pet's) doorstep each months, sponsors lots of pets on Instagram (#barkbox), This kind of photo is cute, will work for dogs and cats, and prominently shows the brand, Lots of companies ramp up their marketing strategies around holidays (not just the gift-giving holidays), so they're looking for Instagram accounts where owners go all out and dress their dog up like a Mint Mojito Iced Coffee for Halloween, or offer "French Kisses" for Valentine's Day, If you iphone screen protector or no want to appeal to advertisers, make sure you do special photoshoots for the major holidays..

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