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Running out of storage on your phone? This app instantly uploads new photos and videos so they don't consume any space. Mega-megapixel sensors, 4K video, Live Photos -- camera features like these seem great until you get the bill: big files that quickly eat up all your phone's storage. Even standard-resolution photos and 1080p video can put a serious dent in your available space. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Type "water" into the search box, for example, and Facebook will auto-suggest popular search terms and phrases, such as "water on Mars." If a user taps on the results, a list will appear with articles, quotes, videos and related posts from their friends, groups and other Facebook users, The new function expands Facebook's search capabilities, which were previously limited to things like friends, groups and places, That meant the social network's 1.5 billion users could easily find who among their friends likes the band Nickelback, but not what other people were iphone screen protector kopen saying about the band..

"Facebook has a lot of that content and perspectives and opinions," said Rousseau Kazi, a Facebook product manager who works on search function. "Going from searching on your network to searching everything on Facebook is a big step."Of course, Facebook has an incentive to keep you using its service. People already spend more than 46 minutes per day surfing Facebook, its Messenger chat program or Instagram photo-sharing app. The more people use Facebook, the more opportunities it has to present you with advertising and to drive up its revenue.

The new function also helps Facebook cement its position as the world's top social network, Twitter, a popular but much smaller competitor, is trying to gain ground by improving access to its user-created posts, photos and videos, iphone screen protector kopen Pinterest, which is privately held and doesn't regularly report user statistics, also has features that help people sort and share articles, photos and videos, The new search functions will initially be available for Facebook members who use US English settings, starting Thursday, The company declined to say when it plans to expand access..

Facebook said the privacy settings of its social network won't change with the new feature. The world's largest social network is now letting users find news stories, comments from strangers and the conversations behind trending topics. Facebook wants to turn your comments into a town square. Starting Thursday, the Menlo Park, California-based social network will roll out a function that allows its members to conduct a Google-like search through the more than 2 trillion posts they make each month. Facebook users can access the feature through a search bar on its website or mobile app.

Striking a nice balance between compact form factor and full features, the Nexus 5X remains a compelling, lighter-weight alternative to bigger Android iphone screen protector kopen Marshmallow smartphones like the Nexus 6P and Moto X, Having helped partners make the hardware for its Nexus phones for six years, however, Google knows a thing or two about designing Android devices -- and, in Summer 2016, there are rumors suggesting that it may make its own house-branded phone by the end of the year, But we don't know for sure what that means, Will Google make a super-premium device, another Nexus-type phone, or a Tango-style phone or modular device like Project Ara? HTC is rumored to be hard at work building its next Nexus smartphone for Google, In April 2016, veteran leaker Evan Blass reported that HTC was building devices that would run the next version of Google Android (Nougat), HTC is believed to be making two devices with similar specs but different screen sizes, The rumors suggest that the next Nexus will feature a curved aluminum exterior instead of the 5X's polycarbonate body..

Editors' note: The original Google Nexus 5X review, published in October 2015, follows. I've just spent six days with the Google Nexus 5X. It's not quite like any other smartphone you can buy today. It's one of a growing crop of handsets that provide high-end performance for under $400 (or £339 in the UK) -- only this one's made of plastic. At first, I hated it. I couldn't get over how cheap this phone's plastic frame feels for the money. Why would anyone buy a $379 Nexus 5X when they could have the solid metal construction of a Moto X Pure Edition for just $20 more? But I grew to understand the Nexus 5X's charm.

At 5.2 inches, it's smaller and lighter than today's jumbo phones, I can carry the Nexus 5X around with ease, Smart hardware features -- like a fingerprint reader around back that can also power on the phone -- let me use it with a single hand, Compatibility with both GSM and CDMA network technologies mean I can pop in a SIM card from practically any cellular carrier around the world and it'll just work, And because the 5X is a Nexus phone, it also has the Google home advantage, Along with its big brother -- read my colleague Jessica Dolcourt's review of the Nexus 6P here -- the Nexus 5X is one of the first phones to officially include the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, and offers guaranteed updates to future versions of the OS, (That's a far cry from nearly any other Android phones, which often leave you waiting up to a year -- or more -- iphone screen protector kopen for upgrades to the latest version of the operating system.) It's also one of only three phones that officially support Project Fi , Google's own cellular service..

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