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It takes no extra effort to take a Live Photo either. It's simply a button to highlight at the side of the camera view, right next to the existing HDR button. Just note that each Live Photo takes around double the size of a regular photo. If you plan to use the feature frequently, opt for at least the 64GB model. Once you're through you can save a Live Photo as your lock screen. We're still exploring ways for sharing your clips beyond your phone once you shoot them. Also, while this feature is exclusive to the 6S and 6S Plus members of Apple's iPhone family, there are alternatives that offer a similar experience on other smartphones.

The camera itself now shoots with 12 megapixels, it can take video in 4K resolution, and the screen can recognise a push as well as a tap or a swipe -- think of iphone screen protector keeps cracking that like right clicking on a desktop, We'll be getting to grips with all these new features over the coming few days so make sure to keep your eyes firmly fixed on CNET, We take a closer look at Apple's new Live Photos tool on the iPhone 6S Plus, Come watch our video, Apple's new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are packed with a whole bunch of new features, but here we're going to take a closer look at Live Photos, Hit play on the video beneath to see the new images in action..

Ready to take a note? Just pop the stylus out and start writing. All notes will be saved to S Note, so if you have that disabled or removed from your device, you may run into issues. If you're done with your note-taking, you can replace the stylus and your writing will be saved automatically. Xperiacle's app is very similar to Samsung's, but some of the buttons are a bit different in the top right corner, including the ability to create a new note. Do you like the screen off memo feature? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Want the screen-off memo feature on your Note 3, Note 4, or Note Edge? Here's an app that can make it happen, If you have a Note 5, or you've checked out our review of the device, you may have come across the screen off memo feature, This is a setting that will let you write on the device screen as soon as you remove the stylus, without having to unlock it or open a note-taking app, XDA user Xperiacle saw this feature and decided to make it available on the Note 3, Note 4, and Note Edge, Here's how you can iphone screen protector keeps cracking get it, too..

The British phone manufacturer, once a part of phone giant Nokia, hinted that it was looking into this area during an event showcasing its latest product, a phone called the New Signature Touch that costs £6,500, which converts to around $10,000 or AU$14,100. "That is an interesting space for me," Vertu CEO Max Pogliani said in an interview. "I think it is getting to a level of maturity which is worth having a look having a look for us."Vertu isn't alone, as wearables -- that you wear -- have been attracting heavy hitters from both the tech and fashion sides of the world. On one side are players like Apple and Samsung with their watches, Google and its Android Wear software for wearable devices, and fitness tracking devices like Fitbit. On the other side are luxury brands such as Tag Heuer and Hermes, which are collaborating with Apple on its Watch.

Vertu, however, occupies a unique position in the market, straddling the worlds of tech and luxury, But Pogliani warned that it was still early days when it comes to any wearable product, "How Vertu can fit in this space is what we are looking at at the moment," Pogliani said, "For us, it will not be just another product -- it has to deliver the full DNA in terms of design, materials and functionality."So what makes a Vertu product? Just look at the New Signature Touch, a smartphone powered by Google's Android mobile software that is handcrafted from start to finish by an individual at the Vertu headquarters in the British countryside using premium materials such as alligator skin and sapphire crystal displays, Its marquee feature is the one-touch access to a iphone screen protector keeps cracking human concierge service that the company promises will meet every need and request of its customers..

For Pogliani, the luxury element of Vertu products lies not only in their design, but in that extra level of service. "Our customers have a relationship man to man, rather than man to machine," he says. "I don't talk with Siri; I talk with a real person and that person takes care of me in a way only a real person can do with a level of sophistication and detail which these people are expecting."Vertu customers "live this extraordinary kind of life" and "expect the very best" when they are told they have access to a personalised concierge, he said. How this style of luxury will work in the wearables area, Pogliani hasn't yet decided, but it's clear he is watching to see how others are taking on the challenge.

"We will also see a lot of luxury brands -- I'm not talking about Apple, I'm talking about the real luxury brands -- regret what they have done today in this panic," he said of the companies that have aligned with the technology giant, "Sleeping with your enemy can sometimes be very, very dangerous."With his comments, Pogliani was hinting at the deal that luxury brand Hermes struck with Apple to feature its leather band as iphone screen protector keeps cracking an add-on to the Apple Watch, He was less critical of Apple, "Apple, what they are trying to do is trying to extend their appeal going up towards that space, and for them they are doing the right things," he said..

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