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Given Apple's new Upgrade program, where iPhone owners (currently in the US only) can upgrade to the latest model every year for a small monthly fee, it makes sense for the handset maker to double down on longevity and resale value of its handsets. IHS' breakdown of the 16GB iPhone 6S Plus revealed around $232 worth of components. The bill of materials covered a strengthened aluminium frame (no bendgate here), a Gorilla Glass 4 screen, better water-resistant seals and an upgraded camera and wireless modem.

Given the larger screen size, improved battery life was also a welcome addition, The 2,750mHa battery itself is slightly smaller than the one found in the original iPhone 6 Plus, but new power-saving features and processors mean an improved lifespan, The research firm has taken a detailed look at several Apple products over the years, including previous iPhone models, Macbooks and the Apple Watch, The breakdown of the iPhone 6 suggested that the parts and iphone screen protector keeps bubbling manufacturing cost of the iPhone 6 Plus added up to 29.4 percent of the device's suggested retail price, where the figure for the iPhone 6 was 31 percent..

While Apple might be paying more for components in the 16GB iPhone 6S Plus, it won't be taking too big a hit on sale price. IHS figures suggest that the total cost sits at around 31.5 percent of the retail price of $749. One area where Apple stands to turn a larger profit is in the iPhone models with the higher storage models. "NAND Flash is now so cheap it's almost irrelevant, but Apple monetizes this difference with consumers, to the tune of $100 for each additional step up in memory capacity," Rassweiler said. "For example, a 64 GB iPhone now costs Apple about $17 more to make than a 16 GB iPhone, but Apple charges iPhone buyers $100 more for the increased memory."Here's a closer look under the hood of the iPhone 6S Plus.

Apple isn't skimping on components, with a piece-by-piece analysis of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus showing that the smartphones offer improved durability and lifespan, Worried about how long your new iPhone will last? Worry no more, because Apple is paying more to put its new iPhones together, and a longer lifespan and improved resale value seem to be the name of the game, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate iphone screen protector keeps bubbling our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Apple Watch compatibility was added to version 4.11.0 of the tech giant's iOS Maps app, offering owners of Apple's smartwatch the opportunity to look up directions from their wrists. The update also adds estimated times of arrival for trips made by bike, car, public transit and walking, as well as the ability to call businesses and get directions from a list of places. Until now Apple Maps was the only option for Apple Watch owners who wanted directions from their wrist watch. In the three years since Cupertino, California-based Apple broke away from bundling Google Maps into iOS, its replacement, Apple Maps, has made improvements, but for many users of Apple's mobile operating system, Apple Maps was no match for Google Maps.

Mountain View, California-based Google provided the maps function for iOS devices until the release of iOS 6 in fall 2012, when it was replaced by Apple's homegrown mapping software, But Apple's maps were found to be rife with embarrassing errors, leading CEO Tim Cook iphone screen protector keeps bubbling to issue a rare public apology, Apple retreated on claims that the app was the "most powerful mapping service ever" and even began promoting other maps apps in its App Store, In late 2012, Google Maps returned to Apple's mobile software in the form of a standalone app..

But there are certainly differences between how the competing apps direct users to their destination. While Apple takes advantage of its Taptic Engine in the Apple Watch to give users a light tap on the wrist to tell them whether to turn left or right, Google Maps requires users to scroll through the list of turn-by-turn directions. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the new functionality of Google Maps. The app is available for free download from Apple's App Store. Maps update adds Apple Watch compatibility, estimated times of arrival for various transportation and other features.

In a blog post, the Waterloo, Ontario, smartphone maker released photos of the Priv, which is expected to launch in the fourth quarter, Priv stands for both "privacy and privilege," according to BlackBerry CEO John Chen, and it's the company's first product to iphone screen protector keeps bubbling run on Google's Android mobile software, The device underscores a radical departure from BlackBerry's history of selling products using its own homegrown software, After years of battling Android, the world's most popular operating system for smartphones and tablets, BlackBerry is embracing what its much larger rival has to offer..

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