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A bill being introduced in Congress wants to protect the encrypted data in your smartphone. Encryption is built into Apple's iPhone, Android phones and other smartphones to make your personal data safe from prying eyes. An encryption key is needed to decrypt the data, which the smartphone manufacturers do not possess. The bill comes as lawmakers and Silicon Valley tech giants are trying to figure out how to compromise on device encryption. Some law enforcement officials, including FBI Director James Comey, have spoken out against the increased use of encryption on phones. Data stored on phones, they argue, could be useful in investigations against ordinary criminals as well as suspected terrorists.

The bill is a reaction to proposals from New York and California, which would ban encrypted smartphones in their respective states and fine manufacturers of such phones, Assuming those proposals were turned into law, smartphone companies would be required to enable decryption of data on phones made after 2017, Trying to enforce smartphone encryption on a state level would be a confusing and difficult process, according to Lieu, "Having 50 states with 50 different encryption back doors standards or bans is a recipe for disaster for American privacy and competitiveness," Lieu said in an email, "This conversation belongs at the national level, where we can find a solution that protects the privacy rights of Americans and does not create additional vulnerabilities, The ENCRYPT Act makes sure that this conversation happens in a place iphone screen protector how to get rid of bubbles that does not disrupt interstate commerce."Companies such as Apple have been accused of equipping their phones with back doors, openings coded into software that let law enforcement bypass security measures, Apple CEO Tim Cook has rebutted those claims and argued against the use of back doors, Last month, Cook called on the Obama administration to issue a statement defending the use of unbreakable encryption..

The Encrypt Act covers any computer hardware, computer software, electronic device or online service. Prompted by proposals in New York and California, the bill is the latest twist in a debate over how much privacy you can expect with your everyday gadget. Imagine not being able to buy an iPhone in your state because the device's data is protected by encryption. A couple of Congressmen are trying to make sure that can't happen. The Encrypt Act of 2016, short for Ensuring National Constitutional Rights of Your Private Telecommunications Act, would deny states the power to block the sale of encrypted smartphones or to require that manufacturers equip their phones with a back door to access private data. The bill is set to be introduced Wednesday by Rep. Ted Lieu, a Democrat from California, and Rep. Blake Farenthold, a Texas Republican.

For an estimated retail price of $89, the Pagaré sounds like a pretty excellent idea, You simply snap it onto the back of any Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel or Pebble Time Round smartwatch, load up your credit cards and then wave your wrist in front of any contactless credit card reader, According to Fit Pay, the device uses the same networks and technologies as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay to keep your data safe, To avoid theft, there's also a sensor in the band to tell when you remove the watch from your wrist, which disables payments until you put it on again and enter your 4-digit PIN, Oh, and this is pretty neat: there's a USB port built right into the end of the strap so you can charge your watch without removing the Pagaré iphone screen protector how to get rid of bubbles accessory, Before you ask, the company tells us that the Pagaré has an "almost negligible" impact on the Pebble's battery life..

There are a few things you should consider, though. Not only is Pagaré a Kickstarter project -- meaning you're funding the company, not paying for a guaranteed product -- but Fit Pay is tackling a more ambitious task than you might realize. To succeed as promised, Fit Pay will have to build a different version of the product for each variant of the Pebble Time while working with countless banks, credit card vendors and payment processing companies to make sure your cards are supported. To give you some context, even Google and Samsung don't work with my personal credit cards yet.

And it'll have to fill the first set of orders by July, despite the fact iphone screen protector how to get rid of bubbles that the company has only recently finished its prototypes -- and has never actually bought anything from a real store using the technology, Fit Pay tells us it believes it can support a similar number of banks and cards as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay by launch, It also says it's proven the technology using test terminals from the credit card companies, More promisingly, it's also got the blessing of Pebble founder Eric Migicovsky, which is a pretty good sign..

I hope the Pagaré will succeed -- but I'll want to see it in action before I lay down my money. Fit Pay is raising funds on Kickstarter for an ambitious idea: a special strap for a Pebble Time smartwatch that adds Apple Pay-like functionality. Every Pebble Time smartwatch has a hidden feature -- you can get more functionality by connecting it to a "smart strap." Just imagine extending the battery life of your Pebble with a battery-packed watch strap or using an NFC (near-field communication) chip to pay for groceries with a wave of your wrist.

LG is on the verge of announcing the G5, which we now know will have an always-on screen, In an Android phone market dominated by Samsung, you may not even be aware of LG's respected but less-prominent phones, If LG's always-on screen is truly useful, not a mere gimmick, the G5 might just catch your eye and even change the way you use your phone, An always-on display would negate the need to press any buttons to check notifications or the time, That may seem like a small change, but given how often we need to check iphone screen protector how to get rid of bubbles why our phone just buzzed or who's calling, it's a convenience you could appreciate many times a day, Indeed, speeding up these glances is one of the main sales pitches for smartwatches..

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