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Those are the reasons I like the Nexus 5X. Would it be a good phone for you, though? Let's dig into the details. The Nexus 5X is available from Google's online store in the US, UK, Ireland, Korea and Japan to start, with devices shipping in late October. In Australia, you can preorder now, with the phone shipping on November 3. It's a single device that should work on most major wireless networks around the world, including all major US cellular carriers, and it comes in three colors: black, white and mint green. Here's the pricing breakdown.

In the US, Google also offers the Nexus 5X for as low as $15.79 per month on a 24-month installment plan for customers who sign up for its Project Fi cellular service, It also offers a two-year warranty against accidental damage and mechanical failures, called Nexus Protect, which costs $69 for iphone screen protector how to apply the Nexus 5X, There's no word on when either Project Fi or Nexus Protect might come to other countries, There's no easy way for me to say this: I don't think the Nexus 5X is a particularly good-looking phone, The handset, made by South Korea-based LG, looks cheap, It feels a bit like a toy, Honestly, it reminds me of the cheap plastic phones I used to find for free (with a two-year contract) at the back of my local AT&T Wireless store, The rear cover feels like it should pop right off, even though it doesn't, If this phone could speak, it would say, "It's okay if you drop me, because I'm made of plastic."That's not always a bad thing, I like the idea of not needing to be quite so protective of my phone, And at least the plastic back is oleophobic, meaning it resists fingerprints quite well..

But cheap is the word. The power button and volume rocker, on the right edge, feel shallow when I press them. The two front-facing speaker grills look a little cheaply manufactured, and stick out awkwardly from the scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 3 display. The edges of the phone, while nicely bevelled towards the screen to add extra grip, are a rough plastic that digs into my skin. I find myself feeling a desire to take some fine-grit sandpaper to them. Why am I harping on these things when the Nexus 5X starts at just $379? Haven't we already established that this is a cheap phone? Sure, but so was the original $350 Nexus 5 from two years ago.

That iphone screen protector how to apply phone, also built by LG, looks and feels so much better to me now than the new Nexus 5X, It's got higher-quality buttons, a much nicer silky smooth soft-touch rubber texture, and all sorts of little design touches like embossed lettering and metal details around the camera lens, (Upgraders be warned.) I do like the new display, though, which seems a smidge sharper despite providing the same 1080p resolution, And even though the new Nexus 5X's display is pretty good -- maybe a bit dimmer than I'd like outdoors -- it seems as though LG may have cheaped out on the speakers too, And by speakers, I mean a single mono speaker, and one that sounds positively terrible at that, I tried watching movies, playing games, and listening to music on the Nexus 5X, and I couldn't bear to do so without plugging in a pair of headphones into the 3.5mm jack on the bottom, The weak, shrill, lopsided sound my Nexus 5X speaker produces is an affront to anyone who appreciates audio, You may think your old iPad's single speaker sounded crappy, but trust me, this is worse..

Thankfully, design is only part of the Nexus 5X story. Despite all of the design flubs, there's one physical feature of the Nexus 5X (and larger Nexus 6P) that totally charmed me. There's a raised silver disc on the back of the phone that serves as a divot for your index finger. You can rest your finger there, and use it as a balance point when you're wielding the phone with one hand. (It's easy to find by feel.) If that sounds familiar, it's because Motorola has been using the same idea for a couple of years . But unlike the divot on Motorola's backing, the one in the Nexus 5X surges with electricity -- because that's where Google hid the phone's fingerprint reader.

It makes iphone screen protector how to apply so much sense, I just place my index finger where I'd be placing it anyhow, and I'm automatically securely logged into the system, It doubles as the phone's secondary power button, too: one tap and my screen flares to life, immediately ready for action, No need to swipe across the screen, reach down for a home button, or any other potentially awkward gesture (though you can do those things, too), Also, I've found the new Nexus Imprint fingerprint reader remarkably easy to use compared to ones from Samsung and Apple, It's so amazingly accurate, You don't need to fully cover the sensor with the tip of your finger like on other devices, and it doesn't matter which direction your finger is pointing when you press it, The only times it failed to recognize my finger were times I completely missed touching the sensor, which was clearly my fault..

And gosh, is it fast, too. I timed it at around half a second to go from a sleeping phone to one that's ready for action. That's faster than my Galaxy S6, faster than the OnePlus 2, faster than the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and on par with the latest iPhones. There doesn't seem to be any pocket protection for Nexus Imprint, though. More than once I've felt the phone buzz and turn on after brushing my finger against the scanner in my pocket. And since it's on the back of the phone, you can't easily activate it when it's just sitting on your desk or mounted to the dash of your car. That can sometimes be annoying.

One of the best parts of Google's Nexus smartphones is that they come with a totally clean version of the Android operating system, You won't find loads of unwanted apps or half-baked software features, And in the case of the new Nexus 5X (and Nexus 6P), we're also seeing iphone screen protector how to apply the launch of Android 6.0 Marshmallow , a brand-new version of the operating system, Let me start by saying that I'm really glad the Nexus 5X runs Marshmallow, because I hate being behind in the technology world, and I'm partial to a few of the new features that Google added..

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