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You can buy the Phab in red, aqua, black and white. Both phones will sell globally in September. The Phab Plus will cost $300 (which converts to about £195 and AU$420), while the less expensive Phab will go for $180 (or £117 and AU$253). Lenovo plans to launch at least one of the two phones in countries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, including China, India, Hong Kong, Mexico, Chile, Ukraine, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Nigeria. Both Phab phones are positioned as value plays that are meant to make coveted screen real estate accessible to cost-conscious buyers. A tablet-size hybrid device that still makes calls over the network can make it possible to watch movies and play games with comfort and ease without having to invest in a second device.

Lower end display specs mean that Lenovo can charge significantly less for the two-in-one handset than the typical tablet or large-screen phone, Catch all the electronics news from this week's show in Berlin, The first iphone screen protector coming off great smartphone of 2015, Beautiful and bold..with complications, The new no-compromise MacBook, A stellar on-ear headphone, Crave-worthy curves for a premium price, This 7-inch smartphone is no joke, The 6.8-inch Lenovo Phab and 6.98-inch Phab Plus connect to carriers and offer tools for one-handed operation..

I never envisioned a day when I would write about an enormous 7-inch phone with a straight face. For better or worse, Lenovo's low-cost 6.8-inch Phab and 6.98-inch Phab Plus are fearlessly crossing the size boundary that distinguishes phone from tablet. Devices like the Phab and Phab Plus offer best-of-both-world features that are meant to grab budget buyers' attention. It's a bold move on the part of a company struggling to maintain its place as the world's fifth-largest smartphone-maker -- behind Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi -- and a risky one. Most extra-large screen phones hover between the 5.5-inch and 6-inch marks, with few that creep up to 6.1 or 6.4 inches.

I like the Moto X Pure Edition (or Style as its globally known), but I was honestly ready to love it, For one thing, it's an unlocked phone available directly from Motorola at a reasonable price, and it's designed to work on all of the major US wireless carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint) -- that's a big step up from most unlocked phones that only work on the first two in that list, Likewise, the international Moto X Style should work on all the carriers in whichever territory it's sold -- and many countries will also get the stepdown Moto X iphone screen protector coming off Play phone, which is not currently slated for a US release..

In addition, this 5.7-inch follow-up to 2014's Motorola Moto X also promises the same customization options, like choosing between different trim colors and the material of the backing, that made me buy that model as my personal device. And in this sea of lookalike phones, this is a distinct advantage that the Moto X Pure Edition has over its rivals. But instead, I was disappointed. Its larger design (up from 5.2 inches) feels far too cumbersome for smaller hands like mine. Battery life was unexceptional, its camera wasn't massively impressive and aside from a few minor tweaks, Motorola's Moto services don't feature anything substantially new.

When you compare it iphone screen protector coming off to a top-tier large-screen device like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 , its drawbacks become even more obvious, And if you consider the current diverse landscape of unlocked handsets with the OnePlus 2 and ZTE Axon Pro , Motorola's phone doesn't quite come out on top, Though the Moto X was one of our favorite budget flagships last year, the same can't be said for the Moto X Pure Edition, In the US, the handset starts at $400 unlocked ($100 less than last year's starting price), The price will increase, however, depending on storage capacity and certain design options..

In the UK the Style, as it's known, starts at £399 for 32GB of storage, with 64GB setting you back £434. In Australia the Style is exclusive to Vodafone and only available on contract. It's available on both the AU$80 and AU$100 plans, for AU$3 of monthly handset repayments. That's a total cost over 24 months of AU$1,992 and AU$2,472 respectively. Compared to the 2014 Moto X , Motorola increased the Moto X Pure Edition's display by half an inch, bumping up the device's overall footprint. Though it isn't as big as the Google Nexus 6 (which was manufactured by Motorola before Google sold it off to Lenovo), the size jump still makes it notably bigger than the previous 5.2-inch Moto X . That means -- for some -- it won't fit in your front pockets easily and you can't maneuver it with one hand comfortably. I passed it around for several opinions, and even tall people with large hands noted problems reaching for the notifications shade with their thumbs.

We got our hands on a black variant with a walnut wood backing and silver trim, But putting aside the size, it's still an attractive, quality iphone screen protector coming off built handset, Its curved backing conforms to your palm and the screen's glass panel smoothly curves down the side edges, The control buttons are narrow, and the ridges on the power/sleep button makes it easier to identify by touch, And Motorola's metal M-dimple on the back of the previous generation has now shrunken in size and sits in an elegant metal strip that runs between it and the camera lens..

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