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Lollipop is finally the most installed version of Android after more than a year. The data provided by Google reflects the volume of Android devices that visited the Google Play store over the seven-day period ending on March 7. Lollipop was released in November 2014, while KitKat debuted in November 2013. Why did it take so long for Lollipop to reach the top of the charts?. The slow growth rate for an Android operating system is a side effect of the awkward and often exasperating upgrade process. After Google cooks up a new version of Android, smartphone manufacturers and wireless carriers must test it before they can plan and perform a rollout for each mobile device. That means Android users often have to wait months to receive the latest version.

In contrast, Apple's system for updating its iOS software is much faster and simpler since the company controls the whole process from start to finish, Apple also has to contend with just three devices -- the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch -- while Android is swamped by hundreds of devices from different manufacturers, each of which goes through its own individual upgrade, The latest iphone s screen protector flavor of Android, dubbed Marshmallow, has been suffering its own growing pangs, Launched last November, Marshmallow now is on 2.3 percent of all Android devices, That may seem small, but it's double the 1.2 percent level reported last month, Android device makers, such as Samsung and Sony, have been pushing out Marshmallow, with more on tap to do so over the coming months..

Among other varieties of Android, Jelly Bean saw its slice drop to 22.3 percent from 23.9 percent. Older versions of Android, including Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread, stayed on the charts with shares of 2.3 percent and 2.6 percent, respectively. Even Froyo, which was released in 2010, remained alive with its usual 0.1 percent share. Older Android devices often are not supported by later editions of the operating system, a limitation that keeps them locked into running the same version forever.

Meanwhile, the newest version, Marshmallow, remains a scarce commodity on the phones you and your friends are using, Android Lollipop has finally risen to top of the Android candy chain, After playing second fiddle to KitKat for more than iphone s screen protector a year, Lollipop has taken the lead by expanding onto 36.1 percent of all Android devices, according to the latest stats served up by Google's Android Developer Dashboard, The new number is up from 34.1 percent a month ago, At the same time, KitKat's share of Android devices was gnawed to 34.3 percent, down from 35.5 percent last month..

Note: If your Samsung phone is not on this list, it's either old enough or has been outclassed enough that you should definitely upgrade. The Galaxy S6. What you get with the Galaxy S7. What's the same. Pretty much everything else, including. What you're losing. Verdict: Stick with your Galaxy S6 for now. The Galaxy S7 is a pretty decent upgrade over the Galaxy S6, including a couple big features that have been missing from Samsung's recent glass-and-metal phones (microSD, waterproofing), hours of extra battery life (particularly with the S7 Edge), plus some little improvements that you missed (like faster fingerprint recognition) in the Note 5 and S6 Edge+ late last year. But unless your Galaxy S6 dies partway through the day, or you absolutely need that expandable storage and processing power for VR applications, your existing phone is more than good enough. Particularly if you paid full price -- or are still on a two-year contract.

The Galaxy Note 5, What you get with the Galaxy S7, What's the same, What you're losing, Verdict: Stick with your Note 5 for now, If you just bought a Note 5 late last year, the Galaxy S7 really isn't much of an upgrade in performance or capabilities, iphone s screen protector and you lose the stylus, I will say this, though: if you bought the Note 5 because of its comfortable curved glass back, but wished it also had the S6 Edge+'s curved glass screen, the new S7 Edge is the best of both worlds, One last reason to hold off: there'll likely be a new Galaxy Note if you wait until this fall..

The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. What you get with the Galaxy S7. What's the same. What you're losing. Verdict: Stick with your S6 Edge+ unless you've got money to burn. Much like the Note 5 above, the S6 Edge+ already has most of the performance and capabilities of the S7 and S7 Edge, so there's not much reason to upgrade so soon after your last phone. Then again, if you're the kind of person who bought an S6 Edge+ instead of a Note 5 because of those sexy glass curves -- well, the new S7 Edge has more of those.

The Galaxy S6 Edge, What you get with the Galaxy S7, What's the same, What you're losing, Verdict: Upgrade to the Galaxy S7 Edge, Let's be real, If you bought a Galaxy S6 Edge over the more practical Galaxy S6, you were probably trying to make a fashion statement, With the Galaxy S7 Edge, that fashion statement can also be quite practical, Not only is the S7 Edge a pretty decent upgrade over the S6 Edge, it's iphone s screen protector got even more curved glass around back, which contours comfortably to your hand, Plus the biggest battery we've ever seen on a Galaxy smartphone, It's easy to justify the splurge..

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