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All this coincided nicely with our yearning to "share" ever more about ourselves. How tempting it became to tell people about the music we were listening to, the vacations we were taking, the restaurants we were visiting and the escalopes we were eating. Now Cook must find a way to get us all to care about the possibility that the government -- or others -- might creep into our most personal elements. But we've lived with that fear for a while. And we've ignored it. Our retailers get hacked and we only get annoyed if we're directly affected.

Our banks get hacked and we hope that iphone case with card holder our account still has our money in it, When Apple became refuseniks, some freedom organizations went on the march, But the reaction of most people bordered on indifference, Donald Trump incites mass protests, Encryption does not, So Apple's greatest task now is to get the mass of humanity to care about the security of their phones, This is, sadly, akin to getting people to care about insurance, We do something about it when our neighbors are involved in a car accident, The rest of the time, we resent how much it costs..

At heart, we think it's all a little too complicated. We don't like complicated. It's too difficult. After all, we like Apple's brand because it represents the ultimate in stylish simplicity. So Apple, a company whose marketing has always been able to act upon consumers' emotions, now must find a way to get people to feel strongly about something that they've disregarded for many years. That will take a lot of different thinking. Technically Incorrect: In its fight with the FBI, Apple has to persuade the public to care about something it's not shown much inclination to care about before.

Sheriff Judd is ready to lock Apple's CEO in jail, Our tolerance levels are dangerously low, Our threat levels are shooting past orange, While the forces of Trump gird themselves against sudden oncomers, Apple finds itself in a painful battle against the government over the phone issued to one of the San Bernardino terrorists, The FBI wants Apple to hack it, Apple claims this will create a backdoor, through which many nefarious parties might enter, Words between the two entities are getting ever meaner, And now a member of law enforcement has threatened to lock up Apple CEO Tim Cook because he's iphone case with card holder a rascal..

As Fox 13 reports, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd has already passed judgment on Apple's stance. "You cannot create a business model to go, 'We're not paying attention to the federal judge or the state judge. You see, we're above the law,'" he said earlier this week in a press conference to discuss a recent murder case in which the suspects had taken photos of their victim on their phones. "The CEO of Apple needs to know he's not above the law," he added. The trouble, some might say, is that laws written before the motor car, the plane and the Tamagotchi were invented don't necessarily cover the nuances of rapidly developing technology.

Apple didn't respond to a request for comment, For Judd, this situation is very clear, "I can tell you, the first time we do have trouble getting into a cell phone, we're going to seek a court order from Apple," he said, "And iphone case with card holder when they deny us, I'm going to go lock the CEO of Apple up, I'll lock the rascal up."I had rather thought that Florida has a certain respect for rascals, They're part of Floridian folklore, They're free spirits who do their thing regardless of the potential consequences, Judd himself is, indeed, something of a folk hero..

He preaches from pulpits in uniform. When once asked why his officers had shot at a suspect 110 times, hitting him 68 times, he explained that it was "all the ammunition they had."I fear, though, that locking up Apple's CEO may be slightly more complicated that Judd expects. Apple's lawyers are wily sorts. Though President Barack Obama on Friday offered the view that no one should take an "absolutist" view on the legal ramifications of encryption, it seems that some think the law's view is both clear and absolute.

How odd, though, that a law enforcement official should think of Cook as a rascal, Compared to Apple's previous CEO, he's positively Rascal Flatts to Steve Jobs's iphone case with card holder Bob Dylan, Technically Incorrect: Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd says that in his county, if Apple refused to obey a court order, he'd take very simple action, Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives, American society has been infused with a slightly intemperate edge over the last few weeks and months..

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