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Ah, but wait: there's more. Though it looks virtually identical to every other battery case, the iStand 6 has a trick up its sleeve: The front bezel is hinged at the bottom and can fold all the way around behind the phone, effectively turning the case into a stand. (You knew the word "Stand" was in the name for some reason, right?). Now you've got an easy way to prop up your phone for reading, photo viewing, FaceTime chats and whatnot. In fact, the iStand can also function as a desktop dock if that's your preference; it's admirably easy to slide your iPhone in and out.

There's one other handy feature that will especially appeal to global travelers: a tiny SIM-card drawer where you can stow an extra card, That's great for when you visit another country, need to swap SIMs and want a safe, convenient place to store the original, The iStand is available in white, black, gold and gray, and it's currently available for sale iphone case speck only through Amazon, Price: $59.90, For sake of comparison, Anker's popular Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case sells for $40, but has a lower-capacity battery (2,850mAh) and doesn't perform any Transformers-style tricks, Think iStand is worth the extra $20?..

Update: Exclusively for CNET readers, Wirelessky is offering the iStand 6 for $49.90. At first glance, this iPhone 6 case looks like a typical battery backpack. Turns out it's a bit more. If you bought an iPhone 6 last fall, you might just be getting to the point where battery life isn't what it used to be. All smartphone batteries lose capacity over time, hence the necessity for external power solutions. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Sony's new Xperia M4 Aqua is a watered-down version of one of my favourite phones of last year, the stunningly sleek and very expensive Xperia Z3, The Aqua remains waterproof and is only slightly less beautiful, but Sony (understandably) made significant compromises to reach a more wallet-friendly price, It has a 720p, which lacks the eye-melting brightness of the Z3's full HD display, as well as a less powerful processor, and its 13- rather than 20-megapixel camera doesn't impress at all, If style and durability are your goals, then it's worth your consideration, But if you want iphone case speck your phone to do anything more besides look pretty, then it's best to move on..

Sony hasn't given an exact SIM-free price of the phone, but you can pick it up on Amazon in the UK for £228. There's no word either on whether it'll see a launch outside of Europe, but that UK price converts to around $350. The M4 Aqua has taken all its design cues from Sony's glorious Xperia Z3. It has a glass front and back, with an identical rounded edging along the sides. From a distance, it's not easy to tell the phones apart. Up close, it does feel a touch less luxurious -- that band is plastic, not metal, for one -- and it's slightly fatter than the Z3, too, at 7.3mm thick.

The plain black design (or white, or a pinkish-orangeish colour), minimalist Sony branding and raised silvered power button are the other elements the M4 borrows from the Z3, It really won't be difficult to trick people into thinking you shelled out for its more expensive brother, It's fully waterproof, too, allowing it to survive not only a spilled drink but also a full dip in the tub, The physical camera button lets iphone case speck you take photos underwater, making it ideal for trips to the sea or the pool when you're on holidays..

Sony also performed some wizardry on the Micro-USB charging port by removing the rubberised cover while still keeping water out. On the Z3 I was frequently frustrated at having to open a fiddly little flap every time I put the phone on charge, so this is a welcome change. The microSD port and SIM card tray keep their rubberised covers, but you won't have to remove those nearly as often. The 5-inch display has a 1,280x720-pixel resolution, which results in a density of 293 pixels per inch. That's not as high as the full-HD Z3 (424ppi) or the monstrously high-resolution LG G4 (538ppi), but it's perfectly adequate to make your everyday apps look sharp and small text in Web pages is perfectly readable.

The colours are reasonably accurate, and there's an option in settings to change the colour balance of the screen if you'd prefer it a little warmer, It's not a bright screen, however, as it struggled to counter the overhead lights in my house, resulting in my own face reflecting back at me, It performed even worse outside under bright sunlight, The phone comes with 8GB of built-in storage, The Android software takes up half of that space, with most of the rest going to the preloaded bloatware that iphone case speck clogs this phone, In the end, there's only 2.8GB of storage available for your own apps, music and videos, which means you'll run out of space pretty quickly, Forget about popular games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas -- it's way too big..

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