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The newly redesigned app store is part of the company's attempt to unify the Windows 10 experience across all devices -- PCs, tablets and mobile phones. In the past, Windows PC and tablet owners looking for apps would have to browse the Windows Store, while Windows Phone users would have to check out the Windows Phone store. But now this one-stop shop is geared for everyone. The store is a step in the direction toward a true "Universal App" store, which would offer apps for all types of Windows devices and other gear, including the Xbox gaming console. A spokesperson for Microsoft confirmed that the site lets you browse both Windows apps and Windows Phone apps but said that it's not the new "unified Windows Store." The true "Universal App" store has yet to open its doors.

Offering a common experience to Windows 10 developers and users alike is a key part of Microsoft's strategy for its new OS, With universal apps, Windows developers can create an app once using the same core programming code and then iphone case kickstarter simply tweak the app to run on PCs, tablets and phones, That process will cut down on development time and expenses, which Microsoft hopes will encourage developers to create apps for both Windows PCs and mobile devices, In turn, users could benefit by having a greater variety of apps available no matter what device they use..

And what's the advantage to Microsoft? With the PC market in a slump and Microsoft's smartphone sales in dire need of a jumpstart, the company needs universal apps and Windows 10 in general to succeed. A user who likes the Windows 10 features and apps on a PC or tablet might be more persuaded to purchase a Windows 10 mobile phone to get a similar experience. It may be a long shot, but it's the best hope Microsoft has at this point to generate greater demand among PC and mobile phone buyers. Beyond PCs and mobile devices, Microsoft's Xbox console is also part of the universal app movement, so Xbox game developers can use that common code to create games.

From the current store's homepage, you can scroll down to view the top Windows apps and Windows Phone apps, You can click on the Store menu at the top, drill down to Apps and then view all apps or view those for the Xbox, You can also look for a particular app by typing its name in the search field at the top of the page, Clicking the name of a specific app brings up its description page where you'll see details about it along with ratings and reviews, For now, the store is a work in progress, You can browse or search for apps through the store iphone case kickstarter but you can't actually install apps from the website, either directly or remotely to your device, the way you can with the Google Play store, To install apps for now, you still need to open the Windows Store on a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 device or the Windows Phone Store on a Windows Phone handset..

The ability to directly install apps may appear once Microsoft launches its true Universal App store at some point in the future. Update, 12:30 p.m. PT: Adds information from Microsoft. (Via Neowin). In advance of Windows 10, the newly redesigned store will let you find apps for all Windows devices as well as the Xbox. Microsoft has renovated an online store that combines its Windows Store and Windows Phone Store into one big virtual shopping mall. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

HTC is evidently hoping that the boost in screen resolution and the fingerprint sensor will help keep the M9+ in line with Samsung's Galaxy S6, If it really hopes to steal Samsung's crown however, HTC needs to focus more on battery life and camera quality -- both of which were less than impressive on the M9 and on paper don't seem to have been addressed on the M9+ either, HTC has so far only confirmed the phone will launch in Europe, so expect to see it in UK stores in the coming couple of months, There's been no word so far on when (or indeed if) the M9+ will see a launch in the US and Australia, but we'll update this article as and when we hear more, Prices haven't been mentioned iphone case kickstarter yet, but the M9 currently sells for £500 ($782, AU$1,059) SIM-free on Amazon in the UK and there's no reason to expect the M9+ to be any cheaper..

To accommodate that larger display, the body of the M9+ has had to expand slightly. It's 6mm wider and 2mm taller, although it's no fatter, so it shouldn't be any more difficult to get into your jeans. The weight has gone from 157g to 168g, although I doubt that's an increase you're ever likely to notice. The phone is still encased entirely in metal, with a one-piece construction. Like the standard M9, it'll come in a silver brushed metal back with polished rose gold edges, and you'll be able to pick it up in regular silver or gunmetal grey colours too. I really liked the silver and gold colour scheme on the standard M9, and adored the luxurious feel of the metal body. The M9 is certainly one of the most premium feeling Android phones around and I'm hoping that the M9+ hasn't done anything to detract from that.

The front of the phone is home to HTC's iconic Boomsound speakers, which sit above and below the display, Not only are these speakers physically larger than you'll find in iphone case kickstarter most phones, but their forward facing position means the sound is fired right at you, resulting in better-sounding audio all round, The M9's speakers are easily loud enough to let me enjoy podcasts while banging around the kitchen trying to create a meal from whatever I've got left in the fridge, The fingerprint scanner sits in the middle of the bottom speaker, so presumably that speaker has had to be made smaller, Whether the speakers on the M9+ manage to pump out similarly big sound remains to be seen -- or heard, I should say..

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