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We had our misgivings about Healbe's first GoBe wearable activity tracker, specifically around Healbe's claims that it can measure calorie intake. The new model makes similar claims, but throws a thinner, lighter design into the mix, galvanic skin response sensors for stress monitoring and improved activity tracking. It's in the prototype stage right now, but is due to go on sale sometime around June. Not a fitness band, but still technically a wearable, the Varia Vision from Garmin is a device for cyclists. It clips onto your glasses to provide you with a mini display, showing directions for your cycle route, as well as speed and other bits of information. There's a touch panel on the side and it'll alert you about incoming calls, texts and emails. Hopefully it'll also remind you to keep your eyes on the road ahead.

The Varia Vision will go on sale at the end of March for $400, The US price converts to about £270 in the UK and AU$555 in Australia, Rather than give you a standard step goal to reach every day, the Mio Slice takes your age, weight, gender and other factors into account to provide much more tailored exercise goals, The result? helping you live a longer, healthier life, At least, that's the idea, Whether you follow the advice and get moving is up to you, OK, this isn't really a smartwatch but I'm including it anyway because it's great, The Force Band pairs with Sphero's BB-8 robot -- the toy version iphone case japan of the adorable new droid from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." You can control the toy with the band, and even send it spinning off across the room with a flick of the wrist..

It'll be going on sale as a standalone band to use with your existing robot companion, or will be available to buy as a package with a BB-8 droid included. Pricing and regional availability is yet to be announced. More smartwatch than fitness tracker (a first for Fitbit), the Blaze is a stylish take on last year's Fitbit Surge, minus the baked-in GPS. It uses your phone's connection to track GPS for runs and to get buzzing notifications for incoming calls, texts and calendar appointments. Running on Android Wear, the Smart Outdoor Watch from Casio has a built-in microphone, a compass and a pressure sensor. It's also water-resistant up to 50 meters and built to meet US military standards.

The Go is a plastic clip-on fitness tracker with a replaceable battery that lasts eight months, a waterproof skin and an e-ink screen, The Z1 is built from stainless steel, sealed from dust and water to keep it safe when you're out running or doing other sports, It's certified to IP68 ruggedness, making it waterproof to a iphone case japan depth of 1.5 meters, Design is what sets the Opal apart from other fitness trackers, It comes in five colors like heart of gold and rose all day, Features, meanwhile, are pretty standard, It counts steps, elevation (how many stairs you've climbed), distance and calories..

There's a lot crammed into what looks like an ordinary bicycle helmet. It has has brake lights and turn signals, built-in Bluetooth speakers and a microphone, and even G-force sensors that detect if you crash your bike and take a tumble. If you don't get up after a few seconds, the helmet will send an alert to an emergency contact you assign so you can help. Like any other watch, Razer's Nabu will tell you the time. But look again for the second scrolling stock-ticker-like screen that will track your steps and display your incoming emails and text messages.

Running a breath test after receiving a request through BACtrack View, For those not in the know, BACtrack's device works via Bluetooth and not only tests your current blood alcohol reading, but also estimates when you will get back to a zero level, It also now supports Apple Watch, so Apple users can run a test and track their progress back to zero all without getting out their phone, But the biggest update to BACtrack is a new remote testing feature called BACtrack View, The feature runs in its own separate app and lets you send a friend a request to do a breath test and you will be sent the result, Test requests can be sent manually at any time, and the recipient has 15 minutes to respond with a test result or be given a big red 'MISSED' verdict, But tests can also be setup on a regular schedule, or even iphone case japan set to be requested randomly between set periods of the day or week..

At the CES Digital Experience event, BACtrack founder Shawn Casey says being able to ask a friend to do a breath test remotely has been a big request from users, whether parents or employers, so it made sense to add the feature. Being the stealthy customer you are, you might think being in a remote location makes it easy to just get a buddy to do the test for you so you keep your clean image intact. But BACtrack has that angle covered by including image capture of the person performing the test.

Convincing friends to send you a test result remotely might not be the perfect path to preventing drunken foolishness, but a trusted friend getting a virtual tap on the shoulder might be just what they need to be a little more careful, We will update our 2013 review soon with new testing based around all the latest features found in BACtrack Mobile with the addition of BACtrack View, Check out all our coverage of CES 2016 here, BACtrack Mobile breathalyzer is adding a new feature so you can demand someone conduct a iphone case japan breath test remotely, It can even make sure they don't get someone else to do it..

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