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Microsoft is positioning the HoloLens as something rather different from those virtual reality headsets, though, which generally require plugging into a PC or game console and obscuring your real-world vision. Microsoft imagines a future of hybrid applications that blend real and virtual worlds. One example is OnSight, a collaboration with NASA, which lets scientists step into a holographic recreation of Mars. There's no word on when consumers can buy Microsoft's holographic headset, but developers can apply for access early next year.

Visa and Chevron on Tuesday announced an initiative to bring some of the first mobile payments-enabled gas pumps to California, Starting later this fall, people will be able to use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google's Android Pay to pay for gas at more than 20 Chevron stations around San Francisco and Silicon Valley, The announcement is a significant step iphone case ideas forward for Chevron's plans, after it started dabbling with mobile payment-powered pumps last year, "Consumers will begin to see transformational ways of making payments that are more convenient and more secure," Jim McCarthy, Visa's executive vice president of innovation and strategic partnerships, said in an interview, "We, like Chevron, see mobile as the future."While mobile payments technology is already available inside many gas station stores, the Visa and Chevron partnership joins a few, smaller efforts to bring mobile payments outside to gas pumps, ExxonMobil in 2013 launched the mobile app Speedpass+ for some US stations, while Shell teamed up with PayPal this year to create the app Fill Up & Go in the UK, Both apps use QR codes, which require users to take pictures of codes at gas pumps to register their payments..

In comparison, the Chevron stations will use NFC technology, allowing users to tap their devices on a panel at the pump, instead of taking a pictures. Visa and Chevron are hoping to catch on to the growing popularity of mobile payments, which is expected to explode in the coming years following a long stretch of weak consumer adoption. Many more customers are expected to start using their smartphone to buy items in stores now that three of the biggest tech companies in the world -- Apple, Google and Samsung -- have introduced new mobile-payments platforms over the past year. Now, worldwide mobile payments are predicted to reach $1 trillion in value by 2017, more than double 2015's estimated total, researcher IDC said in August.

The new Chevron pumps will allow people to pay using any major credit card or bank card, not just Visa, McCarthy said his company wanted to include competing credit cards to help spur the growth of mobile payments, with the expectation that Visa, as the market leader, will benefit disproportionately to others, Adding iphone case ideas the NFC panels won't come cheap, Glenn Johnson, a Chevron marketing general manager, said such systems can cost from $10,000 to $100,000 per site, So, placing such technology in the company's roughly 8,000 Texaco- and Chevron-branded stations in the US would run into the millions of dollars, Still, the companies said there was no announcement on any future expansions quite yet..

"We'll get some great learnings from this," McCarthy said. "Things take awhile to mature in the payments space, so I would say we're in early innings."The two companies strike a partnership to bring mobile payments technology to more than 20 Chevron stations in California. It's becoming more common to tap your smartphone at Walgreens to pay for cough drops or McDonald's to buy a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Waving your phone at a gas pump may be next on the list. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Shirt sponsorship is a big moneyspinner in many sports, so flexible LEDs built into the jerseys could show different advertisers, It might be a bit distracting for the players if they were changing all the time, so perhaps they could change at iphone case ideas every break in play -- or advertisers could sponsor specific set pieces, Imagine how much advertisers would pay to have their logo appear on the kicker who converts the winning points, We may not be far from a high-tech rugby ball equipped with a GPS chip, That chip could pinpoint whether a ball has crossed the line or been knocked on..

If you've ever slipped and slid in the mud of a rugby pitch, you'll appreciate smart rugby boots that can physically adapt themselves to the playing surface. Attached to each player's shirt, the camera could be used by coaches to get a closer look at the action -- not to mention match officials seeing a player's perspective on incidents. Viewers of the Rugby World Cup have already been treated to one innovation that puts you right on the pitch: a referee cam. Rugby is a tough sport. A concussion-detecting helmet could use sensors to feel when a player has taken a big hit to the head, allowing medical staff to spot injuries. A version of this called the Reebok Checklight is already used by young American football players.

Ah, the joys of the gumshield, Many iphone case ideas the schoolboy's dentistry has been saved from obliteration by the humble gumshield, but imagine if your slobbery rubber mouth guard could also sense your hydration levels and other important biometric data too, It might seem like a brutally simple game, but there's a lot to think about in rugby, A contact lens with a heads-up display could help players make split-second decisions by highlighting gaps in opponents' lines, showing angles for kicks or passes, and showing distance to the try-line, If that's not too much like cheating, obviously..

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