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Compare this to Trade Up With Installments, which is only available in the US, where you pay off a new iPhone in 24 monthly installments and can get a free upgrade to a new model after 12 months. The Cupertino, California-based company also allows customers to trade in older iPhones to get a discounted monthly repayment rate. The plan, in addition to matching Apple, could be a reaction by Samsung to facing increased competition in international markets from Chinese brands. Companies such as Xiaomi and Oppo sell tens of millions of "good enough" smartphones each year at prices well below Samsung's premium-priced Galaxy S range.

The company's new concierge service will allow owners of its phones to upgrade their devices yearly, and access out-of-warranty repair services at a discount, Apple's iPhone upgrade programs appear to have piqued the interest of Samsung, which is now trialing a similar service in Singapore, The South Korean electronics giant on Thursday unveiled a program called Samsung Concierge, The service, currently only available in iphone case 6se Singapore, costs a one-time fee of S$38 (roughly $25, AU$35 or ‎£20), Like Apple's recently announced Trade Up With Installments plan, it allows owners of current Samsung Galaxy devices to upgrade their phones to the latest model after 12 months at not cost..

The HTC Vive is bundled with a pair of motion controllers. They're actually pretty cool -- the wands are tracked in space, and can be mapped to match whatever you might be holding in your hand in the virtual world, whether that's a laser pistol or a golf club. Virtual mini golf is pretty great. The cord that feeds the headset data from your PC is just one of my major gripes with VR, and yes, it gets in the way. But honestly, it's not really a deal-breaker. You start to become readily aware of its weight and your limitations, and everyone I've handed the headset to has done a good job of untangling themselves before disaster struck.

What the cord will do is challenge developers to make experiences that'll work within these constraints, The general approach in the games I've played on the HTC Vive seems to be centered around teleportation mechanics, whether you're teleporting to your golf ball, or teleporting around an office, or teleporting past checkpoints after slaying zombies, Smart game design means VR in tight spaces is feasible -- and fun, The excellent Space Pirate Trainer, by contrast, takes place on a single stage, But the action is generally situated in a 180-degree arc in front of you, You can be as active as you need to be to dodge lasers and iphone case 6se blast robots, but the nature of the game means that you'll never really need to turn around, and the cable naturally rests behind you, Smart..

Valve (and Oculus, for the Oculus Rift) have released a list of recommend hardware for an acceptable VR experience. Take a look at this chart. You can also use Valve's SteamVR Performance Test or the Oculus Rift compatiblity tool to see if your current machine is ready for VR. That being said, in our testing we've found that the GPU has an outsized effect on VR readiness. We've got a testbed equipped with an ancient Intel processor that's years behind Valve's recommendations. But slap an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card alongside it and things hum along just fine. For now, at least; a dated processor will eventually be brought to its knees as we start to run into more robust VR experiences. But as someone rocking Intel's Core i5-2500K, a slightly older but still worthwhile CPU, this means I can potentially get a pretty decent VR experience now, and put off my gaming PC's upgrade for a few more months.

There's a lot of stuff going down here at CNET HQ, so finding a permanent spot for room-scale VR on short notice is a challenge, That's a polite way of saying they've pretty much stuck me into a closet, for now, But that's OK! The HTC Vive offers room-scale VR -- emphasis on scale, The Vive's "Base Stations" are sensors that sit on opposite corners of the room you're playing in, tracking your position in an area up to 15 square feet, But it can work in spaces that're a bit smaller, too, And you can determine your boundaries, so when you're in a virtual world and wander to close to a wall in the real world, a glowing grid will pop in and warn you -- Valve calls this the "Chaperone."Spend some time adjusting the headset iphone case 6se and you'll be fine..

This is naturally going to vary from person to person, but picture a pair of ski goggles with a strap up top. And cables tethering you to a PC, of course. The headset weighs a little more than a pound and it's a bit front heavy, owing to all of the hardware tucked up front. The straps on the sides and top are of course readily adjustable, so you'll want to spend a bit of time futzing with them to get the fit just right. This, too, is subjective. I've worn the HTC Vive for hours, jumping in and out of games without issue. It can start to feel a little heavy after a while -- you are wearing a headset, after all. And the foam padding will definitely started to feel warm during extended sessions, so you'll want to take breaks if only to let your face "breathe." But there aren't too many games that demand hours of your time just yet, so I've yet to settle in for true marathon sessions.

The headset can get a little warm during long sessions, iphone case 6se But I'm also rather accustomed to it -- some of my colleagues found the headset trickier to adjust and couldn't quite get over the weight of it on their neck and shoulders, And more importantly, some feel nauseous when they spend too much time in VR, with motion sickness overwhelming them even in the best conditions, That's a tricky question, one which requires careful consideration, Fortunately I've done exactly that, Read my musings on picking a side in the coming Virtual Reality Wars..

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