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While the new Apple TV isn't launching with an Internet-based TV service, as many had requested, Cook said the company is trying to fix a "terrible, broken process" that no one likes. "You have 700 channels, but you can't find anything you want to watch," he said. After expanding into new product categories over the past year, such as mobile payments and wearable technology, Apple also is believed to be working on car technology. Autonomous car technology has become a big focus for companies such as Google and Uber, and speculation about Apple's self-driving car plans has been swirling for months. The program is believed to be code-named "Titan" and to involve hundreds of engineers.

Cook didn't give away any secrets but acknowledged that cars are a focus for Apple, He said that software is becoming an "increasingly important component of the car of the future" and that autonomous driving iphone case 6 7 will become "much more important in a huge way in the future." Initially, Apple's focus on cars is centered on making sure drivers have an "iPhone experience in the car" through the company's CarPlay technology, Cook said, He didn't say what the longer term focus is but hinted it could be significant..

"I do think that industry is at an inflection point for massive change, not just evolutionary change," Cook said. Asked about his activism as CEO, Cook said that supporting human rights and the environment is the right thing to do. "We want to give back," Cook said. "Our culture is to leave the world better than we found it, and we try really hard to do that."He also talked about Jobs, who brought Apple back from near death in the mid-1990s and turned it into the most powerful and valuable technology company in the world.

"Steve formed Apple to change the world," Cook said, "This was his vision, He wanted to give technology down to everyone and empower everyone to use it, He wanted to take it out of the glass house and the big corporations, the rich people that had the technology, and sort of bring it to people and empower them to do great things, We still have this, That is still our drive."Updated continuously until 10 p.m, PT with background details and comments, The CEO also says that Apple TV will ship next week, that the auto industry is ripe for disruption and that he doesn't mind "pissing off" people when it comes to upholding Steve Jobs' iphone case 6 7 legacy..

So far, 2016 has been a quiet year for wearable tech. The best watches and fitness bands you can buy right now were, for the most part, released in 2015. You can count the number of new and notable wearable things that debuted in the first five months of this year on one hand: The Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit Alta and -- for hard-core runners -- several new GPS watches from Garmin. Samsung's Gear S2 debuted last year at at the IFA show in late August. It's a safe bet that the Gear S3 unveiling could happen at the same show this year. In the meantime, earlier this year, Samsung introduced the Samsung Gear S2 3G -- a close copy of Samsung's Wi-Fi-only S2 smartwatch, only with the addition of a speakerphone, built-in GPS, and phone and data service. Though it's an interesting device, it's not particularly easy to use and it comes up short compared with the Gear S2; it's bigger, more expensive, and comes equipped with a weaker battery.

Samsung also has yet to deliver the iPhone compatibility it promised for the Gear S2 back in January, And its app selection is still pretty weak, This summer, the company introduced its Samsung Gear Fit 2 -- a mini fitness smartwatch featuring a slim design, beautiful curved AMOLED display, GPS, heart-rate monitoring, onboard music storage for up to 1,000 songs, all-day fitness and sleep tracking and automatic exercise detection, iphone case 6 7 Despite relatively short battery life and some shortcomings for the hard-core athlete, it's a great-looking, feature-packed fitness band..

Editors' note: The Samsung Gear S2 review, first published in October 2015 and updated since, follows. No one has really truly nailed the next great smartwatch. While the Apple Watch landed in April, Google's Android Wear smartwatches have already been around for more than a year. Some of them look really nice. But they all run the same software underneath. And even after a 2015 software update, however, it hasn't changed enough to really make any of these watches feel new and different. Now imagine if someone reinvented the Android smartwatch. And that someone was Samsung. What would that be like?.

The Samsung Gear S2 is that watch, I've been wearing it for several weeks and, yes, I really like it, both for what it does and for how it's designed, And for how it advances thinking about smartwatches, But forgive me, I have a hard time recommending that you plunk down $300 (AU$499 or £299) iphone case 6 7 and scoop it up, Why? A dearth of apps, mostly, And, from time to time, a lack of some of the deeper smartwatch hooks that lurk in Apple Watch-to-iPhone and Android Wear-to-Android phone, enabling even deeper connected functions..

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