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As of Friday and Saturday, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will be available in more than 40 new countries and territories, including Russia, Greece, Ireland, Mexico and Saudi Arabia, Apple has confirmed. Israel will receive the phones on October 15, followed a day later by India, Malaysia, South Africa and a few other countries. The rollout continues to destinations including South Korea and Ukraine on October 23. During the initial launch weekend from September 26 through September 28, Apple said it sold 13 million iPhone 6S and 6S Plus units, a record surpassing the 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units sold during their opening weekend a year ago. This year's launch numbers factored in China, where iPhone demand is heavy, unlike in 2014 when the new models arrived several weeks later.

In another move, Apple is now selling unlocked, SIM-free versions of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in the United States, True, Apple has already been selling contract-free phones iphone case 4s ebay on its website, both through the US carriers and through its own new iPhone Upgrade Program, Under a contract-free arrangement, you pay the full price, either up front or in monthly installment plans, for the ability to upgrade your phone after a certain period, But you're still locked to a certain carrier, A SIM-free version is different in that the phone is not restricted to any specific carrier, That means you can take it to the supported carrier of your choice -- AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon or Sprint -- to have a SIM card installed, You can also switch to a different carrier throughout the lifetime of the phone and more easily jump to a local carrier if you're traveling in another country..

Visit manufacturer site for details. The 4.7-inch version of Alcatel's OneTouch Idol 3 is smaller and slightly weaker-of-hardware than the 5.5-inch budget powerhouse that knocked our socks off for its price category -- it costs $180 in the US, about £150 in the UK and $299 in Australia. Still, this pint-size version has many of the same design and software OS attributes going for it, for even less cha-ching. It's a compelling buy. Among those advantages is a slim, compact silhouette and a reversible software interface that lets you grab up the phone any which way without fumbling for "up." Strong JBL dual speakers also pump out tunes and conference calls better than most in this category, and the camera takes decent outdoor photos, with a few (frankly expected) indoor issues.

While the smaller Idol 3 here faces its staunchest competition from the excellent, customizable Motorola Moto G of late 2015 , it does just about the same for a little less (we only recommend the 16GB Moto G, not the 8GB model), however, battery life isn't quite iphone case 4s ebay as good as it is on the Moto G, This Idol 3 does, however, best the similarly priced HTC Desire 626 and stands out as one of the only decent phones these days with a screen size smaller than 5 inches, (Check out the full specs comparison chart below.)..

In a nutshell, the 4.7-inch Idol 3 is a good hard-working option, but I'd also consider the latest-generation Moto G or the larger Idol 3 if you're not specifically seeking a smaller phone. In the US in particular, the Moto G's biggest gain is that it's water-resistant. Like the G, Alcatel's phone will run on AT&T and T-Mobile only. You can pick it up from various online outlets like Alcatel's website and Amazon. If you've seen the 5.5-inch version, this one looks just like it, but smaller. If not, here's what you get: a black face and dark gray, almost graphite-looking color on the spines and backing. The rim shines with faux-metallic gloss and the back has a brushed metal appearance. The top and bottom round out, but on the front, this part recedes to make room for those two JBL speakers, one on each end of the phone (they're pretty loud and clean for a smartphone). The placement also helps make the whole reversible concept work: what you get on the "top," you get on the "bottom."There is indeed a true north to the Idol 3 phones, one that puts the power/lock button on the left side and the volume rocker on the right, plus a speaker jack up top and a Micro-USB card slot on the bottom. The rear camera mount lives in the upper left corner with the flash right below, so keep an eye out to make sure your fingers don't creep into any shots while you stabilize the phone for a snap.

The Idol 3's backing isn't removable -- and neither is the battery -- but you can insert a microSD card through a side tray, Can we go back to size for a minute? Good, because I think it's important here, These days, phones with larger screens are presumed better, but it's also true that not everyone wants a handset that's bigger than their hands, This one slips more easily into my pocket, adds less weight iphone case 4s ebay to my already shoulder-bending purse and is generally easy to handle and maneuver, I miss that in a phone..

On the other hand, the relatively smaller screen does mean you'll have a smaller keyboard to work with and you may find yourself either holding the phone closer to your face or craning your neck to get a closer look at websites, photos and videos. Editor's note: The OS is identical on the 5.5 version and on this 4.7-inch model here. Therefore, I took the liberty of lifting this section from my previous review. The Idol, which was first announced last March, runs Android 5.0. It might not be the first of Alcatel's handsets to upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow (the highest-end models typically see these first), but it's a fair assumption that it'll eventually acquire the new software. Android is recognizable beneath Alcatel's custom skin, though the company has added a few enhancements. Some are for the better, but a few tweaks are unnecessarily confusing or even hamper quick navigation, as if Alcatel wanted to make its mark, but wasn't sure exactly what to do. I'll point out a few.

A first for phones, Alcatel has made its interface "reversible," which means that the screen orients right-side-up even iphone case 4s ebay when you turn the phone upside-down, with the front-facing camera lens at the bottom, The dominant speakers and microphone also adjust to whichever side is "up," a must for making calls, Reversible mode is a clever idea that's also pretty convenient, I gave the phone's orientation much less thought when sticking it in my pocket or purse, and setting it down on or grabbing it up from a surface, The only moment of awkwardness was when I wanted to use the camera, Because of its placement on a corner, my finger got in the way much more easily when using the phone upside-down..

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