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iOS 9.3 ushers in several big new features, including something that Apple hopes will help you sleep better. Called Night Shift, this new tool aims to cut down on eye strain and sleeplessness you might get when you're tucked into bed with your iPhone or iPad. According to Apple (and many scientists), the bright blue light emitted by your iOS devices during the evening hours can keep you awake later than you want. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Expected this fall, there's not much we officially know about Apple's next flagships, Because this is an even-numbered year, however, we do anticipate more changes to the design, Other rumors include the next A10 processor inside and a lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack, The Galaxy S7 can debut as soon as next month during MWC 2016, and while the design iphone case 45 foot drop might not change too drastically, we do have reason to believe it'll have expandable memory and a camera that has more low-light capabilities, Though HTC's marquee series includes some of the best looking Android phones around, there's still lots of room to improve, For instance, a spruced up design that differentiates it from its predecessors would be great, as well as a better camera and longer battery life..

Though we're not 100 percent sure Apple is developing a cheaper and smaller iPhone, a refresh of the company's 2013 5C handset could always be in the works. Predicted to be called the 6C, it would have a 4-inch display and come in a flurry of colors. With the critical success of the Surface Pro 3 tablet (pictured on the left), a high-end Microsoft Surface phone (that's not a Lumia) could be in development. And similar to the tablet, the device could come with a stylus and emphasize handwriting recognition.

LG has confirmed that it will launch its next flagship handset at MWC 2016, but we don't know much else besides that, There has been some speculation that it'll have a pull-out battery and a fingerprint sensor like LG's other high-end V10 handset, but the former feature doesn't iphone case 45 foot drop seem too likely, Last year, Google released two flagships: the Nexus 5X and the bigger and pricier 6P, both of which featured a fingerprint sensor and USB Type-C, The next successors should come some time in October and will hopefully add two more devices to Google's Project Fi Wi-Fi only service..

OnePlus, a scrappy mobile manufacturer, drew consumers in with a high-end but incredibly inexpensive smartphone. And while it recently started selling the even cheaper mid-tier OnePlus X last month, the new year should mark a third generation for its flagship line. Project Tango, a program that will bring motion tracking and depth perception to mobile devices, has been in the works for a long time. But at CES 2016, Google and Lenovo announced they are teaming up to finally offer a Project Tango phone (a tablet is already available for developers). It'll go on sale by the summer for less than $500 (about £350 and AU$720) and use three cameras to virtually map out the space around it.

At CES, Alcatel showed off its first Windows 10 Mobile handset, the OneTouch Fierce XL (left) -- but the company doesn't intend to stop there, In fact, Alcatel's senior vice president of the North America region, Steve Cistulli, says the company will make a "superphone" that runs the Microsoft mobile OS and will be on par with high-end devices from Apple and Samsung, Created by ex-Google and HTC execs, the Robin started off on Kickstarter last year and will be available this February for shipping, Aside from its quirky design, the phone will work on networks using both GSM and iphone case 45 foot drop CDMA technology, feature a 5.2-inch display and have 100GB of cloud storage..

After becoming the darling of the tech world by promising to be everything Facebook wasn't -- no ads, no tracking of users' habits -- the company fell from relevance almost as fast as it rose. A typical Peach profile has GIFs, text posts, photos and more. Now something new has come along. Last week, a social network called Peach launched and grabbed the attention of the technorati. It's a mobile app started by Dom Hofmann, co-founder of Vine, the six-second-video app bought by Twitter four years ago.

The app works by showing a feed of your friends in a list, almost iphone case 45 foot drop like a text-messaging app, You can type what Peach calls "magic words" to launch a few different actions: Draw something, send a GIF or talk about what's on TV, Don't understand? Don't worry, All you need to know is that it's going bananas, Though Peach declined to say how much it's grown, if the Silicon Valley echo chamber of buzzy Twitter users is any sign, Peach could be the next Snapchat (or the next Ello), A day after we asked Ello for comment, co-founder Paul Budnitz said the company's fall to earth isn't its fault, "Tech media helps create this hype and encourage a childish form of FOMO [fear of missing out], then seems to celebrate a story of failure," he wrote in an email..

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