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"Sony will be hoping the Xperia Z5 Premium acts as a high-end flagship device to showcase the very best of its in-house technologies," said Ben Wood, an analyst at research firm CCS Insight. "There is no question about the caliber of the specs, most notably the 4K display, but that guarantees it will also come with a hefty price tag."But when competing in the premium range, nifty new features aren't enough. Sony will have to compete against Apple and Samsung's brand strength, which means spending money on advertising. That's not something Sony has shown a willingness to do -- at least at the scale Samsung and Apple are used to.

"Apple has proven that most consumers still prefer manageable screen sizes, and the no-compromise Xperia Z5 Compact with its 4.6-inch screen should make a lot of people happy if Sony can get the word out that it exists," Greengart said, The company, however, has struggled to make a name for itself outside of its fan-favorite PlayStation video game console, Sony's mobile problems have never been clearer than in the US, where consumers have little idea that the company even makes a smartphone, The company has slowly gained ground with its carrier relationships, first with T-Mobile, and then with Verizon iphone case 2pac Wireless..

But the introduction of the Xperia Z5 highlights a problem with getting its smartphones into the US market fast enough. Sony is still waiting to get the Xperia Z4v to the market through Verizon, even though that phone will essentially be a generation old by the time it's made available. "Its announcement makes the Xperia Z4v obsolete before Verizon even gets it on shelves," Greengart said. A Verizon spokesman declined to give a specific release date for the Xperia Z4v and didn't comment about carrying future Sony devices. A T-Mobile spokeswoman said there were no plans to carry the Z5 phones.

A Sony spokeswoman wasn't available to comment iphone case 2pac on whether the new phones would make it to the US, Though it's admirable Sony is working on the quality of its smartphones, that hasn't been the major problem, The company needs to get people to care about its products, And in that respect, it has a long way to go, The company unveils three smartphones targeting affluent users, but it still hasn't figured out how to avoid getting lost in the shuffle behind Apple and Samsung, Sony wants to make one thing clear: It's no bargain-smartphone company..

That's the impression the Japanese consumer-electronics maker left Wednesday as it unveiled the Xperia Z5 , Xperia Z5 Compact and Xperia Z5 Premium -- which all share a more powerful 23-megapixel camera, waterproof body and fingerprint scanner. The differences between models are primarily the screen size, materials and, in the case of the Z5 Premium, a superhigh-resolution "4K" display. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Android remains top dog around the world but continues to shed market share in Europe, For the three months ended July, Android's slice iphone case 2pac of the smartphone market for the top five European nations (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) dropped by 4.1 percentage points to 71 percent from 75.1 percent for the same period a year ago, Kantar reported on Wednesday, The changes in market share varied across the board, Android's share tumbled by 8.7 points in Germany and 5.4 points in France but inched down just 1.5 points in Italy and actually gained almost a point in Spain..

But in the US, Android's market share grew by 1.7 points to 65.6 percent from 63.9 percent during the same three months in 2014. The situation was the reverse for Apple's iOS. The iPhone's market share for the three months ended July grew by 2.5 points across Europe's top five countries to reach 17 percent. Apple's smartphone market share declined by 1.3 percent in the US, though was lower than the 2.3 percent drop for the prior three months. Why is Android losing ground in Europe but staying steady in the US, while Apple's iOS is doing the opposite? There are several reasons, Carolina Milanesi, chief of research at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, told CNET.

The smartphone market in Europe iphone case 2pac is facing challenging conditions, Certain flagship phones, such as Samsung's Galaxy S6, have received a muted response from buyers, Also, Samsung and other Android players are facing increased competition from local vendors, especially those in China, Another reason is the maturity of the European market as evidenced by fewer first-time smartphone buyers, according to Kantar, That type of maturity increases the churn rate, meaning the rate at which existing smartphone buyers switch to a different mobile operating system, And in Europe, that hit Android harder than it did Apple..

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