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Keep in mind that unlike its cheaper Moto G counterpart that came out this year, the phone is not submersible underwater. It is water repellent though, so you won't have to worry about a few water droplets here and there. The Moto X Pure Edition also has dual front speakers -- as in both speakers will output audio for music and movies (though only the bottom grille will output phone calls on speaker), resulting in a louder and fuller experience. This is different from last year's, which only used one stereo speaker for media, and the other served as the in-ear speaker for calls.

Most importantly, Motorola continues its legacy to enable users to customize the look of the device, You can start with either a black or white base color, choose the accent colors (as in, the color of the speaker grilles on the front and the metal strip on the back), and the color of the back, which also comes in different materials: plastic, wood, bamboo and leather, Some may argue that the ability to customize the handsets is trivial, But when the mobile market is saturated with so many phones that look the same, having a iphone case 10 xr say over how yours looks (without the use of a case), is one of the few ways to have it stand out and make it truly yours, That matters to people, and it's a need that Motorola has tapped into well..

Other different design options for the Moto X Pure Edition. As for device's display, it's bigger as I mentioned before. It also has a sharp 1,440p resolution and it's maximum brightness level is bright enough to view comfortably outdoors in sunlight. Likewise, the minimum brightness level is also extremely dim, which is useful for avoiding eye-strain when viewing your handset in the dark. The screen has a wide viewing angle and is responsive to the touch. I had no problems reading text and playing games, and streaming YouTube videos and watching the HD movie "Gravity" looked smooth and crisp. There's also a new setting under Display where you can choose between two color modes: normal or vibrant. Under normal mode, colors are already bright and vivid. But with the latter, hues are more saturated and richer.

Despite its name, the Moto X Pure Edition isn't exactly the "purest" Android device, at least not compared to the Google's own Nexus family (understandably) and Play Edition handsets (though the latter has ceased all production since January), Don't be too disappointed, though -- if you want an untouched Android experience, Motorola's Moto line comes pretty close, First, because you can get it unlocked, you won't get any carrier bloatware and branding, Instead, you'll get the usual set of Google apps such as the Chrome Web browser, Gmail, YouTube and more, Second, while you won't have a manufacturer user interface overlaid on top of the iphone case 10 xr phone in the same way TouchWiz and Sense skins Samsung and HTC devices, respectively, Motorola still included some useful features under its Moto app..

These features are accessible under a single Moto app, which has Moto Assist, Actions, Voice and Display. Assist adjusts your Moto X Pure Edition settings depending on where you are or what you're doing. If you've scheduled a meeting into Google Calendar, for example, the device can switch to vibrate right and reply to any missed calls with a predetermined message. Motorola's suite of software features (left), including Moto Voice commands (right). Actions is all about gesture controls: Twist your wrist with the phone in your hand to launch the camera or chop your hand in the air to turn on and off the flash to use as a flashlight.

Motorola's iphone case 10 xr voice input, called Voice, works similarly to Google Now, so if you've used that feature before, you have a good idea of what to do here, It works with both built-in and third-party apps and you can set an alarm, navigate to a destination with Maps, look up a song title that's playing at the moment, begin a Twitter post and more, Display shows any missed notifications you have, even while the device is sleeping, with a wave gesture, The current time and any missed notifications will pop up in white, You can preview a missed notification by longpressing its app icon, or press-and-swipe to launch it directly from the screen..

Because it offers a nearly vanilla Android experience, you won't get any carrier bloatware. Two other apps, Moto Connect and Migrate, round up the last of the handset's Motorola software. Connect manages all peripheral Motorola gadgets you may have like the Moto 360 smartwatch or a pair of its wireless headphones. Migrate helps you port over your contacts, apps and other files from a previous phone onto your new Moto X Pure Edition. For the most part, Motorola's software works well. I am a fan of Moto Display, which doesn't sound like much, but it saves you from having to press the power button throughout the day to see any missed notifications. And while it isn't a new feature, flicking the device to fire up the camera is convenient and saves a lot of time.

The handset is, however, loaded with your standard line of Google apps, I did run into some issues, however, For one thing, you'll need the latest version of the Moto app to update your status on Facebook hands-free through Moto Voice, Otherwise, the handset will reply that it can't connect to "the cloud" after you dictate a post, And while you can dictate Facebook posts and text messages, you can't do the same on Twitter, Voice just activates iphone case 10 xr a small Twitter window so you can begin posting, but you'll need to type out the actual message..

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